Ninjago Sons of Garmadon, episode 79 – semi-review

Another Saturday, another (semi-review), this time of episode 79 – ‘Dead Man’s Squall’. I’m glad to be able to report that Ninjago is back on track of delivering amazing episodes on a weekly basis! The episode was full of excitement and throwbacks for old fans. If you haven’t seen it yet, definitely do so at your earliest convenience! Then come back and read our thoughts on it, which are, be forewarned, full of spoilers.

Still from Ninjago Sons of Garmadon Episode 79

What an episode! If nothing else, the episode was a rush of emotions, mostly because of the music. When Zane was incapacitated and that theme from when Zane sacrificed himself in the battle against Overlord started playing, I knew we were in for a ride. I feel that this particular scene shattered some long time fans. [joke] Also, some fans might be shocked to find out that I was mistaken [/joke]- it was Harumi who sang the lullaby in the trailer and not Nya. Now I am certain, Harumi is definitely evil.

To be honest, I can’t really tell you why I liked this episode so much, I guess it’s because of all the little details and the nuances. And because it was a nostalgia trip for me. I liked how Harumi more or less revealed that she’s the main villain in this season via facial expressions, (non forced) replies and her prophetic lullaby. I loved how they hinted at the fact that Wu is the baby – the baby loves tea. I might end up being wrong and this a deliberate nudge in the wrong direction, but I like how it was handled. It was also nice seeing that the ninja are no longer using their elemental powers (almost) exclusively for attacking via Spinjitzu. Zane was shown throwing freezing punches, Jay was lightning bending (Avatar reference?), Kai created a mini sun (shown in the picture) and Nya was basically water bending the rain. Undeniably a great direction for the development of elemental powers.

Of course, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, the episode did have some things I didn’t quite like. Or, actually, just one thing, but, for me, it’s a big minus. The revelation that P.I.X.A.L is Samurai X was handled quite nicely – she revealed that to the ninja only because she knew that it would be a threat to them if they didn’t know. However, the reason why she didn’t reveal her identity before is because she thought she would endanger them? How? They’re a ninja team which exposes themselves to danger constantly – together with her. Wouldn’t it be safer for them to be in the loop? That they have another member that they can rely on?

What are you thoughts on the new episode? Did you like it? Love it? Hate it? Tell us in the comments!

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Best Things Come in Small Packages

There something amazing in seeing one of your favorite sets get minified (microfied?), especially if it’s done well. Such is definetly the case with brickwebster‘s rendition of the Movie’s version of Destiny’s Bounty. Most of the detail is preserved, making it an excellent built as well as a faithful one.

Destiny's Bounty - Microscale

I’m thoroughly amazed how well the minification was done on this set. All of the details are there like tge dragon heads, the bumpers, the rudder and so on – but the plants. And I’m not sure how those could be added effectively. Maybe just represented with plates? In any case, this MOC is definetly something I’d like to have in my collection. Once I obtain LEGO Ideas 21313 – Ship in a Bottle set I’ll have to replace the ship inside with something similar.

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The Fold’s Complete Ninjago Discography

As most of you know, The Fold is the band responsible for Ninjago’s iconic intro song – ‘The Weekend Whip’, as well as most other theme songs in the show. The band has already released many of their songs as part of Ninjago soundtrack albums, but ‘The Fold’s Complete Ninjago Discography’ is the first full-length album.

The Fold's Complete Ninjago Discography

The album will come with a CD containing all The Fold songs from Season 1 to Season 7, a special bonus CD as well as a lyric book. The album can already be ordered, from Amazon – if you live in the US, and from The Fold’s Big Cartel store, if you live anywhere else. The album retails for $13.99 for the regular copy and $16.99 for the signed copy, which is quite reasonable.

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Ninjago Sons of Garmadon, episode 78 – semi-review

As you all know by now, another new Ninjago episode has aired yesterday, which means that it’s time for a (semi) review. The episode in question is episode 78 ‘Snake Jaguar’, making it obvious that it focuses on Zane. Without giving anything away I’m going to say that I really disliked this episode. This review is definitely full of spoilers, so avoid reading it if you dislike those.

Still from Ninjago Sons of Garmadon Episode 78

Ok, I hated it. Not all of it, of course, but a singular scene turned the entire episode from “really good” to “oh, not again” for me. But, let me focus on the good first:

The good parts of the episode were very good. I really enjoyed the different dynamic of it, when compared to the previous episodes. Due to the events of the previous episode Zane is forced to go even deeper undercover. The writers incorporated Zane’s quirkiness into the whole sequence quite nicely, and, honestly, that was the best part of this episode. It’s rare to see an episode focus on Zane, that is also not serious almost all of the time.

The episode also has quite a few twists. The biggest one is definitely the fact that Mr. E is actually a Nindroid! That one really surprised me. Second big surprise of the episode is the fact that Sons of Garmadon have an inside man (or woman!). He/she told them who Snake Jaguar really is, which means it’s somebody who knows Zane. Last twist/surprise is definitely the baby, who is actually a key to the last Oni mask.

So, what the part then that I hated? It’s the entire flashback to Zane meeting Wu. Why you ask? Because they retconned how Elemental Powers work for the gazillionth time. Apparently, it’s no longer parent to child (nor is it by effort, nor from Golden Weapons, nor a link to the Golden Master, nor etc.), it’s now being a good boy around an elemental master. That’s right – old Ice Master liked Zane and he somehow gave him his powers. Also, in the flashback Dr. Julien was young – while Wu was not. But let’s chalk that one down to time travel shenanigans.

How did you like the latest episode?

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Ninjago Summer of 2018 Rumored Sets

Rumors of the upcoming 2018 summer sets have been floating around for quite a while now – even before this year started. I was hoping LEGO would showcase the new sets at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. They haven’t, so it’s high time we talk about all the rumored upcoming sets for the TV show (we’ve already covered the Ninjago Movie one). Of course, all of this should be taken with a huge grain of salt.

Ninjago Season 9 Logo Mockup

All of the rumored sets are tied to the 9th season, which focuses on the Dragon and the Oni. This means that there most likely won’t be any more new sets for Sons of Garmadon, which is more or less standard for Ninjago. The main villains are, apparently, Dragon Hunters (type of Oni?) and the main setting oozes Dieselpunk vibes. The collectibles in this wave are supposed to be (pieces of) the Dragon Master’s armor. The Ninja will, most likely, be wearing masks made with the new molds, meaning they will have two pieces. In any case, the rumored sets are:

  • 70650 – Pursuit in the Air. A gold-red airplane. Comes with two minifigures: Kai and a Villain.
  • 70651 – Confrontation in the Throne Room. A battle arena-styled set, complete with a throne. Has five minifigures – Skylor, Samurai X, another good guy and two villains. One of the villains has four arms.
  • 70652 – Stormbringer Dragon. Jay gets a new dragon! It’s rumored to be quite big. The main color is, of course, blue/dark blue. The head is brickbuilt, but the eyes are stickers, which is a shame. It’s supposed to come with the chest piece of Dragon Master’s armor. It contains 4 minifigures: Jay, obviously, Zane and two villains. One of the villains is a spider mech, or at least has spider-like legs. It comes with two new sword molds, as well as a detachable handle similar to the one the Golden Sword of Fire had.
  • 70653 – Firstbourne Dragon. And so does Kai! Again, the head is brickbuilt, but has printed eyes. The main color is red, with quite a few black/dark gray parts mixed in. It’s supposed to have cloth wings. The set also comes with a helicopter that belongs to the villains. Dragon Master’s helmet is the collectible in this one. The set will come with 6 minifigures – 4 villains, Kai and Cole.
  • 70654 – War Rig (Dieselnaut). A huge vehicle that belongs to the villains. Has four tyres in the back and two tank treads in the front. The set comes with the entire Dragon Master’s armor apparently. It contains 7 minifigures. Cole, Zane, Jay and 4 villains are to be included.
  • 70655 – The Dragon Den. The biggest set of the wave. Like the name suggests it comes with a dragon! It’s on the smallish side though. Overall, it’s said that it looks a lot like Samurai X Cave, sharing a similar color scheme. Similarly, it has a skull, this time a dragon’s skull, tied to the entrance – but this time it’s above it. It’s supposed to come with most of the ninja, if not all of them and the rest of the minifigures are supposed to be the new villains.
  • New flyers. The sets are: 70644 – Master of the Golden Dragon, 70645 – Cole – Master of Dragons, 70646 – Jay – Master of Dragons, 70647 – Kai – Master of Dragons, 70648 – Zane – Master of Dragons, 70649 – Nya – Master of Dragons. Not much info on these, but one thing does stick out like a sore thumb. Lloyd’s name is nowhere to be seen. Most likely, that means that Lloyd is the Master of the Golden Dragon. Would’ve been cool if was the First Spinjitzu Master though.

What are your thoughts on these? I, personally, am exited that we’ll be getting more dragons. I have every Ninjago Dragon released so far and will definitely be adding these to my collection.

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New Sons of Garmadon thug revealed

List of named villains for this season is steadily growing. This time, the new villain, named Sawyer, was revealed in LEGO Ninjago Magazine no 34. Apparently, he’s a ‘nasty thug’ and carries around a chainsaw! How badass is that? In vein with a true biker, he has a long black beard and a Mohawk(ish) hairstyle. The minifigure will come with the magazine’s 35th edition, which comes out on March 1st. The minifigure is also featured on one of the posters that comes with the magazine. The poster looks like a homage to ‘Texas Chainsaw’.

LEGO Ninjago Magazine 34 - Sawyer teaser

This is the 8th named Son of Garmadon and I suspect that he won’t be the last. The ones that we’ve had before, and the sets they come in are:

  • Chopper Maroon – 70643, 10755
  • Killow – 70642
  • Luke Cunningham – 70638, 30530 (possibly)
  • Mr. E – 70639, 70643
  • Nails – 70640
  • Skip Vicious – 70640
  • Ultra Violet – 70640, 70641

Because the minifigure comes in a foil pack I suspect that it won’t be hard/expensive to come by, but, to me, it does not look like an army building minifigure. Guess we’ll just have to wait to see what the next one will look like.

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Ninjago Sons of Garmadon, episode 77 – semi-review

I don’t know how they do it, but each episode in this season is better than the last one. The writers truly outdid themselves. Episode 77, ‘The Oni and the Dragon’ (can that name get any cooler?), is an excellent episode, although a bit slower than the first two. Mind you, that doesn’t mean it’s boring at any point. We get to see lots of old characters, either through actual roles or cameos. I have to warn you again – stop reading if you do not wish to be spoiled.

Dragon, First Spinjitzu Master and Oni

So many great things in this episode, I just don’t know where to start. The beginning I guess? The episode starts off (almost) right where we left off – on Destiny’s Bounty. And that’s my only gripe with this episode. In the last episode we saw that Destiny’s Bounty was badly neglected, yet in this one it was fully operational and very clean. It was even used to store Cole’s blue underwear (yeah, Jay’s my favorite Ninja). The only redemption was the pictures of Ronin and Jay’s parents. The rest of the episode? Pure brilliance.

The high point of the episode is definitely the interaction between Zane, Cole and the Sons of Garmadon. Lots of tension, lots of comedy. Zane and Cole infiltrate the Sons of Garmadon by using disguises and aliases – Snake Jaguar and Rocky Dangerbuff, respectively. Very fitting aliases, in my opinion. Things go well, and they are able to infiltrate their headquarters, which turns out to be (Grand Sensei) Dareth’s Mojo Dojo. However, they’re unsuccessful in coming closer to the leaders and decided they need to take drastic measures – Cole needs to sing. You read that right. Unfortunately, due to Zane’s sabotage things go south and Cole’s kidnapped, but Zane earns the trust of Mr.E.

While substantial, the infiltration was not the main plot of the episode. The main plot was the Ninja’s visit to Mistaké’s tea shop, and the subsequent revelation of the origin of the Oni masks and the First Spinjitzu Master. We already knew much of it thanks to story teasers. However, there are a few things that the teasers didn’t show. For example, the First Spinjitzu Master is part Dragon and part Oni and, consequently, so is Lloyd – which explains quite a bit. Tired by the constant fighting between the Dragons and the Oni, the First Spinjitzu Master leaves their realm and creates Ninjago. The rest is history.

This episode gives many answers, but it also raises many questions. Are the dragons we’ve seen so far the same ones as the ones in the realm of the Oni and the Dragon? Is Overlord an Oni? Are offspring of Dragons and Oni humans? If so, is elemental mastery the power of Dragons/Oni?

What are your thoughts?

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Two New Ninjago Sons of Garmadon Story Teasers

Two New Ninjago Sons of Garmadon Story Teasers

LEGO did a pretty interesting thing today – released two new teaser trailers for a show that is already running. Shot, we’ve reviewed the first two episodes already. That does not, however, mean that we’ve already seen everything these teasers have to offer. In fact, we haven’t seen most of the footage contained these teasers. Knowing that, if you dislike spoilers – don’t watch them.

The Quiet One

Woah, this teaser shows lots and lots of new footage – probably from the seasons second half. It focuses on a mysterious villain pulling all the strings from the shadows, while remaining silent. It shows new parts of Ninjago, somewhat resembling Chen’s Island, but I’m not sure exactly where the scenes take place. Interestingly, Ultra Violet’s Oni Masks power – body of stone/magma is shown. The ending holds a nice surprise – NyaHarumi sings, quite nicely!

Ninja Go!

This teaser doesn’t have as much new scenes as the first one – but it does introduce a previously unseen character – the baby featured in 70643 – Temple of Resurrection set. It’s much more lighthearted, displaying joke after joke. The baby, it seems, grows up way too fast – literally, in the beginning it looks like it’s a newborn but by the end of it looks like a toddler. Best part of the trailer? The Ninja singing ‘The Weekend Whip’ definitely!

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Ninjago at Nuremberg Toy Fair

For almost 70 years now toy lovers all around have eagerly awaited February to come, so they could get their yearly fix of latest toy news (I’m probably exaggerating a bit here). Nevertheless, Nuremberg Toy Fair, the largest international toy fair, is one hell of event for us, LEGO fans. Every year LEGO makes a big presence and this one was no exception. Admittedly, it was perhaps a bit smaller than previous years, with less unreleased/unannounced sets than usual. And, like every year so far, I haven’t attended it, since only a limited number of people are actually invited to attend. So, full disclosure, all of the information presented here is from third party sources, mostly from


Traditionally, Ninjago gets a whole display for current sets, which was extra awesome this year, since it was complemented by an awesome upscaled model of 70643 – Temple of Resurrection. It’s made, in part, from regular bricks and, in part, from huge huge LEGO bricks. LEGO, if you’re wondering where to put it after the fair, I’ll make some room for it in my apartment!

Ninjago Display at Nuremberg Toy Fair

Ninjago Display at Nuremberg Toy Fair. Credit for the picture goes to

Ninjago Display at Nuremberg Toy Fair

Ninjago Display at Nuremberg Toy Fair. Credit for the picture goes to

Ninjago City Docks

Ninjago City Docks set has been confirmed to be released in 2018. It’s going to be available from June, costing €229.99. Apparently, like Ninjago City set, it will have many different buildings, but will be flatter overall. It will connect to Ninjago City via Technic pins. Andres Lehmann, a writer over at, has pointed out that the set seems a bit small for the price point. Will this be the last in the “Ninjago Modular” line? Hopefully not!

Ninjago City Docks

LEGO Boost

Ninjagonese LEGO Boost logo

One interesting piece of news is that 17101 – LEGO Boost is set to get extensions (kind of). One of these extensions will be the possibility to combine with a yet unannounced Ninjago Stormbringer Dragon set. I’m really interested in seeing what have the Boost designers come up with.

Summer 2018 sets

Unfortunately, it seems like we won’t be getting images/descriptions of the upcoming Ninjago Season 9 sets, which I was really hoping that we would. It looks like we won’t be getting the any time soon in fact, since LEGO won’t be displaying them at NY Toy Fair either. In any case, there are already rumors floating around about these, so you can look forward about me posting about these in one of the next posts.

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Massive Star Destroyer

This is a guest post done by Ninja Brick. This is our first guest post so all comments and suggestions are more than welcome.

MOCs are quite awesome in and of themselves. They show how much creativity and care a LEGO enthusiast can have. We’ve seen massive Endor forests, realistic representations of real-world monuments and buildings, and much more.

Today, we at Ninja Brick will be talking about this unique ISD Tyrant MOC.

This Massive Star Destroyer LEGO MOC Has 3 Levels

LEGO is something that encourages creativity and imagination by default. Star Wars is also a franchise that invites a lot of creative works, due to its popularity and imaginative settings. It’s no wonder that LEGO has several different sets in the Star Wars theme, from ships such as the Millennium Falcon, settings and minifigures, and even Advent Calendars.

But some people see in it an inspiration to take matters to the next level. This is the case of user Doomhandle (also known online as Raskolnikov), who built this massive version of the ISD Tyrant. It’s big enough it can hold ships and has three levels, different environments and a lot of detail.

This MOC took over 20,000 pieces to build, and the whole thing is amazing to look at. You can see the care taken to produce this piece, which has a detailed exterior, back and underside. The whole ensemble is 1.40 m and weighs 32kg. Most of the pieces came from UCS Star Destroyer sets (LEGO 75055).

You can check the full thing in this video:

Exterior appearance

The ISD Tyrant is an Imperial II-class Star DestroyerThe Tyrant herself was part of Darth Vader’s Death Squadron and appeared in the Empire Strikes Back film.

This MOC is a lot larger than the official LEGO UCS version of the same ship. It’s also entirely LEGO, no third-party or other pieces used except for LED lights and some strings. The whole thing took a year to build, and no actual LEGO sets worked as a reference for the appearance or design. Which is interesting, considering how realistic (and alike the LEGO version) it looks. Here’s a size comparison between LEGO’s 2014 UCS Star Destroyer set and Doomhandle’s MOC.

My LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer: the ISD Tyrant

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