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It sure is lively in Ninjago City

I’ve always loved seeing people use CMFs in their builds. Whether it’s just one or a bunch of them it’s nice seeing them in a set-like environment. It reinforces the feeling that they’re just like any other LEGO minifigures and not just for collecting. Rollon Smith did just that with his small, but great, Ninjago Movie minifigures display.

Ninjago City SuburbThe builder managed to squeeze in almost half of the initial Ninjago Movie CMF line, yet the build does not feel crowded. The colors, and feel, matches perfectly with the rest of the sets. I can easily see myself using something like this to display my minifigures. It looks a little tall for the official display case, but some adjustments can always be made.

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Latest Blocks Magazine is full of Ninjago Surprises

The latest Blocks Magazine, featuring an ode to the LEGO Ninjago Movie, released a few days ago. Blocks Magazine is a LEGO magazine that focuses on AFOLs and I, for one, am glad that LEGO decided to use it for promotional purposes. In my eyes this means that LEGO does recognize that there are AFOLs who enjoy the Ninjago theme and that they’re a part of the theme’s success.

Blocks Magazine issue 36

The first thing that gives away the fact that this issue of Blocks Magazine focuses on the Ninjago Movie is the cover. It features a beautiful picture of Lloyd’s Mech Dragon, high above Ninjago City. Most of the content in the issue also revolves around the Ninjago Movie. The main content is:

  • Ninjago Movie crew interview – Dave Franco and Charlie Bean explain how the TV show was adapted to being a full feature film. The pages of the interview are filled with exclusive concept art.
  • Interview with set designers – key designers detail how it was like to work with the movie crew while designing the sets. Ninjago City designers go more in depth explaining the conception and execution of set 70620 – Ninjago City.
  • Reviews of Ninjago Movie sets – since the issue does focus on the Ninjago Movie, it also includes reviews of a good chunk of the main sets. It gives an easy reference when considering buying these. (Hint: you should buy all of them)
  • Ninjago City diorama – the issue also features a build by the very talented Daniel Konstanski. Inspired by the concept art for the movie he created a massive diorama representing Ninjago City. The creation is breathtaking and this alone makes this issue of Blocks Magazine a worthwhile purchase.
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LEGO House – a Ninjago fan’s perspective

Last Friday I was lucky enough to able to attend the preopening of the LEGO House. I had a blast. For me,  the event was quite overwhelming. There were a lot of  activities and a whole lot of things to see. The Masterpiece Gallery was truly exhilarating and I was glad to see all of the creations there in person. All the activities I tried worked flawlessly, even though the actual opening isn’t until next week. I’m glad they were functional and that I was able to try almost all of them. They’re clearly targeting younger audiences, but I still had a lot of fun. My favorite one was a fish creator, where you make a fish out of actual bricks, scan it and then it goes on to live in a virtual aquarium. Now if they only used this software to make an automagical brick sorter. Imagine the possibilities, imagine the freedom!

Sadly, none of the activities/content in the upper layers was Ninjago based, but there were some hidden gems here and there. I will try to convey everything as I experienced it, but will also point out all the Ninjago stuff I saw. So, if you’re reading to get an idea of the LEGO House, you won’t find an exhaustive review, but there will be something for you. If you’re looking to see how Ninjago was represented then you should definitely keep reading.

LEGO House - promotional render

A promotional render of the LEGO House

First and foremost, you need to know that everything in the LEGO House is controller via a bracelet that you get when you scan in your ticket. It controls the doors, it controls the activities, it controls everything. You get it right at the front door at one of the several automated machines. I also suggest that you download the official LEGO House app. A lot of the activities allow you to take pictures of your creations and this is the only way you can get them. Unfortunately, this is not clearly explained anywhere, but I hope it will be in the future.

Going inside the LEGO House

The first space you enter is actually a huge square with a lot of benches, sculptures (albeit LEGO built) and other things you’d expect to find in a square. It also includes 2 restaurants and a LEGO store. It has regular, Danish, prices but also sells the exclusive LEGO House Architecture set. The entire space is dominated by a massive LEGO tree that has over 6 million bricks. And I thought I had a lot of bricks.

Once you’re ready to move on, you do so by climbing a set of stairs that goes around the aforementioned tree. As you climb you begin to notice that the tree branches have sets displayed on them. They’re a nice addition and make the tree feel more LEGO like. Several themes of LEGO sets are represented, like City, Castle, Friends, Space and others. Sadly no Ninjago or any licensed themes. I assume these will be changed from time to time so they still might get their time in the spotlight.

The Masterpiece Gallery

At the end of the staircase lies the breathtaking Masterpiece Gallery. The main attraction, this time, is the three dinosaurs taking up the middle. One is made out of duplo parts, one out of system parts and the last out of technic parts. They’re truly impressive, mostly because of their size, but also because of the techniques used to make them. Once you’re done with the drooling, you become able to see all the other creations in the room. After all, they’re all around you. All of the walls have displays with fan-built creations. They’re all masterfully built and a true inspiration. Builders of these come from all over the world so it is a unique opportunity to see them all in one place. These will be changed on a regular basis, so there will always be something new to see, whenever you visit. Sadly, like before, no Ninjago here, not even a minifig. I mean, come on!

Masterpiece Gallery - dinosaurs

The Masterpiece Gallery

The Zones of the LEGO House

The Masterpiece Gallery is surrounded by what the LEGO House staff calls the zones. There are four of them – Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. In the Red zone you get to build different fun stuff – just for the fun of building. The Blue zones focuses more on the ‘combined play’ – via the virtual you influence the physical and vice-versa. For me, the Green zone was the most fun. It contains additional displays, a minifigure creator section as well as a stop-motion studio. And, lastly, the Yellow zone, for me at least, was a combination of all the other zones. You get to express your creativity and use it in a variety of settings. What makes the zones so much better than the rest of the spaces is the fact that it does contain some Ninjago! Now we’re talking!

Green Zone - Ninjago Movie billboard

Ninjago Movie billboard in the Green zone

Green Zone - ninja training in the mountain

Green Zone – ninja(go) training in the mountain

The Green zone has several fan-created models that feature Ninjago-specific parts and/or minifigures on the walls. However, the displays in the centre have several, direct references. The most obvious one is in the giant city diorama – it has a Ninjago Movie billboard. Besides that, the overwhelmingly large mountain diorama has a the Ninja training in a secluded area on the mountain. It has a TV Show Master Wu minifigure overseeing the newer Movie-based minifigures. It was quite an interesting combination to see. Other than these, I did not see any other Ninjago callbacks, which was quite unfortunate.

The History Collection

The last area you can visit before you head out is the History Collection. You have to walk all the way to the basement and is not really promoted like the other areas, so it’s kind of easy to miss. However, you should not skip it, even if you’re going to be late for your airplane. It’s worth it and shows the (metaphorical) foundation of the building you just spent a few hours in. Like the name suggests, the walls of the room show the history of the LEGO brand through text, video and physical exhibits. I never had the chance to visit a LEGO museum (not even the LEGO Idea House) so it was quite exhilarating and informational for me. Ninjago, of course, is an important part of LEGO’s history, so it makes perfect sense that it is well displayed and highly regarded in this room.

History Collection - Ninjago Description

Ninjago’s place in LEGO History

History Collection - Ninjago concept art

Early Ninjago concept art

In the middle of the History Collection is the actual collection of sets LEGO has released over the years. Note that the collection is not a complete collection but rather just a small part of all the sets released. Ninjago is shown in the displays for the year 2017, the year when the (first) Ninjago Movie was released as well as in the year 2011, when Ninjago was first released. A good and well thought-out inclusion.

History Collection - 2017

Ninjago sets in the 2017 collection

History Collection - 2011 sets

Ninjago sets in the 2011 collection

Once you’re ready to leave you need to head back to the ground floor. Before you leave make sure that you pick up your unique polybag of red bricks. Together with the polybag you get a card that displays your unique combination of the bricks in the bag. With that the LEGO House experience is over, but you can visit the restaurants to have a bite or the store to buy a small (or large) souvenir.

If you wish to learn more about the LEGO House (and especially the zones, which I basicly just skimmed over) you can visit the official site. If you wish to see more pictures of the LEGO House itself head on over to our Flickr album.

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The LEGO Ninjago Movie 2nd wave sets – official images

The LEGO Ninjago Movie is finally hitting the cinemas this week, and LEGO is giving it a promotional boost by releasing images for the second wave of sets. This release includes only fours sets, but we do know more are coming. These will become available this December, and will be included in the 2018 winter catalogue.

70628 – Spinjitzu Masters Lloyd – €9.99

The set looks like a mix of spinners and flyers. It will be interesting to see how LEGO intended us to use these. Of course, other ninja will get their spinners as well. These will, most likely, be revealed closer to December. I like the fact that they’re bringing back the spinners, but dislike the fact that they’re not using exclusive figures in these.
70628 - Spinjitzu Masters Lloyd - box
70628 - Spinjitzu Masters Lloyd

70629 – Piranha Attack – €19.99

70629 - Piranha Attack - box
70629 - Piranha Attack
In this set Kai and Iron Dragon Lady (Misako/Koko) are defending an innocent rickshaw driver from a fish army thug. This is one of two sets to get the Iron Dragon Lady variant of Misako and will, most likely be the cheapest way to get her. I like this set, especially the Piranha mech. However I feel like the rickshaw is to big and could’ve been made smaller.

70631 – Garmadon’s Volcano – €49.99

The set looks nice – I love the fact that we’re getting a villain lair. Ninjago hasn’t had a proper villain lair ever since Garmadon’s Dark Fortress was released. One of the action features will be the ability to catapult minifigs from the volcano. I do feel like the set could’ve been bigger, it is a volcano after all, but beggars can’t be choosers.
70631 - Garmadon’s Volcano - box
70631 - Garmadon’s Volcano

70632 – Quake Mech – €79.99

The set we’ve all been waiting for – Quake Mech! The set is quite impressive, and gives a nice conclusion to the ninja’s mechs. Although great looking, the set, in my opinion, is quite pricey but I will get it nonetheless. It also includes Lady Iron Dragon variant of Misako for some reason (I’ve yet to see the Movie, so they might be truly related in a meaningful way).
70632 - Quake Mech - box
70632 - Quake Mech

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New trailers for the LEGO Ninjago Movie

The Secret Ninja Force
As the Ninjago Movie is coming closer and closer so is the promotional effort increasing in pace. In the last few days we’ve received several new trailers. However, there are two that stand out, since they offer either new scenes or entirely original content. First of these was the ‘Special Powers’ trailer:

In the trailer the crew and cast reveal the main plot of the story and how it differs from the previous LEGO movies. Besides that, all of the character’s elemental powers are ‘revealed’ and each Ninja gets tho show of their power.

The second trailer is called ‘Gag Reel – Bloopers & Outtakes’ and it shows Ninjago characters talking about their ‘roles’ in the movie:

Apparently, the Movie was supposed to be centered around Garmadon, but it was recut so that it focuses on Lloyd! Basically, the Movie is no longer about an evil overlord conquering the world. Instead, we get to see a regular movie about a regular kid from Ninjago. Who’s also in the secret Ninja Force.

Both trailers are fun to watch, and you won’t be making a mistake if you give them both a go.

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Zane’s homecoming

I have to admit, I have a special place in my heart for all MOC with snowy landscapes. I don’t build them often myself, but I do feel like they’re more mysterious than those without it. The moment I saw Kai NRG/Geneva‘s MOC I was so lost in the landscape that I just barely realized it was a Ninjago based MOC! It’s based on the scene where Zane fights the robot that’s protecting his father’s hideout. Do you remember that one?

Tree Basement

Snow on top of the rocks is done excellently and with some great part usage the snow really seems like it will overtake all any moment. On top of that (some pun intended) the birch trees are executed elegantly using black pins and white hoses, a part which I’ve never actually held in my hand. Pins I’ve got. In addition to great techniques the build offers a surprise. Just like in the show, there is a hidden room beneath the snow – the room where Zane was created.

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30609 Lloyd polybag – review

Lloyd is the central character of the upcoming LEGO Ninjago Movie so it makes sense that he gets more minifigure variants than other characters. One such variant is available in the form of a polybag. Strictly speaking 30609 is not out yet, but we at BrickSamurai have managed to get our hands on one!

The packaging

30609 Lloyd polybag - packaging

The packaging is pretty standard for a polybag. The front shows Lloyd in an action pose, holding his sword. The back side simply displays various trademarks, manufacturing information and warnings.

The content

30609 Lloyd polybag - parts

The content of the polybag is pretty much what you would expect. You get the minifigure itself, the accessories (hoodie, sword) and the instructions. As with other minifigure polybags, no extra parts are included. One thing about the polybag did strike me as being weird. When I opened the polybag I immediately smelled the standard chinese-new plastic stink – this has never happened with LEGO for me before.

The instructions

30609 Lloyd polybag - instructions

The instructions are short (but sweet!) and to the point – they only contain one step. However, they are of the standard size. The remaining space is filled with promotional images for the Ninjago Movie. On one side the picture shows all of the ninja in front of Ninjago city while Garmadon is presented like a ever present threat. Other side shows Lloyd in a bamboo forest in addition to the instruction(s?) itself.

The build

30609 Lloyd polybag - assembly

Once the Lloyd minifigure is assembled you can immediately tell that something is wrong. Lloyd’s hair is gray here instead of blond! I’ve heard that this can happen to the CMF variant as well, which is highly disappointing, considering the pricepoint. Hopefully, some of them will be actually blond.

Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system I have to say that I love the superhero feel of the minifigure and think it’s a great addition to the existing ones.

The torso has a really nice printing showing a transition from a casual outfit to the Green Ninja gi. This particular printing is exclusive to this polybag. What the torso, in my opinion, does lack is back-printing. There is definitely room for it and it could’ve been included.

The legs have the same printing on them as the minifigure available in 70607 – Ninjago City Chase and 70620 – Ninjago City sets. The printing shows Lloyds shirt being partially tucked into his pants.

As far as I can tell the head is also exclusive to this polybag, but I could be wrong about that. It shows Lloyd in an angry/annoyed mood. This print, in addition to other available ones, allows for Lloyd to show a nice spectrum of emotion. Unfortunately, no printing on the back side.

Accessories include the aforementioned, wrongly colored, hood, as well as a sword. The sword is not unique to this polybag and Lloyd is carrying it in several other sets.

General information

This is the second Lloyd minifigure polybag revealed. The first one is 30608 – Kendo Lloyd, which is a The LEGO Ninjago Movie Videogame preorder gift.

The polybag is scheduled to become available on September 22nd (in the US), when it will be given away for free with purchases over €50.

No word yet whether it will be available for purchasing directly, but I suspect that it will.


All in all the minifigure looks great and is quite unique as far as Ninjago minifigures go. The transition from highschooler to superhero is done quite nicely and I hope we get the rest of the ninja is a similar get up.


  • Superhero vibe
  • We finally know the Green Ninja’s secret identity
  • Great addition to the existing minifigures


  • Intense new plastic stink
  • Wrong color of Lloyd’s hair
  • Only one print on head

This has been our second review and we hope you liked it. As before, please don’t hesitate to share your comments, opinions, criticisms and/or advice. If you liked this review, you can read our review of 30379 – Quake Mech polybag as well.

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Purple Ninja spotted in new The LEGO Ninjago Movie clips

Social networks are going crazy right now, sharing pictures of the Purple Ninja appearing in one of the new the LEGO Ninjago Movie clips.

The LEGO Ninjago Movie - Purple Ninja

Whether this is an actual ninja in the Movie or just a homage to the TV shows Purple Ninja only time will tell. I hope that we actually get a Purple (adult) Ninja in the second CMF series. Who knows, maybe we even get a Brown Ninja somewhere down the line?

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Ninjago Movie Video Game trailer offers an interesting glimpse into the Movie?

Ninjago Movie Video Game trailer offers an interesting glimpse into the Movie?

A new trailer for the LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game has been revealed by WB Games on their official YouTube channel. It features the newly revealed Challenge Dojos, where players will be able hone their skills.

The trailer is called ‘Become the Ninja: Lesson 3’ and like the previous trailer shows enemies from the TV show. It seems every major evil army/villain will be included. I’ve recognized the Serpentine, nindroids, Sky Pirates, the Stone Army, the Hands of Time and the Vermillion, Master Chen, Morro and others. Nice to have further confirmation for TV show tie-ins! What really caught my eye however is the inclusion of TV show locations and the fact they look nothing like their show/set counterparts. Perhaps this means they’ll make an appearance in the Movie as well?

The video’s description gives further details about the game and the Challenge Dojos. The game will feature eight large open areas based on locations from both the LEGO Ninjago Movie and the Ninjago TV show. Each location will feature its own unique Challenge Dojo in which players will battle enemies in waves with increasing difficulty.

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LEGO Ninjago WU-CRU renamed to ‘The LEGO Ninjago Movie app’

In what has to be the weakest promotional stunt for the upcoming Ninjago Movie LEGO renames their popular mobile game ‘LEGO Ninjago WU-CRU’ to ‘The LEGO Ninjago Movie app’. The description and screenshots, however, still remain the same, so it’s not immediately clear what has changed.

The LEGO Ninjago Movie app

The game now includes additional locations, based on the Movie, as well as new items you are able to unlock and use to outfit your in-game avatar(s). You’ll need to update your app in order to access the new additions.

If you’ve never tried the game, I suggest you do, it’s fun, if a bit repetitive. The game is out for Android and iOS, so you can take your pick.

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