Month: October 2017

Nya’s Mecha is Primed and Ready to go!

Asian builders truly have a different sense of esthetics when compared to us ‘westerners’. They prefer to build smaller, but just as detailed, builds as opposed to large, hulking buildings and landscapes. They prefer robots and anime characters to historical battles and LEGO City dioramas. But beyond that, even the style is different, and it’s immediately noticeable:

『劉氏重工』- Nya's Mecha

This mecha was build by the talented Hoyin Lau, a Chinese builder. He truly shines when he is making mechs, especially transformable ones. Nya’s mech is depicted as a lean mean samurain’ machine, capable of attaining any pose. The build looks sturdy but flexible and somehow the builder made the black parts look metallic. Truly a marvelous build.

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70656 – Garmadon, Garmadon, GARMADON! – Official Images

Apparently, Japan is getting the second wave of Ninjago Movie sets earlier than the rest of the world. While your initial emotion might be hellish fury, this time it simple means we get official images before, well, LEGO official releases them.

70656 – Garmadon, Garmadon, GARMADON! – €79.99

This set was actually revealed at San Diego Comic Con, way back in July, but these are the first official images. It features Garmadon’s Shark Mech, as well as a hotdog stand. The set has 6 minifigures, Lloyd, Garmadon, two Fish Army villains as well as two civilians, which are a nice addition. One of the civilians is wearing a Hot Dog suit, an old fan favorite, and the other is a girl wearing braces, which I believe is the first for LEGO.

70656 - Garmadon, Garmadon, GARMADON! - box art

70656 - Garmadon, Garmadon, GARMADON!

In Europe, this set will be available starting from December 1st. It is, however, expected to be a Toys’R’Us exclusive, so do not expect to see it in the 2018 catalog. If you wish to see other Ninjago sets coming out at the same time you can do so here.

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LEGO Ninjago Movie fidget spinners revealed

As reported by BrickFan and discovered by mc_survival_man Ninjago Movie fidget spinners are being given out as promotional items at LEGO Discovery Centers.

LEGO Ninjago Movie Fidget Spinner

If you’ve never been to a LEGO Discovery Center you need to know that all adults must be accompanied by a child (you read that right) and you will be denied entry if you do not bring one. There are however nights where adults are allowed in. Also, in most of them, you’re allowed to enter the shop on your own.

As to this promotional reward, you need to spend 50$ to be eligible for one, while supplies last. However, there are already people reporting that the spinner is out of stock in various centers. I have to admit that I am not a huge fan of spinners, they’re just not the source of endless fun for me as they’re for others. This one does however come with exclusive 2×2 tiles of Garmadon, Master Wu, Lloyd, Kai, and Nya. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get my hands on one.

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Exclusive Ninjago Movie props revealed by Simon Lucas

Simon Lucas, senior creative director at LEGO and executive producer of the LEGO Ninjago Movie, shared on Twitter images and information about movie props he managed to take home.

LEGO Ninjago Movie minifigure props

Apparently, during production four wooden Wu minifigures were made and he managed to snag one and take it home, together with its decorated box! Another minifigure he managed to get is the scratched up Lloyd – but this one is not so impressive, just leave your casual Lloyd minifigure with a dog for a few minutes and you’ll have it! Wooden Wu, on the other hand, will be a bit harder to replicate!

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Dressed up like a Shogun

There are many, many mech in Ninjago sets. In fact, they’re one of the defining elements of Ninjago. Most of these are, just like all vehicles in Ninjago, oversized when compared to minifigs. There are, of course, some exceptions but they almost always come as a afterthought in sets that focus on something else entirely. That’s why it’s nice to see there are Ninjago fans out there who keep the size of their mech humble, but do not skip on details.

Fire Emperor Samukai

Built by Exetrius, a builder who does wonders with minifigs and minifig scale, this mech proves that in fact you do not need to go big to do great. Dubbed ‘Fire Emperor Samukai’, it uses fire and (mostly) red pieces to produce a regal feel. The best part? It made a skeleton look like an shogun ready for an epic showdown. Not everybody can do that.

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A great diorama is worth more than a thousand episodes

Made as a collaboration between brothers Kai NRG/Geneva and Robert4168/Garmadon this diorama has something for every Ninjago fan. Monastery of Spinjitzu? Check. Mountain of Impossible Heights? Just a few studs shorter than the actual one. Temple of Airjitzu, Ed & Edna’s scrapyard. You name it. Almost all seasons and main characters are represented.

LEGO Ninjago Diorama

I really love seeing complex LEGO dioramas. It goes double if it’s executed nicely, like this one. It goes triple if it is Ninjago themed. The different building, structures and even terrains are joined in such a way that the scene does not feel cluttered at all. Sure, the locations are not that close to each other in the show, but who cares! It’s wonderful seeing these made out of real bricks, since LEGO, most likely, won’t be making them anytime soon.

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New Ninjago models in LEGO Worlds

Two new Ninjago builds have appeared in LEGO Worlds a couple of days ago. These include Samurai X Cave and Samurai VXL vehicle. Both of these are, of course, from the TV Show, but I suspect they’re a part of the Ninjago Movie models promised a few months ago. Other than the two models, new characters have been added as well. Among others, you’ll be able to unlock Nya, in her Movie outfit as well as Anacondrai.

Samurai X Cave

Samurai Cave X - LEGO Worlds

Samurai VXL

Samurai VXL - LEGO Worlds

It’s strange that the Samurai X Cave looks nothing like the set. Maybe it’s because not all of the part are in the game? I did buy the game, but have to admin that I’ve only played with it for a few hours. For me, it got too repetitive too fast.

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Barnes & Noble LEGO Ninjago Movie Make & Take Activity

This Saturday, Barnes & Noble will be holding a LEGO Ninjago Movie themed building event. During this event participants will be able to make a mini version of Lloyd’s mech dragon and take it home.

Barnes & Noble - Ninjago Movie Green Dragon Mini Model

These types of events are usually free and run until supplies last. Your local store might not be participating in the event, so do make sure and check before you go!

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Ever seen a shrine driving away?

Talented builders often mix up different themes and ideas. This time the builder James zhan mixed up Ninjago with Tachikoma/Kuratas styled mechs. Granted, Ninjago has it’s fair share of mechs, but no shrine mechs have been introduced – yet!

NINJAGO-Sky Pirates attack

This build has it all – great technique and part usage for the walkers legs. Perfect color scheme and visuals for the shrine. Great, exciting minifigure action. Even the base blends in perfectly with the scene. And, I just love how old the old ‘car grille’ part was used to build the hoverboard. All in all, a great, inspired build that I am glad I got to see and share with you.

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Ninjago Movie BrickHeadz Available Only Until The End Of The Year

LEGO Ninjago Movie BrickHeadz, announced a little over a month ago, will only be available until the end of 2017, according to BrickFan. If you have been planning to get them – better hurry up! They’re available on the US shop@home as well as Toys’R’Us. No word on when they’ll become available in Europe.

Ninjago BrickHeadz - box art

I’m not 100% sure why these will be available only for such a short period of time. Hopefully, it is only a publicity stunt and not an indicator of the success of the other Movie sets. In any case, these are a must have for both Ninjago and BrickHeadz collectors. One can only hope that there will be enough stock for all.

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