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Out with the new, in with the old

Our last featured MOC really reminded me of an old MOC I saw years ago. They’re both very peaceful and are both focused on Wu. Thankfully, I was able to dig it up and present it here for you to enjoy:

The World Has Changed, Sensei 03

It’s a bit unexpected, isn’t it? Has a quite different flavor than “usual” Ninjago creations. It was created more than five years ago, by Aliencat!, a true master builder, who you probably know. The build has a great, almost prophetic (considering how Wu is now displaced in time), duality to it, that only a few builders manage to create. More a piece of art than a toy, it employs complex techniques to a wonderful effect in order to display the decadence of current times. For some reason it reminds me of the samurai and the Satsuma Rebellion.

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Out for a stroll with a dragon

As you all know by now – I’m quite the sucker for scenes packed with details. It’s understandable then why I’m so stricken by tankm‘s creation –
Master Wu Dragon Park:

Master Wu Dragon Park

I just love how normal this scene looks like. Everybody’s enjoying themselves unaware, or perhaps, unconcerned that a dragon is right in front of them. The build’s main feature is, of course, the dragon – perking his head out of his cave, but it sports many other fine details as well. The gazebo’s colors blend quite well, making it pleasant to the eyes. Beside these, immediately noticeable, parts of the build is completed by a brilliantly built sakura tree (notice how not all grass pieces are actually connected to the tree) and a masterfully crafted lamppost – obviously inspired by Ninjago.

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Ninjago 2018 – Sons of Garmadon Juniors Set

Thanks to PROMOBRICKS, we get our first look at the upcoming 10755 – Zane’s Ninja Boat Pursuit set, due to be released in 2018. Counting the Juniors set released for the LEGO Ninjago Movie, this is the 4th Ninjago one. It features Zane and a Son of Garmadon, most likely Chopper Maroon, which makes this set the cheapest way to get him. The set will retail for €19.99.

10755 – Zane’s Ninja Boat Pursuit set – €19.99

10755 - Zane's Ninja Boat Pursuit set - box art

This is just the latest official release of a Ninjago 2018 set image. You can find the rest of the sets here.

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Ninjago Decoded – recap episodes on Cartoon Network

Ninjago Decoded - Cartoon Network recap episodes

Update: You can now watch the episodes here.

Here is a bit of interesting news for US Ninjago fans (or those a bit more internet savvy – VPN *hint*hint*). You can watch recap episodes (with some new content!) on Cartoon Network app, right now! These recap videos are called ‘Ninjago Decoded’. There is 10 of them and each is 11 minutes long. They are narrated by Zane and each focuses on a different topic:

Part 1 – Legacy

Zane glances over the events of all the seasons, with added comments from Nya. They explain why the older episodes have lower resolution! Also, apparently Zane now remembers events of the Skybound, thanks to Nya tinkering with his memory.

Part 2 – Vehicles and Mechs

Something has happened to Zane while his memory was being backed up into the Samurai X mainframe. Nya and Jay are trying to fix whatever is wrong with Zane. In this episode Jay needs to remember all the vehicles in order to restore Zane’s memory. Once Jay managed to solve the puzzle it showed the text ‘D PO LWB’ in Ninjagonese.

Part 3 – Legendary Places

Nya and Jay continue helping Zane – this time with the help of Cole, who’s “possessing” Zane. This time around Cole needs to guess which location Zane is thinking of. They start of with Temple of Airjitzu, with which Cole is very familiar with. Jay decides that the strange structure in Zane’s memory is called ‘Ninjigma’. Once they figure out which locations it is referring to they find out that Zane is actually being hacked!

Part 4 – Ninjago’s Most Wanted

Kai joins in and suggests they need to figure out who’s hacking Zane and behind the ‘Ninjigma’. They don’t manage to do it in this episode, and someone starts attacking Samurai X cave. Cole leaves Zane’s mainframe to go fight whoever it is. One new reveal happens here, Nya seems to remember the time when she was under the influence of Dark Matter.

Part 5 – The Digiverse And Beyond

The rest of the crew continue trying to figure out who’s behind the attack on Zane. The key to solving this mystery seems to be the technology of Ninjago. The crew starts reminiscing about it. They are successful in solving the puzzle but the progress of the hacker is not slowed down. They find out that the hacker is not trying to destroy Zane but rather control him.

Part 6 – The Elemental Masters

Nya manages to slow down the hacker by using her technical expertise. The next puzzle is actually a riddle. It’s a riddle about Elemental Masters in Ninjagonese. The ninja need to solve this puzzle quickly because the cave is running out of power. This episode kind of jokes with the poor handling of the origin of elemental powers. Good that they’re aware!

Part 7 – Beasts and Dragons

Power is restored by Nya, while Cole reports that the outside enemy has destroyed one of the generators. Things do not look good for the Ninja! They’re trying to figure out who’s attacking them (why can’t Cole see what it is?). Cole is able to stop whatever is attacking them without them actually realizing who/what it is. Zane is taken over by the hacker.

Part 8 – Rise of Garmadon

Zane attacks Nya, but regains his senses in the last moment. With only enough power left to get everybody out or put Cole back in, the crew decides to stick with Zane to the bitter end. Somehow the crew start reminiscing about Garmadon’s youth. Zane’s memory is fading and it’s up to the rest of the Ninja to fill in the blanks.

Part 9 – Prophecy of the Green Ninja

The next puzzle is actually a labyrinth where the path is a message in Ninjagonese and the goal is to reach the Green Ninja in the middle. The Ninja open up paths in it by remembering details about the Green Ninja. Nya translates her emotions into code (I also need to learn how to do that!). Lloyd joins everybody. Didn’t they have enough power only for Cole? The Ninja solve the final puzzle as well and by doing so release the Overlord!

Part 10 – Greatest Battles

In the final episode it’s shown that the ‘Ninjigma’ stored the memory of Zane battling Overlord and dying in the process. Nya reveals that the Overlord is not actually the Overlord, but a fragment of his code and a virus at that. The ninja battle the virus by thinking about all the other enemies they’ve defeated and weapons they’ve used. However, this strategy is not working and the virus seems to have the upper hand. In the end the ninja do prevail with the power of friendship and happy memories!

These recap episodes are an excellent way of bringing friends and family into the fold (pun intended). They’re edited very nicely and cover all the major events and concepts. I assume these were made with new fans coming from the Ninjago Movie in mind. Do give them a spin, I have a feeling you’ll enjoy them, I certainly did!

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LEGO Ninjago 2018 – Sons of Garmadon – Official Box Art

Just last week we had a look at the official images for most of the sets in the first wave of 2018, but we already have more images to gawk at. Not only that, but also our first official look at 70643 – Temple of Resurrection. And, guess what, the baby is indeed still in the set, among other minifigures. Here is the official box art, so do check them out:

70638 – Katana VII

70638 - Katana VII - box art

70639 – Street Race of Snake Jaguar

70639 - Street Race of Snake Jaguar - box art

70640 – Sons of Garmadon Underground

70640 - Sons of Garmadon Underground - box art

70641 – Ninja Nightcrawler

70641 - Ninja Nightcrawler - box art

70642 – Klow vs. Samurai X

70642 - Klow vs. Samurai X - box art

70643 – Temple of Resurrection

70643 - Temple of Resurrection - box art

These look awesome, and I cannot wait for January 2018, when these will be released!

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To be Young Wu and in Love

All of us, Ninjago fans, love seeing flashbacks of Master Wu’s youth. We’d also love to get young Wu in minifigure form. The same is true for Vincent, who just couldn’t wait for LEGO to release one, so he made his own:

Once Upon A Time.. (15)

Wow, what a beast of a build! Clearly more inspired by historical themes and Asian aesthetics than Ninjago ones, this build shows that Ninjago mixes well with anything. In addition to its significant size, it has some amazing techniques and clever use of parts. It uses 1×1 round tiles for a great effect on the roof, as well as the new Ninjago fence parts for the doors and windows. All in all a great build, that tells a great story, which is something you don’t often see in MOCs.

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Walk Softly and Carry a Bunch of Bricks

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. It’s so rare seeing large Ninjago builds that I always get exited when I see one. Sometimes, it’s just a bunch of sets brought together (guilty as charged) and sometimes it is a magnificent build with a lot of creativity, details, action and Easter eggs. The later is definitely the case with this work of Anton, an Indonesia-based builder:

NINJAGO United Tower

I take my hat off to Anton, he gas truly done something wonderful here. This moc is a great combination of Asian and Gothic aesthetics, which you don’t often see together. It is packed with very nice techniques for asia-styled roofs and windows, as well as an amazing choice of colors. It even has lightning installed, is there anything that the builder didn’t think of? While the building and it’s base are definitely the main features of this MOC, it also has two excellent mechs, not displayed in this shot. The build has a lot of details so I urge you to take a look at the closeup shots available in Anton’s gallery.

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LEGO Ninjago 2018 Spinners – Official Images

It’s a good week to be Ninjago fan! In addition to the official 2018 sets images we get official images for the for the new spinners as well! I just love how these minifigures look like! You’ll notice that Lloyd’s spinner is missing, but that’s because it’ll be a part of the 70640 – Sons of Garmadon Underground set. Also, recall that Lloyd will get a Movie version of the spinner as well.

70633 – Kai – Spinjitzu Master

70633 - Kai - Spinjitzu Master

70634 – Nya – Spinjitzu Master

70634 - Nya - Spinjitzu Master

70635 – Jay – Spinjitzu Master

70635 - Jay - Spinjitzu Master

70636 – Zane – Spinjitzu Master

70636 - Zane - Spinjitzu Master

70637 – Cole – Spinjitzu Master

70637 - Cole - Spinjitzu Master

These are expected to hit the shelves on December 1st.

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LEGO Ninjago 2018 sets – official images

The first wave of 2018 Ninjago sets has been revealed thanks to BrickSet. We already had rumors about the upcoming Sons of Garmadon sets way back in August, so it’s nice to have them confirmed. No words yet on the largest set available in the wave 70643 – Temple of Resurrection. Also, 2×2 round printed tiles, with symbols of the Ninja make a return. So, without further ado, here are the official images:

70638 – Katana VII

The set contains Kai’s speedboat, two minifigures and a motorcycle. It contains the symbol for the Fire Ninja.

70638 - Katana VII

70639 – Street Race of Snake Jaguar

Two brick-built motorcycles, two minifigs – (Titanium) Zane and a Son of Garmadon. It also includes a separate torso with an oni mask. Apparently, one of the masks gives you an extra pair of arms! Also includes a new mold for (giant) swords.

70639 - Street Race of Snake Jaguar

70640 – Sons of Garmadon Underground

In my opinion, this is the coolest set of the ones revealed so far. It consists of the base of Sons of Garmadon, which is apparently an underground train station! Besides that it includes a flier/spinner, a motorcycle and five minifigures. In this set Zane has yellow skin and apparently has joined the Sons of Garmadon. Can’t wait to learn more about that in the show. Includes the symbol for the Green Ninja.

70640 - Sons of Garmadon Underground

70641 – Ninja Nightcrawler

One of the finer looking Ninjago vehicles and definitely the best looking vehicle that belongs to Lloyd. Beside Lloyd’s car the set includes a motorcycle and three minifigures. I’m interested to see whether that glass piece is printed or has a sticker applied.

70641 - Ninja Nightcrawler

70642 – Klow vs. Samurai X

Most certainly the silliest set of the bunch. It includes a rad looking bigfig (with a comically disproportional head) and two regular minifigures. Klow, it seems, like choppers, so he rides one with a saw instead of a proper front wheel! The set also includes Saumrai X’s mech.

70642 - Klow vs. Samurai X

The sets are slated to be released in January 2018, but will most likely be available even before.

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