Month: December 2017

Ninjago 2018 Sets Now Available at Shop@Home

As the title says, new Ninjago sets are available at shop@home. Of course, these are based on the upcoming season due to be aired this January (fingers crossed) – Sons of Garmadon. In addition to the actual sets, the spinners are also available.

LEGO Ninjago Sons of Garmadon sets are now available

I anticipate these will be discounted in various stores in the near future, so I recommend holding off buying them for two-three weeks. However, if the money in your wallet is just itching to be spent – by all means get these – the sets are incredible!

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Ninjago in LEGO catalogue for winter of 2018

LEGO catalogue for 2018 is out, so we can finally (virtually) flip its pages and see what awaits us in the first part of 2018. Most of its content is expected, but it also holds a few surprises.

LEGO Juniors sets

Older LEGO Juniors sets will no longer be available, making way for LEGO Ninjago Movie Junior set, as well as the Sons of Garmadon one.

LEGO 2018 winter catalogue, page 29

LEGO 2018 winter catalogue, page 32

Sons of Garmadon sets

Hands of time are being phased out completely and will be replaced by Sons of Garmadon sets, including the spinners.

LEGO 2018 winter catalogue, page 98

LEGO 2018 winter catalogue, page 99

LEGO 2018 winter catalogue, page 100

LEGO Ninjago Movie sets

It seems that all of the Ninjago Movie sets will be available in the first part of 2018. (remember that retailer exclusive sets are not listed in the catalogue)

LEGO 2018 winter catalogue, page 101

LEGO 2018 winter catalogue, page 102

LEGO 2018 winter catalogue, page 103

LEGO 2018 winter catalogue, page 104

LEGO 2018 winter catalogue, page 105

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Happy Holidays from Brick Samurai

What an exciting year to be a Ninjago, or a LEGO fan, in general. We had many brilliant events, marking another great year. LEGO Ninjago Movie was released, inspiring many builders to create magnificent creations. Not to mention that it brought many new fans to the franchise. Third largest (at the time) set was released – the very first Ninjago Modular. LEGO House was opened, bringing tears of joy to eyes of many AFOLs. Among others, of course.

What are your favorite Ninjago memories of the past year?

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays from everyone at BrickSamurai!

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LEGO Ninjago Movie Third Wave Rumors

As you’ve probably heard by now, social media and forums are full of rumors about the third wave of sets for the LEGO Ninjago Movie. The fact that we’ll have another wave does not come as a surprise, since we also had three waves of sets for the LEGO Batman Movie. And, honestly, the previous two waves seem to be selling well. What does come as a surprise is that, apparently, the third wave will only consist of one set.

Ninjago City - Docks

Strangely enough, the set will be an expansions for the Ninjago City set! If these rumors are to be believed, the expansion will be Ninjago Docks, priced at $299.99! That’s amazing. Hopefully, we get the only villain we’re missing with this set. The possibility of getting an expansion for, in my opinion, the best LEGO set ever released, has me completely stoked!

Will we get the warehouse were the mechs are stored? Will we get a scaled down version of the Destiny’s Bounty? Will we get this set at all? What are your thoughts?

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Last LEGO Ninjago Movie Videogame character

Last month, we reported, that the LEGO Ninjago Movie Blu-ray edition would be coming with a special code for unlocking the last character. Alas, it was not to be. We’re not sure why exactly the code didn’t get distributed yet – but we’re here to scratch your itch.

Hoodie Lloyd - the last unlockable character in LEGO Ninjago Movie Videogame

The code, like all others, is short and sweet – D9TZ39. We actually had this code for a while now, but didn’t want to share it, not to spoil anyone’s fun. It unlocks Hoodie Lloyd. A character I’m not sure why had to be locked behind a special code. To be honest, I was expecting something more in line with the First Spinjitzu Master. But, oh well, maybe there’s a secret last character to be unlocked?

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Who Needs Serenitea to achieve inner peace?

LEGO Ninjago Movie definitely did its share in inspiring builders to build ninja-esque creations. More than that, it opened Ninjago to a whole new wave of fans. Shame it didn’t do better in the box office. It’s success would’ve meant even more fans to share ideas with. Thankfully, it did well enough to inspire Rollon Smith, a builder we wrote about before, to create many wonderful Ninjago builds.

Lloyds Meditation

What a brilliant little vignette! I love every part of it. The plants that are placed just right. The planks that are placed in a random yet, deliberate manner. The statue that is done with a minimalistic, yet detailed, style – which is quite in line with Buddhist art. On top of all that the pond, that ties everything together, radiates peacefulness. If that is even possible. All in all, a magnificent build that does a lot with little.

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LEGO Ninjago 2018 Pods – Official Images

It seems that LEGO is will continue tradition of having pods for the Ninjago line. It started with the Ninjago Movie, with Kai’s pod, and will continue with at least two new pods for the 2018 season – ‘Sons of Garmadon’. The first ones to get the pod treatment will be Jay and Cole. They’re both wearing the black variant of the ‘Wu Cru’ training outfit that was available for the Ninjago Movie line. Each will also come with a Kendo helmet that, like Kai’s, is circled with the color that corresponds to its wearer. Again, like Kai’s the pod itself features a lenticular image – alternating between the ninja’s element and his face.

853758 – Jay’s Dojo Pod

853758- Jay's Dojo Pod

853758- Jay's Dojo Pod

853759 – Cole’s Dojo Pod

853759 - Cole's Dojo Pod

853759 - Cole's Dojo Pod

Apparently, these are already available in LEGOLAND California. They retail for $8.99. I expect the price to bit a bit lower, but similar, when these appear on shop@home.

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Samsung Galaxy Kids Tablet Ninjago Movie Edition

Yesterday, Brickset reported that Samsung has unveiled a new Samsung Galaxy Kids tablet, enriched with Ninjago Movie decorations. The tablet itself comes bundled with various LEGO games, among others. All of these are accessed through the ‘The Samsung Kids’ app, which is not free mind you. After three months, if you wish to continue using the app you have to pay a monthly fee of $7.99. Brickset, however, was given a code to share: LEGONINJAGO03. The code gives you another three months of free gameplay.

Samsung Galaxy Kids Tablet Ninjago Movie Edition

The tablet retails for $149.99, but it’s currently on sale, so you can find it for far less than that. The cheapest I’ve managed to find it is $79.99, over at Best Buy. Considering that it’s full-fledged tablet (albeit running Android 4.4.4), it’s not a bad price. Should you wish to buy it, you can find the nearest retailer here.

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Royal family of Ninjago

For a few days now, social media have been abuzz with news of Ninjago having a princess – Harumi. It all started with a simple tweet by Dan & Kevin Hageman, writers of Ninjago TV show. In it they proclaimed (pun intended) that Harumi is indeed a Royal Princess of Ninjago. The rumor mill went downhill from that point and you can find all kinds of information about her at this point – like her being a girlfriend of Lloyd, but I am yet to find proof for any of the subsequent claims.

Royal Princess Harumi

We’ve had hints that Ninjago is a monarchy before – name of Lou’s (Cole’s father) quartet is ‘The Royal Blacksmiths’. Up to this point I believed that the name was just a plot device, but it could actually have a deeper meaning. Beyond that we didn’t have any clues that a royal family existed in Ninjago. The only royalty we were introduced to were Nadakhan and his father, but they were only rulers of Djinjago. In any case, I can’t wait to see what the next season has in store for us, especially regarding the royal family. Hopefully, we also get a nice royal castle set!

If you wish to see how Harumi looks like without any face paint on, you can check out Ninjago 2018 books that have been revealed so far.

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Ninjago Sons of Garmadon Sneak Peek #2

Ninjago Movie DVD and Blu-Ray are due to be released tomorrow, with a promised sneak peek for season 8. However, the sneak peek is already available to be viewed on Youtube. It’s not official, so you’ll have to search for it by yourself.

Ninjago Sons of Garmadon Sneak Peek #2

The sneak peek is basically a short part of first episode of season 8, titled ‘The Mask of Deception’. I won’t spoil the story too much, but I will however go over the interesting bits. The very first thing that you will notice is that overall the graphics quality has improved, which is a fact I believe nobody will have an issue with. In the sneak peak, years have passed since Wu’s gone missing, and “naturally” all the Ninja look quite different – inexplicably so. They do kind of offer a tongue-in-cheek explanation for that – someone went to the past and messed with the timeline. I have to point out here that I do like the new designs better. We also get to take a look at the new gi, which, to me, look like a step down when compared to ‘Hands of Time’.

The sneak peak contains all the ninja (sans Lloyd who got his own sneak peek). Nya appears to be infamous, Jay and Cole climb all the way to the Hanging temple (of which we get to see the inside of), Kai and Zane are fighting the Mechanic. Most of the fans will be happy to know that Zane is still Titanium and has a clocking device – so he can change his appearance at will. Lloyd’s voice has changed considerably and now sounds like a mix between his old voice and Master Wu’s, a fitting combination, if you ask me!

All in all, I liked this sneak peek and can’t wait for the next season! How about you?

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