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Ninjago at Nuremberg Toy Fair

For almost 70 years now toy lovers all around have eagerly awaited February to come, so they could get their yearly fix of latest toy news (I’m probably exaggerating a bit here). Nevertheless, Nuremberg Toy Fair, the largest international toy fair, is one hell of event for us, LEGO fans. Every year LEGO makes a big presence and this one was no exception. Admittedly, it was perhaps a bit smaller than previous years, with less unreleased/unannounced sets than usual. And, like every year so far, I haven’t attended it, since only a limited number of people are actually invited to attend. So, full disclosure, all of the information presented here is from third party sources, mostly from


Traditionally, Ninjago gets a whole display for current sets, which was extra awesome this year, since it was complemented by an awesome upscaled model of 70643 – Temple of Resurrection. It’s made, in part, from regular bricks and, in part, from huge huge LEGO bricks. LEGO, if you’re wondering where to put it after the fair, I’ll make some room for it in my apartment!

Ninjago Display at Nuremberg Toy Fair

Ninjago Display at Nuremberg Toy Fair. Credit for the picture goes to

Ninjago Display at Nuremberg Toy Fair

Ninjago Display at Nuremberg Toy Fair. Credit for the picture goes to

Ninjago City Docks

Ninjago City Docks set has been confirmed to be released in 2018. It’s going to be available from June, costing €229.99. Apparently, like Ninjago City set, it will have many different buildings, but will be flatter overall. It will connect to Ninjago City via Technic pins. Andres Lehmann, a writer over at, has pointed out that the set seems a bit small for the price point. Will this be the last in the “Ninjago Modular” line? Hopefully not!

Ninjago City Docks

LEGO Boost

Ninjagonese LEGO Boost logo

One interesting piece of news is that 17101 – LEGO Boost is set to get extensions (kind of). One of these extensions will be the possibility to combine with a yet unannounced Ninjago Stormbringer Dragon set. I’m really interested in seeing what have the Boost designers come up with.

Summer 2018 sets

Unfortunately, it seems like we won’t be getting images/descriptions of the upcoming Ninjago Season 9 sets, which I was really hoping that we would. It looks like we won’t be getting the any time soon in fact, since LEGO won’t be displaying them at NY Toy Fair either. In any case, there are already rumors floating around about these, so you can look forward about me posting about these in one of the next posts.

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Massive Star Destroyer

This is a guest post done by Ninja Brick. This is our first guest post so all comments and suggestions are more than welcome.

MOCs are quite awesome in and of themselves. They show how much creativity and care a LEGO enthusiast can have. We’ve seen massive Endor forests, realistic representations of real-world monuments and buildings, and much more.

Today, we at Ninja Brick will be talking about this unique ISD Tyrant MOC.

This Massive Star Destroyer LEGO MOC Has 3 Levels

LEGO is something that encourages creativity and imagination by default. Star Wars is also a franchise that invites a lot of creative works, due to its popularity and imaginative settings. It’s no wonder that LEGO has several different sets in the Star Wars theme, from ships such as the Millennium Falcon, settings and minifigures, and even Advent Calendars.

But some people see in it an inspiration to take matters to the next level. This is the case of user Doomhandle (also known online as Raskolnikov), who built this massive version of the ISD Tyrant. It’s big enough it can hold ships and has three levels, different environments and a lot of detail.

This MOC took over 20,000 pieces to build, and the whole thing is amazing to look at. You can see the care taken to produce this piece, which has a detailed exterior, back and underside. The whole ensemble is 1.40 m and weighs 32kg. Most of the pieces came from UCS Star Destroyer sets (LEGO 75055).

You can check the full thing in this video:

Exterior appearance

The ISD Tyrant is an Imperial II-class Star DestroyerThe Tyrant herself was part of Darth Vader’s Death Squadron and appeared in the Empire Strikes Back film.

This MOC is a lot larger than the official LEGO UCS version of the same ship. It’s also entirely LEGO, no third-party or other pieces used except for LED lights and some strings. The whole thing took a year to build, and no actual LEGO sets worked as a reference for the appearance or design. Which is interesting, considering how realistic (and alike the LEGO version) it looks. Here’s a size comparison between LEGO’s 2014 UCS Star Destroyer set and Doomhandle’s MOC.

My LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer: the ISD Tyrant

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Ninjago Sons of Garmadon, episode 76 – semi-review

It’s once again time to leave your worries and obligations behind and jump into the world of the Ninja for half an hour or so. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Episode 76, ‘The Jade Princess’ is action packed and offers a nice range of emotions. As before, I suggest you stop reading now, if you do not want to be spoiled.

Ninjago Sons of Garmadon - episode 76

I’m glad to be able to say that this one was much better than the first one. It started slower, when compared to the previous one, but was full of action from the second quarter on. It’s not all flowers and butterflies though. Long time fans will be disappointed to hear the intro is no longer ‘The Weekend Whip’ by The Fold. It was an iconic part of Ninjago, but I’m fine with it.

There were lots of parts that I liked about this episode. Lloyd and Rumi got quite a bit of alone time, and their interaction was spot on. We, also, get to see more of the leaders of the Sons of Garmadon, namely Ultra Violet and Mr.E. Ultra Violet seems to have a quirky personality and is feared by the low level grunts. Mr.E did not get much character development in the episode. I’m sure he will at some point, though. There was almost non-stop action, which was executed quite nicely, most of the time. Samurai X, “whoever” it might be makes a timely appearance in VXL. Oh, and the Destiny’s Bounty is back!

Of course, here were some parts that I didn’t like as well. Picking up where we just left off, why is the Destiny’s Bounty back? I mean, I assumed that it was repaired after it got shot by the Vermillion. Why would they just shelf it if they repaired it? Hopefully they address that. The thing that bothered me the most, however, was the fact that the ninja were so easily overpowered by Mr.E. Did they slack of for the past few years? None of the Sons of Garmadon seem that powerful.

In my opinion, the second episode represents a strong start to what seems like will be a very good season. There are many things to be yet explained, so we will keep our faces glued to our screens.

P.S. If anybody has the intro in a watchable resolution, please send it to me!

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New ‘Build Your Own Adventure’ Ninjago Book Revealed

Another book, called ‘Greatest Ninja Battles’, is slated to be added to the long line of ‘Build Your Own Adventure’ books, published by Dorling Kindersley (DK), a British publishing company. As the books before it, this one will also come with a minifigure and an exclusive model(s) to build. It’s due to be released on August 7th.

Ninjago Build Your Own Adventure: Greatest Ninja Battles

If you haven’t picked one of this books before, I strongly suggest you do. They contain hints and suggestions for building models, effectively combining play and storytelling. According to the official description, the book will contain more than 50 building ideas, covering most of the old villains: the Anacondrai, Ghost Army, Sky Pirates, Vermillion, as well as the ones featured in the latest season: the Sons of Garmadon.

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Continue the Chase – Rebrick Contest

If you enjoy making brickfilms, then you’re in luck because a Ninjago-themed contest has been added to Rebrick, LEGO’s official contest platform. The goal of the contest is make a conclusion for the ‘The Chase’ video, we already wrote about. Per the contest rules you do not have to use any of the sets and/or minifigures used in the aforementioned video. Unfortunately, you’re not allowed to use third party audio, so you will have to make everything by yourself.

Continue the Chase - Rebrick Contest

The contest will have five grand-prize winners total. The awards are:

  • 70633 – Kai – Spinjitzu Master
  • 70634 – Nya – Spinjitzu Master
  • 70635 – Jay – Spinjitzu Master
  • 70636 – Zane – Spinjitzu Master
  • 70637 – Cole – Spinjitzu Master
  • 70638 – Katana V11
  • 70639 – Street Race of Snake Jaguar
  • 70640 – S.O.G. Headquarters
  • 70641 – Ninja Nightcrawler
  • 70642 – Killow vs. Samurai X
  • 70643 – Temple of Resurrection
  • A Winner’s certificate
  • A Customized winner’s trophy from a LEGO Ninjago designer
  • A LEGO NINJAGO swag package
  • A upcoming LEGO Ninjago set, to be shipped once it’s available in summer 2018

That’s a sweet, sweet prize pool, if you ask me. And I bet that upcoming Ninjago set is the Ninjago City Docks! I wish I had the talent and knowledge to do a stop motion film. That price pool is really enticing.

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Ninjago Sons of Garmadon, episode 75 – semi-review

Rejoice! The day has finally come – new season of Ninjago has started, episode 75 of Ninjago has aired and we no longer need to live in anticipation. What you need to know is that, unlike the previous seasons, this one will not be released in a single day (or a quick succession of days), but rather each Saturday we’ll get another episode. Since this episode aired in Australia, while I was asleep, I had to use a bit of creativity to get to watch it. If you did not see the episode yet and do not wish to be spoiled – stop reading now.

Ninjago Sons of Garmadon - episode 75

Well, this is the first episode of Ninjago I had mixed feelings about. I’m hoping it’s because I’ve already seen 90% of it thanks to the various sneak peeks and trailers we’ve had. I definitely expected more new content. Without spoiling the story too much, I’ll try to point out what I liked and didn’t like about this episode.

What I really liked about the episode was the fact that it took time to explain all the changes (looks, voice etc) to old fans, but also the history of the Ninja to the new fans. This was done through the whole episode and was well spaced out. The only time I cringed a little during these explanations was when Harumi was describing all the Ninja. Although, I did find the Nya – ‘the girl’ joke quite funny. Gave me a chuckle. I also liked how they handled not mentioning the Royal Family up to this point. Kudos to the writers!

I disliked how the second part was rushed, especially when compared to ‘the chase’. They went over a lot of things real fast. I hope it’s because they want to get the story rolling as soon as possible. That aside, only one other thing really bugged me – Harumi’s adoption was revealed too casually, considering the fact the Ninja are actually strangers to the Royal family. It all feels like they’re just building up for a huge plot twist.

We didn’t really get to see the vehicles the Ninja are going to use this season (sans Lloyd’s Nightcrawler). Which is a shame. Hopefully, the rest of the season will have those included, especially Destiny’s Bounty, which, I assume, Misako took when she went on her quest to find Wu.

So, long story short, the episode was OK – but just that – OK. Did you see the episode? What are your thoughts?

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Student Should Always Surpass the Master

There’s something about discovering young and upcoming builders. And that’s precisely what I believe I did with Matt Hew. He might not have a lot of creations in his portfolio, but each one is a superb.

Student V.S. Master

Truly, an example that creative builders don’t need a lot of bricks to dazzle. The build is nicely layered, with each layer neatly representing different terrain and foliage. The arena itself is build using one of the more interesting way of building detailed floors. The action scene itself is build with much care – I can’t figure out how Cole is floating!

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Ninjago Sons of Garmadon TV Show – story teasers

Ninjago Sons of Garmadon TV Show – story teasers

Looks like promotional campaign for the TV show is finally in full swing! With less than a week left until the first episode airs, LEGO has decided to release three (!) trailers for the upcoming season. Be aware that these are quite spoiler heavy, so watch them (and continue reading) at your own discretion.

Power of the Oni Masks

In the first trailer Mistaké, the lady that has sold many magical teas to Wu and the Ninja, reveals the origin story behind the Oni Masks and their tremendous power. Apparently, the masks are relics from the first realm. It is implied (via imagery only) that they’re somehow tied to the history of the First Spinjitzu Master. What struck me as odd was the fact that their power is directly connected to Garamdon (who, I assume, wasn’t born when they were created).

Mysterious Biker Gang

The second trailer has Zane explaining, very shortly, the mysterious biker gang – Sons of Garmadon. Size of the gang really surprised me, it looks like there’s hundreds or event thousands of members. Mister E’s nickname seems to be ‘The Quiet One’.

A Royal Encounter

Definitely, my favorite trailer. We get a better look at the royal family, find out that Rumi (nickname of our favorite princess) is definitely a love interest for Lloyd and get a longer look at Destiny’s Bounty v3. Also, we get to see Harumi’s casual getup and it looks awesome! And so does Lloyds. What’s not to love!

All in all, these trailers are awesome, if a bit too revealing. What are your thoughts?

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Ramen is More Than a Cheap Cup of Noodles

Not a MOC presentation, strictly speaking, but a beautiful piece of art nonetheless! I was awestruck when I saw it, and knew you would be too – so I decided to share it. The creator is legomeee, a true LEGO photography wizard.


The colors and lighting in this piece are just perfect. Not to mention the overall scene. Everything ties so well together. The street, the little pupper, the bicycles in the back. It really looks like small markets I saw in Asia. Looking at it all, I really don’t believe I’ve ever seen a LEGO scene look so much like real life. Now, excuse me for a moment, I need to find me some ramen.

P.S. Looks like Lloyd has let himself go.

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Master of the 4th Dimension

Are you near LEGOLAND California today? Well, you’re in for a treat! ‘Master of the 4th Dimension’, a LEGO Ninjago 4D movie premieres today – January 12th. On top of that, this weekend Ninjago Days will be in full swing, meaning that you’ll have a treasure trove of fun activities to do.

Master of the 4th Dimension - a LEGO NInjago 4D movie

In the movie, Master Wu prepares the Ninja for the teachings that the mysterious ‘Scroll of the 4th Dimension’ contains. However Kai, Nya, Lloyd, Zane and Cole find themselves on a misadventure that could spell trouble for the whole universe. Or so the description says. If you’re able to catch the movie due give us a short (or long) review in the comments. For the rest of us mortals, the trailer will have to suffice.

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