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Tiny Temple for Tiny Worshipers

Our favorite brick turns 60 this year. To honor this momentous occasion BrickSet is holding a competition in which the goal is to make a micro version of your favorite set. Naturally, all of the sets are Ninjago related – they all represent something that Ninjago’s owning company has made. Genecyst, a talented builder from Japan, went even a step further and made a micro version of an actual Ninjago set!

70505 Ninjago Temple of Light

I have to say that the set this build is based on is instantly recognizable – it’s 70505 – Temple of Light. All the important parts of the build are there and some clever tricks were used by the builder in order to save space. The central column is of the same thickens as the other ones, yet in center thanks to smart offsetting via a jumper plate. Window frames were used to represent columns to a wonderful effect. The only gripe I have with this build is that the roof pillars are black instead of dark red. But that’s just me being picky. In any case, this build is magnificent and I can honestly recommend that you check out rest of genecyst’s LEGO creations – if for nothing else then just to see One Piece themed ones!

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Ninjago Sons of Garmadon, episode 80 – semi-review

Yesterday’s episode was kind of a mini jubilee for Ninjago – it was the 80th episode – only 20 more until 100! The title of the episode is ‘The Quiet One’ which makes it sound like it contained additional information about the Quite One, but it really did not. However, it did have a lot of (obvious) reveals – too many for a single episode in fact. Be that as it may, they’re obviously huge spoilers, so don’t read the review if you don’t want to be spoiled.

Still from Ninjago Sons of Garmadon Episode 80

The episode was OK. It was definitely not the best episode of the season, most likely because it’s meant to set up the third act of the season – we’ll see how the reminder of the episodes will shape. As we saw in the previous episode, the Ninja team is stranded in Primeval’s Eye, which, I presume, is the Yin in the Yang part of Ninjago. Lloyd and Harumi are on their own, searching for the third Oni Mask.

So, what are these huge reveals? First, as I’ve guessed, it’s confirmed the baby is indeed Wu. How did Wu become a baby? He touched the Reversal Time Blade and was flung into the future while battling the Time Twins in the Iron Doom. How was this confirmed? The baby is aging rapidly and it responded to Jay when he said he’s giving up with ‘Ninja never quit’, which made him realize it was Wu. Second, it’s confirmed that Harumi is indeed the Quiet One. How? The location of the one who told Sons of Garmadon that Snake Jaguar is in fact Zane was calculated to be Destiny’s Bounty. Both of these reveals were anticlimactic and I was expecting something more. Fortunately, Lloyd is still unaware that Harumi is the Quiet One so, hopefully, that reveal will be a bit better.

While most of the episode was a bit lackluster, there was one shining moment of brilliance in it. Interestingly enough, the most human moment of the episode and the season, if not the entire show, played out between two nindroids – Zane and P.I.X.A.L. P.I.X.A.L explained to Zane that she missed having a body, but was willing to sacrifice should the team and especially Zane needed her more in a computer. Her facial expression and tone were so obviously pleading to Zane to save her from that torment that she instantly turned into a human for me. Of course, Zane’s love for her couldn’t let her suffer, so he released her from this curse, knowing full well that she would do the same for him.

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Sometimes, a Ninja Needs to Get There Yesterday

Speeders – one of the most elegant building genres that LEGO has to offer. One of the first builds I did, when I got out of the dark ages, was in fact a speeder! I also love checking out speeder-themed challenges and competitions, of which there is plenty about. And that’s actually how I noticed this great build by Marcin Grabowski. Although, in the picture that was submitted for the contest it can be clearly seen that Emmet has stolen the sweet sweet ride.

LSB 2018 - Motorway Maintenance

This speeder does indeed look very sweet. I love how irregular and bulky it looks like. So many parts at so many angles, I love it! The builder obviously intended this to be a utility speeder, but I cannot help but imagine it as a jungle explorer – it reminds me of 70755 – Jungle Raider, one of my favorite Ninjago vehicles. It’s obviously based on Lloyd’s glider from Misfortune’s Keep however – which is not a bad thing to be based of.

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LEGO Ninjago Trading Cards Series 3 announced

As reported by bricksfanz, lucky bastardschaps that live in the UK will be getting the third series of LEGO Ninjago Trading Cards on April 26th. These will be based on Sons of Garmadon TV show and sets.

LEGO Ninjago Trading Cards Series 3

Unfortunately, I was unable to get any of the cards from previous series, so I’m not even sure how these are used, but they must be popular if they’re making another series. I’ll definitely have to find a place to order at least some of these.

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Ninjago at the New York Toy Fair

The 2018 New York Toy Fair has officially started a few days ago, meaning that we’re, once again, able to take a (small) look into what the future has in store for us. At least LEGO wise. Just like it was the case with the Nuremberg Toy Fair we didn’t attend this one either, this time because of the 7200 kilometers (4474 miles) that divides us and I can’t walk that far. Nevertheless, we’re committed to bringing you all the Ninjago related news that has popped up at the fair.


Similarly to the one at Nuremberg Toy Fair, New York Toy Fair Ninjago display only sets for the Movie and Sons of Garmadon, and do not show any unreleased sets. However, they do contain some Ninjago merchandise that I haven’t seen before. To me, the displays look a bit weaker than those at Nuremberg, mostly because the giant 70643 – Temple of Resurrection was not reused. They must be packing it so they can ship it to my room. If you want to see more pictures of the displays you can do so at

Ninjago merchandise

Ninjago display at the New York Toy Fair. Credit for the picture goes to

70652 – Stormbringer Dragon

The LEGO Boost display at the New York Toy Fair managed to confirm two things – LEGO Boost is indeed extendible with an upcoming Ninjago set and Stormbringer Dragon, one of the rumored sets, will be coming out this summer. Also, because of it, we get our first official look at the dragon itself (although combined with Boost) and, more importantly, the new minifigures. The dragon looks quite alright, even with printed eyes – which is a relief.

According to the dragon is able to distinguish between friend and foe and will try to shake of villains that try to ride it. That sounds awesome. It also responds to petting and answers questions. Go over to for a video of live demonstration.

Boost + Stormbringer Dragon

Boost + Stormbringer Dragon at the New York Toy Fair. Credit for the picture goes to

Stormbringer Dragon minifigures at the New York Toy Fair. Credit for the picture goes to

TV Show

In order to kick off the New York Toy Fair LEGO released a nice (not so) little press release. Most of it is Ninjago-unrelated hogwash (when will you LEGO abandon all other lines and have 200 new Ninjago sets every year!?), but the good bits are golden:

Following its 2017 theatrical debut, LEGO NINJAGO® returns with new building sets loaded with details, features and functions based on The LEGO NINJAGO Movie™ and two new seasons of NINJAGO: Masters of Spinjitzu airing on Cartoon Network.

Yes, you read that right – we’ll be getting two seasons this year. What a time to be alive!

Ninjago Season 9 Logo Mockup

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Ninjago Sons of Garmadon, episode 79 – semi-review

Another Saturday, another (semi) review, this time of episode 79 – ‘Dead Man’s Squall’. I’m glad to be able to report that Ninjago is back on track of delivering amazing episodes on a weekly basis! The episode was full of excitement and throwbacks for old fans. If you haven’t seen it yet, definitely do so at your earliest convenience! Then come back and read our thoughts on it, which are, be forewarned, full of spoilers.

Still from Ninjago Sons of Garmadon Episode 79

What an episode! If nothing else, the episode was a rush of emotions, mostly because of the music. When Zane was incapacitated and that theme from when Zane sacrificed himself in the battle against Overlord started playing, I knew we were in for a ride. I feel that this particular scene shattered some long time fans. [joke] Also, some fans might be shocked to find out that I was mistaken [/joke]- it was Harumi who sang the lullaby in the trailer and not Nya. Now I am certain, Harumi is definitely evil.

To be honest, I can’t really tell you why I liked this episode so much, I guess it’s because of all the little details and the nuances. And because it was a nostalgia trip for me. I liked how Harumi more or less revealed that she’s the main villain in this season via facial expressions, (non forced) replies and her prophetic lullaby. I loved how they hinted at the fact that Wu is the baby – the baby loves tea. I might end up being wrong and this a deliberate nudge in the wrong direction, but I like how it was handled. It was also nice seeing that the ninja are no longer using their elemental powers (almost) exclusively for attacking via Spinjitzu. Zane was shown throwing freezing punches, Jay was lightning bending (Avatar reference?), Kai created a mini sun (shown in the picture) and Nya was basically water bending the rain. Undeniably a great direction for the development of elemental powers.

Of course, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows, the episode did have some things I didn’t quite like. Or, actually, just one thing, but, for me, it’s a big minus. The revelation that P.I.X.A.L is Samurai X was handled quite nicely – she revealed that to the ninja only because she knew that it would be a threat to them if they didn’t know. However, the reason why she didn’t reveal her identity before is because she thought she would endanger them? How? They’re a ninja team which exposes themselves to danger constantly – together with her. Wouldn’t it be safer for them to be in the loop? That they have another member that they can rely on?

What are you thoughts on the new episode? Did you like it? Love it? Hate it? Tell us in the comments!

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Best Things Come in Small Packages

There something amazing in seeing one of your favorite sets get minified (microfied?), especially if it’s done well. Such is definetly the case with brickwebster‘s rendition of the Movie’s version of Destiny’s Bounty. Most of the detail is preserved, making it an excellent built as well as a faithful one.

Destiny's Bounty - Microscale

I’m thoroughly amazed how well the minification was done on this set. All of the details are there like the dragon heads, the bumpers, the rudder and so on – but the plants. And I’m not sure how those could be added effectively. Maybe just represented with plates? In any case, this MOC is definitely something I’d like to have in my collection. Once I obtain LEGO Ideas 21313 – Ship in a Bottle set I’ll have to replace the ship inside with something similar.

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The Fold’s Complete Ninjago Discography

As most of you know, The Fold is the band responsible for Ninjago’s iconic intro song – ‘The Weekend Whip’, as well as most other theme songs in the show. The band has already released many of their songs as part of Ninjago soundtrack albums, but ‘The Fold’s Complete Ninjago Discography’ is the first full-length album.

The Fold's Complete Ninjago Discography

The album will come with a CD containing all The Fold songs from Season 1 to Season 7, a special bonus CD as well as a lyric book. The album can already be ordered, from Amazon – if you live in the US, and from The Fold’s Big Cartel store, if you live anywhere else. The album retails for $13.99 for the regular copy and $16.99 for the signed copy, which is quite reasonable.

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Ninjago Sons of Garmadon, episode 78 – semi-review

As you all know by now, another new Ninjago episode has aired yesterday, which means that it’s time for a (semi) review. The episode in question is episode 78 ‘Snake Jaguar’, making it obvious that it focuses on Zane. Without giving anything away I’m going to say that I really disliked this episode. This review is definitely full of spoilers, so avoid reading it if you dislike those.

Still from Ninjago Sons of Garmadon Episode 78

Ok, I hated it. Not all of it, of course, but a singular scene turned the entire episode from “really good” to “oh, not again” for me. But, let me focus on the good first:

The good parts of the episode were very good. I really enjoyed the different dynamic of it, when compared to the previous episodes. Due to the events of the previous episode Zane is forced to go even deeper undercover. The writers incorporated Zane’s quirkiness into the whole sequence quite nicely, and, honestly, that was the best part of this episode. It’s rare to see an episode focus on Zane, that is also not serious almost all of the time.

The episode also has quite a few twists. The biggest one is definitely the fact that Mr. E is actually a Nindroid! That one really surprised me. Second big surprise of the episode is the fact that Sons of Garmadon have an inside man (or woman!). He/she told them who Snake Jaguar really is, which means it’s somebody who knows Zane. Last twist/surprise is definitely the baby, who is actually a key to the last Oni mask.

So, what the part then that I hated? It’s the entire flashback to Zane meeting Wu. Why you ask? Because they retconned how Elemental Powers work for the gazillionth time. Apparently, it’s no longer parent to child (nor is it by effort, nor from Golden Weapons, nor a link to the Golden Master, nor etc.), it’s now being a good boy around an elemental master. That’s right – old Ice Master liked Zane and he somehow gave him his powers. Also, in the flashback Dr. Julien was young – while Wu was not. But let’s chalk that one down to time travel shenanigans.

How did you like the latest episode?

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Ninjago Summer of 2018 Rumored Sets

Rumors of the upcoming 2018 summer sets have been floating around for quite a while now – even before this year started. I was hoping LEGO would showcase the new sets at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. They haven’t, so it’s high time we talk about all the rumored upcoming sets for the TV show (we’ve already covered the Ninjago Movie one). Of course, all of this should be taken with a huge grain of salt.

Ninjago Season 9 Logo Mockup

All of the rumored sets are tied to the 9th season, which focuses on the Dragon and the Oni. This means that there most likely won’t be any more new sets for Sons of Garmadon, which is more or less standard for Ninjago. The main villains are, apparently, Dragon Hunters (type of Oni?) and the main setting oozes Dieselpunk vibes. The collectibles in this wave are supposed to be (pieces of) the Dragon Master’s armor. The Ninja will, most likely, be wearing masks made with the new molds, meaning they will have two pieces. In any case, the rumored sets are:

  • 70650 – Pursuit in the Air. A gold-red airplane. Comes with two minifigures: Kai and a Villain.
  • 70651 – Confrontation in the Throne Room. A battle arena-styled set, complete with a throne. Has five minifigures – Skylor, Samurai X, another good guy and two villains. One of the villains has four arms.
  • 70652 – Stormbringer Dragon. Jay gets a new dragon! It’s rumored to be quite big. The main color is, of course, blue/dark blue. The head is brickbuilt, but the eyes are stickers, which is a shame. It’s supposed to come with the chest piece of Dragon Master’s armor. It contains 4 minifigures: Jay, obviously, Zane and two villains. One of the villains is a spider mech, or at least has spider-like legs. It comes with two new sword molds, as well as a detachable handle similar to the one the Golden Sword of Fire had.
  • 70653 – Firstbourne Dragon. And so does Kai! Again, the head is brickbuilt, but has printed eyes. The main color is red, with quite a few black/dark gray parts mixed in. It’s supposed to have cloth wings. The set also comes with a helicopter that belongs to the villains. Dragon Master’s helmet is the collectible in this one. The set will come with 6 minifigures – 4 villains, Kai and Cole.
  • 70654 – War Rig (Dieselnaut). A huge vehicle that belongs to the villains. Has four tyres in the back and two tank treads in the front. The set comes with the entire Dragon Master’s armor apparently. It contains 7 minifigures. Cole, Zane, Jay and 4 villains are to be included.
  • 70655 – The Dragon Den. The biggest set of the wave. Like the name suggests it comes with a dragon! It’s on the smallish side though. Overall, it’s said that it looks a lot like Samurai X Cave, sharing a similar color scheme. Similarly, it has a skull, this time a dragon’s skull, tied to the entrance – but this time it’s above it. It’s supposed to come with most of the ninja, if not all of them and the rest of the minifigures are supposed to be the new villains.
  • New flyers. The sets are: 70644 – Master of the Golden Dragon, 70645 – Cole – Master of Dragons, 70646 – Jay – Master of Dragons, 70647 – Kai – Master of Dragons, 70648 – Zane – Master of Dragons, 70649 – Nya – Master of Dragons. Not much info on these, but one thing does stick out like a sore thumb. Lloyd’s name is nowhere to be seen. Most likely, that means that Lloyd is the Master of the Golden Dragon. Would’ve been cool if was the First Spinjitzu Master though.

What are your thoughts on these? I, personally, am exited that we’ll be getting more dragons. I have every Ninjago Dragon released so far and will definitely be adding these to my collection.

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