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Third Sons of Garmadon Magazine Thug Revealed

I’m not sure it comes as much of a surprise at this point but, as the title says, yet another thug has been added to the ever increasing Sons of Garmadon gang. His name is Buffer and he comes with two red katanas and a shield. This time, we’re even blessed with a new face! I don’t know about you, but I’m loving these – they’re the only foil packs I’ve decided to collect.

LEGO Ninjago Magazine - Buffer teaser

Buffer comes will come with the latest issue of Ninjago Magazine, which is slated to be released May 29th.

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What if Yang Discovered a Shrinking Ray

I’m currently researching different micro builds for a display that I am making with a colleague from my RLUG and that’s why I turned to minimalbrick whose minification work I’ve known beforehand. I knew that his usual scale was a bit bigger than I’m currently working with, but I was sure I could find some interesting techniques in his gallery. I’m glad I did, because I was able to see this beauty:

mini Temple of Airjitzu

This is one of the best, if not the best, minification of Temple of Airjitzu I’ve ever seen and one of the better minifications in general, especially in microfig scale. It preserves the look, and the spirit of the original beautifully. I especially like how the stairs are handled, it’s not easy curving parts in such limited space. Huge kudos to the author. My favorite detail of the build is definitely the fishing rods, they’re so cute! The only thing missing is the red arches from the bridge, but otherwise this build is perfect. The author actually added these in his brickbuilt model!

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70657 – Ninjago City Docks – Official Images

The day has finally arrived – we have official images of Ninjago City’s 2018* expansion – 70657 – Ninjago City Docks set. More than that, the set is already available for purchase in Billund’s LEGOLAND, so we also have high quality pictures of the back of the box, as well as of the minifigure lineup.

*yes, I’m hoping for more

70657 – Ninjago City Docks

70657 - Ninjago City Docks - box

70657 - Ninjago City Docks - back

Image taken from

70657 - Ninjago City Docks - minifigures

Image taken from

I’ll be honest, it’s not everything I wished for – but they can always fix the omissions in the next expansion! I mean, they really didn’t do the fan-service minifigures properly. Mystake looks nothing like Mistaké from the TV show, Dareth and Lil’ Nelson are wearing reused Wu Cru uniforms – that’s just lazy. And not Narwhal fish-villain! A wasted opportunity. Cole’s new clothes look nice though. The rest of the minifigures are just filler, but it’s always nice getting non-screaming Ninjago Movie civilians. (hopefully those that do have screaming faces have normal alternatives)

I’m not thrilled about the look of the set either, but at least it looks like it will connect to Ninjago City quite nicely. Front of the building looks quite plain – compared to Ninjago City. It does look, however, that it has some interesting roof and window building techniques so I’m quite looking forward to those. I’ll just have to wait and see this set in person to give my final judgement.

70657 – Ninjago City Docks is set to be widely available this June and will cost €229.99.

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LEGO Ninjago Summer 2018 Official Set Images

Official images for most upcoming Ninjago summer of 2018 sets have been revealed, thanks to The Entertainer, a UK based toy store. It seems that the rumors this time were true. The images are on the smallish side, but it’s great to be able to finally see these, especially the dragons! I’ll update this post once higher quality images are available.

70658 – Stone Colossi (name taken from TV Show, might not be the actual name)

70658 - Stone Colossi

Image taken from BrickSet

70655 – Dragon Pit

70655 - Dragon Pit
70655 - Dragon Pit - box Continue reading →

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A Glimpse into the Future

If you’ve been reading BrickSamurai for a while, you’ve noticed I like to say that Ninjago City is my favorite set every once in a while (once or twice a month). Keeping that in mind you won’t find it strange that this piece, created by the brilliant Bob De Quatre, brought me kid-like joy. Seems like my collection of Ninjago-City-expanding ideas is slowly expanding. That’s puntastic.

Trouble near Tanaka-san fish store

My favorite part of this build is definitely the fact that it’s an (even more) futuristic take on Ninjago. Furthermore, it keeps all the futuristic additions anime-like, which definitely is one source of inspiration for Ninjago and one which I love. Obviously, this piece was also inspired by Star Wars aesthetics, which I will let slide – just this one time! There’s lots of stuff going on in the build, starting from the streets, over the older buildings, all the way to the high rises – making it obvious that the buildings are just a background (although beautiful) for all the action. The build is filled with amazing details and techniques, but, somehow, I am most impressed with the small things like the billboard and the sliding doors – I’ll have to figure out how those were made!

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Continue the Chase – Rebrick Contest Winners

In March, LEGO hosted ‘Continue the Chase’ contest on its Rebrick platform. I tried to enter the contest, with my stellar, first ever, stop motion video, but I was disqualified, because the entry wasn’t long enough – which it was (the minimum was 15 seconds). However, I didn’t stand a chance anyway so no harm done. In any case, the contest has ended, and the winners have been announced!

Continue the Chase – Rebrick Contest Winners

There were many brilliant entries, but there are only so many spots at the top! I have to admit, most of these were my favorite ones, so the judges did a great job – or at least they have a similar taste in esthetics as I do. All joking aside, these truly are a league above most other entries so these are well deserved. Congratulations to all the winners! I hope that you will share pictures with us of those sweet sweet prizes!

Best Brickfilm Winner

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A Healthy Ghost in a Healthy Shell

Any fans of Ghost in the Shell out there? No, I’m not talking about the movie. I was introduced to this fantastic franchise due to my love of Studio Ghibli and my wish to see all movies made by them (they actually co-produced GitS: Innocence). Anyway – back to the topic. Every March, Think Tanks, a Flickr group that focuses on GitS tanks/walkers/rollers, hosts a month-long building challenge called Marchikoma. This year Anthony Wilson decided to enter the challenge with a Ninjago inspired walker, and we’re eternally grateful!


What a beauty! It’s immediately obvious that this MOC is very poseable, just like all LEGO walkers should be. The legs are done especially well, looking so random yet thought out, mostly due to their complexity, with feet? wheels? done by using SNOT techniques for a striking effect. The same techniques were used to build the head, with the central, gray part actually being offset by about half a stud, starting a kind of a flow and giving shape to it, which is nicely continued into the LBG part of the head. Colors were clearly inspired by Tournament of Elements/Possession Samurai X (and perhaps Ronin R.E.X). A very adequate inspiration – the author clearly knew what he was doing.

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If Ninjago and Star Wars Had a Baby

Star Wars is definitely one of LEGO’s biggest themes, if not the biggest. Certainly, it has most fans among the AFOL community, rivaled, perhaps, only by lovers of Castle/History themes. Knowing that, it’s no surprise that you can often see sets from other theme remade with Star Wars in mind. However, it is rare to see a Ninjago set be remade in this way. I do believe, that this one, made by the very talented Diego Corredera is the very first I’ve ever saw.

SkyScrap (2016)

The author has done such a good job of replicating 70605 – Misfortune’s Keep that it’s instantly recognizable which set this creation was based off, even though it’s more streamlined and all the colors different. It seems that author has even built in most of the play features, like the runway, although used as cargo space, and the rotating motors (notice the gear on top). However, the pirate jet was replaced by a speeder, which does not appear to attach to the rest of the build. After all, it does make may more sense to make it a speeder in the world of Star Wars.

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We Visited the First Kockice Convention

Last weekend we visited the very first Kockice Convention, near Zagreb, Croatia. It was organized by a Croatian RLUG bearing the same name – Kockice. I have to say, despite it being their first event of this magnitude, the organization was exceptional. There were a few hiccups here and there, but nothing too serious. Many, more “mature”, events, honestly, do far less well.

There were over 70 participants, from 13 different countries, which really showed – there we many different and amazing exhibits on display. Naturally, most of them were, in one way or another, related to Ninjago. Just like it was the case in the LEGO House, and all LEGO conventions really, where virtually all displays were made from bricks made by Ninjago’s owning company – LEGO. It’s amazing how many (hidden) Ninjago fans gathered at the same place.

Kockice Convention 2018

Contrary to most events I had the privilege of displaying at, the setup was done over a course of an entire day, with lunch and dinner breaks. This made the whole experience far less stressful than usually. Since we arrived on Friday, early in the afternoon, we had lunch before starting the setup. After we finished setting up we were free to mingle, or explore the surrounding of the venue. We mingled some. Before soon it was time for dinner, before which goodie bags were handed out.

Kockice Convention - setup

Kockice Convention – The Setup

The next day was the official opening, so by the time we arrived back at the venue it was already full of visitors. I took some time to look at the displays that were set up after we left the day before and that’s when I saw it. The very best MOC at the entire convention – Ninja temple, by Croatian builder Kristijan Vuletin. [joke]In the end it did not win best in show, so I do believe the voting was fixed[/joke].

Kockice Convention - Ninja Temple by Kristijan Vuletin

Ninja temple by Kristijan Vuletin

Rest of the builds were most impressive as well. It’s hard for me to say which one was my favorite, when we exclude the Ninjago themed ones, so I won’t even try. I do, however, urge you to take a look at them, I’m certain you’ll find at least one you like and most will surprise you, whether by size (there were some truly massive ones), by techniques used or by the ideas that inspired them. Take a look at some of them in our Flickr album.

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LEGO Announces Discontinuation of the Ninjago Theme

I’m lost for words… It came so suddenly and without warning. I mean the Movie did not do really well in the box office, but come on! Didn’t the sets do really well? I guess now we know why there was almost no mention of Ninjago in LEGO Group’s annual revenue report. Apparently the mixed up the numbers for Ninjago and Nexo Knights and mistakenly discontinued Nexo Knights. Once they realized their mistake they decided to discontinue Ninjago instead.

Ninjago is being discontinued

I guess this is indeed an end of an era. I could’ve understood if they announced the ending of the TV Show, or the Magazine or some other media format, but the entire theme? That’s just silly. It feels like a joke. You can read the entirety of LEGO Group’s announcement here. But I warn you – tears (and/or heads) may fall.

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