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It’s Ramen Time All the Time

I’m very grateful for Ninjago City and its Docks expansion. As I’ve said on many occasions, they great sets. But not only that, they’ve inspired so many builders. Perhaps more than any other Ninjago sets before. One such inspiration led to this wonderful piece by the talented SpaceBrick, an upcoming, in my opinion, LEGO MOC-ing star.

Ramen&Sushi Bar

This build, just like its inspiration is full of interesting techniques and uses of bricks. The use of the ladders in the bar is phenomenal and I will most certainly use it. Although, to me, it looks like it needs to be half a stud smaller. The use of different types of modified plates with holes for pins in the roof gives it a nice and unique look and feel. And I feel like I have to mention that leaving the studs in the windows visible really adds texture to them. All in all it’s a great build that seems to fit perfectly into that Ninjago City collaboration we wrote about a few weeks ago.

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Ninjago: Hunted

Ninjago: Hunted

We finally have official confirmation for the title of 9th season. It’s Ninjago: Hunted. It sounds a bit short? In any case, the announcement comes from an official trailer posted by LEGO – this time in English! The trailer itself is different from the one we saw a few days ago, so it’s definitely worth a look. The trailer does contain spoilers, as does the text below it. Stop reading now if you do not wish to be spoiled.

What can I say… The trailer brought even more hype to me! Not to mention understanding (my Japanese is not that good – yet!). There are many more dragons shown. Elemental Masters are confirmed to play a significant role – they’re part of the resistance against Garmadon. Sons of Garmadon are still very much a part of the show – strange that they’re not featured in any way, shape or form in the newer sets. What’s not to like!

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Bailong the Heavenly Snake

Some builders make their builds so well, so organic that you cannot help but imagine them being alive, moving. Yet, no matter how vividly we see them moving in our mind they never will. Unless they’re made by J Bonn. Then it’s definitely not only in your mind.

old ninjago -26

I know what you must be thinking: Sure, it’s an awesome build – but it’s not moving. Guess again. This modern wonder not only moves, but it perfectly emulates a (low) flying dragon! I’m in love. It’s even built so well that it’s hard to tell it’s actually a train. In my opinion, only the tracks give it away. The dragon itself is a part of a larger Ninjago-themed display so make sure you give it a look.

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Ninjago in Bricktober 2018 Rumors

In the last week or so I’ve received a couple of emails with images of yet-unreleased Bricktober sets. Even a few friends of mine mentioned these to me and were wondering why didn’t I post about these yet. As you see I’ve succumbed to the pressure and decide to write about these – mostly because I want to manage expectations. As most of you know by now Toys’R’Us, the company behind Bricktober, will be closing down permanently in the USA, so there is a chance that there will be no Bricktober sets this year. Coupled with LEGO’s strict no-leaked-images policy, there is a chance that most of our readers will never see these.

Bricktober 2018

Just like last year, one of the minifigure packs will be Ninjago themed! Similarly, there are four minifigures included, with a good mix of characters from several seasons. And, just like last year, they look great:

  • Mask of Hatred Harumi – we didn’t get this version of Harumi in any of the sets so this is a nice addition. I’d much rather have a casual version of Harumi, but beggars can’t be choosers.
  • Future Jay – now this is an interesting choice, but an excellent one! The version in question is from a vision Jay had during the events of Skybound. I’ve really like this version of Jay, I’m sure the parts can be used for many different builds.
  • Son of Garmadon – weakest minifigure of the bunch. He seems to be a Son of Garmadon name Mohawk, holding a bat. His face looks identical to Chopper Maroon/Nails, but the body seems to have a new print. Luke Cunningham would’ve been a better choice.
  • Kabuki Nya – the minifigure I never knew I wanted! I love the whole Kabuki esthetic and her kimono looks really nice. In case you’re wondering, Nya wore this outfit in Tournament of Elements.
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Female Villains in Ninjago

This is a guest post done by Jared, one of our biggest fans. The piece is exquisite and hopefully just the first one of many to come.

Villainesses of Ninjago

Ninjago: a land of mystery, magic, advanced technology and high adventure. A world of comedy, character, and-admittedly-inconsistent/contradictory canon, particularly when it comes to the “ancient” history of the place. And sadly, a series in which the term “bad guy” has been all too often applicable in referring the various antagonists, as there are were no “bad girls” to be found. In the past couple of years that situation looks to be improving, but we’d be kidding ourselves if we didn’t acknowledge that evil-doing has been largely a man’s game for this LEGO theme.

Now, female characters as a whole tend to suffer when it comes to adventure series like Ninjago. Nya was our lonely leading lady for the first couple of years, and even though Misako arrived to help pick up the slack in 2013, it took another three years before she got her own minifigure. But the sad fact is that it took five years for a true female villain to show up in the franchise-not as long as it took for Smurfs: The Lost Village to correct that series’ gender imbalance issue, but still a disappointingly long time. The question is, why? Why were the Ninjago creatives, both in terms of set design and creating characters for the series, so tardy in allowing some lethal ladies to don the mantle of villainess?

Perhaps we’ll never know the answer-I don’t have any connections at the LEGO group and I’m not acquainted with anyone who does, at least that I know of. But perhaps we can take a look at female villainy throughout the series and see what we can discover. Now, since more recent years have included two groups of villains per year, I’m going to simplify things by considering the villainous factions in sets of two.

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Ninjago: Dragon Hunter Polybag Found

It’s official – I have my new favorite polybag! Mini Quake Mech has been dethroned and it looks like mini Titanium Dragon will take it’s place. Getting back on track – the newest polybag is called 30547 – Dragon Hunter and it comes with a 50ish piece Dragon and what looks like an exclusive minifigure, at least torso-gear combination wise.

30547 - Dragon Hunter

Image taken from BrickSet.

The polybag was found listed on Ebay, so there isn’t much additional info. In any case, the dragon is incredibly well build using the boomerang and Nexo sword to a magnificent effect. I cannot wait to get my hands on this one!

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Ninjago Season 9 – Announcement Trailer

Ninjago Season 9 – Announcement Trailer

CoroCoro, an immensely popular Japanese magazine, or rather, its official Youtube channel, has been releasing Ninjago’s latest episode for the Japanese market. Why’s that interesting you ask? Well, you see, the last episode came with a trailer for the next season, which is coming this year! You read that right, this year! Hype. Ninjago: Dragon Hunters, if the Japanese name is translated directly, will be airing this July. Now, if you don’t know much Japanese, you’ll be happy to know that there are some rumors that the next season will begin airing in little over a month in Australia, but no official confirmation on that. In any case, you can view the trailer below, but it is heavy in spoiler, as is the reminder of the text. You’ve been warned.

Next season is going to be awesome! As we know from the event from Sons of Garmadon, the Ninja are split, with most of them in the First Realm. Trailer shows us that Sons of Garmadon have occupied Ninjago City and damaged it heavily. Lloyd and Nya are doing their best to control the situation, and keep their spirit high. They seemingly turn to the elemental masters for help (curiously only those that’ve already received a minifigure – curse you LEGO if it is so just so you don’t have to make the rest!). The rest of the Ninja are stuck in the realm of Oni and Dragons and in order to get back they’re looking for the legendary dragon Nerujira* (I guess the Firstbourne dragon). However, the Dragon Hunters are in their way.

Are you looking forward to the next season? I most certainly am!

* Transcribed, poorly, by me – I guess it could be translated like sleeping whale – but is a play on Godzilla? (gojira).

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A Blast from the Past

Today I have a special treat for everybody: one the very first Ninjago MOCs posted online. Probably the oldest one that is still available (if you can, do prove me wrong!). It was created by Cade Roster even before the pilot episodes aired in the US. It imagines an action packed skeleton-ninja-bike chase.


The scene, understandably, does not look much like modern Ninjago. The figs, the colors and the shapes are all “wrong”. Nonetheless, it’s instantly recognizable. And, perhaps more importantly, it screams anime! (there are literally some screaming anime faces in the scene). I’m not going to lie, it’s totally tubular! Yep, it’s that old.

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LEGO Ninjago Ride Ninja Game

LEGO has released a brand new Ninjago game, called Ride Ninja, and just like the name suggests it plays like an endless runner. The game recreates the events of episode 78, but is more or less spoiler free, mostly due to the fact that the game has no story. In it, you play Zane, trying to escape Sons of Garmadon, while navigating through the busy streets of Ninjago City. In the game you can ride several different bikes, but most of them are hidden behind a paywall. When you level up you get a card that improves Zanes stats and/or powers.

LEGO Ninjago Ride Ninja Game

I’m not a huge fan of endless runners, and this game is no exception. It’s almost exactly the same as all the rest. Admittedly, I’ve not played the game too much – I’m level 12, my max distance is around 16000m, but I do believe that it is lacking in content. There is only one location and there are no boss fights. You can encounter Ultra Violet and Mr. E, but they play like the rest of the thugs.

The game is available for both Android and iOS.

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Ninjago City Collaborative Display

The Brothers Brick, a well known LEGO news/reviews blog, has prepared quite a surprise for all Ninjago fans visiting BrickCon. Their collaborative build, this year, will be Ninjago City theme. That’s amazing! And we’re not even at the best part yet. All readers of their blog are invited to participate. They’ve prepared extensive specifications on how to participate, leaving nothing to chance.


You know my stance on Ninjago City (best set ever). I’m also a huge supporter of collaborative builds – I spearheaded a few in my RLUG, so I believe this is a wonderful idea. If you can, participate. If you’re visiting BrickCon this year, which is held October 4th – 7th, in Seattle Center do take pictures (and videos) and send them over!

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