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Sky Pirate Armada

Weirdly enough most official Sky Pirates sets, as well as MOCs, have nothing to do with ships – boats at best. There are plenty of robots, dragons, robot-dragons, rockets and the like. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that finding this amazing creation(s) was a breath of fresh air for me. It was made by Markus Ronge, whose expertise, and passion, are, in fact, nautical models so this creation fits his style perfectly.

"Full Steam" S. 1/ Ep. 4 "The Last Raid Of The Sky Pirates"

Perhaps it’s not immediately obvious, but this MOC is actually the builder’s take on Misfortune’s Keep. The color scheme is a giveaway, but it’s mostly the engines. In any case, you’ve seen the photo (check out the rest too) which means you know why I love this. Mostly it’s the creative parts usage (do notice the brick separator sails!), but also the fact that the ship takes inspiration from so many other Ninjago sets. Primarily the general shape of Destiny’s Bounty (the Movie version), incorporating the twin dragon heads at the bow.

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Ninjago: Hunted Dragon Cam

Ninjago: Hunted Dragon Cam

A few days ago LEGO stealth-released a new promotional website for Ninjago: Hunted. It features a “live” camera showing the natural behaviour of Dragons. It’s a very good idea, but I cannot help but feel it could’ve been executed better. You be the judge:

To me it looks like the sequences have been made using stop motion animation. There are several different ones and various characters have cameo appearances.

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After you get struck by lighting, there’s Thunder!

Did anybody get reference? Anyway… VIC-Thunder, build by the incredibly talented Chokolat Shadow, while technically not a Ninjago MOC, is an amazing mecha, worthy of all our awe, due to it’s share awesomeness. So, why is it featured on BrickSamurai then? Well, by author’s own admission, it’s based on Jay’s Lightning Jet (the best Ninjago vehicle set, in my opinion), which he just had to turn into a mech.


This build is so sleek – and as you know by now, I love sleek builds. It’s bird-like features fit the theme so perfectly. The colors really blend well in this MOC. I don’t know whether it was intentional or not, but the added color palette matches Nya’s old colors. Judging by the number of visible balljoints and pins I’d say the mech is very poseable. And just when you thought that this build has nothing more to it, you find out it can transform into a (lightning) jet.

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Ninjago Villains and Their Motives – Part 1

Welcome to ‘Ninjago Villains and Their Motives’ series, spearheaded by the talented and very-well informed Jared. This is his second guest post, but it won’t be his last.

Villains: the essential antithesis to heroes, the opposite force that brings drama to the stories we love. No action adventure story is without its antagonists, and Ninjago is certainly no exception. Not all villains are created equal, however. Often what distinguishes a villain from their peers is their motivation. Essentially, what makes the villain a villain-the why behind what they do-can make them an utterly compelling character or a total bore.

With season nine wrapped up, it seems a good time to go back and look at our various villains and see what it is that makes them tick. A couple disclaimers: first, what is expressed here is my opinion. Second, I have watched only a handful of season eight episodes and no season nine episodes, so much of my information on characters who star in them is secondhand. With that in mind, let’s get into the analysis.


Villains of Ninjago - Garmadon
The original Ninjago overarching villain, and arguably one of the most complex characters in the entire series. The oldest son of the First Spinjitzu Master, Garmadon was “consumed by darkness” according to the pilot. Later seasons revealed this darkness to be a combination of Great Devourer venom and Garmadon’s Oni nature. This heritage from his father was apparently awakened by the evil snake’s bite, though it didn’t take full effect until his banishment to the Underworld.

Whatever the nature of Garmadon and his younger brother Wu’s relationship originally, this dark infection caused resentment and jealousy to grow within Garmadon’s heart. At least in his eyes, their brotherhood became a competition, not only for the love of their father but, eventually, for the love of the same woman. However, at least for a time, Garmadon was still swayed by his nobler emotions, as evidenced by the fact that he didn’t rebel against his father. Furthermore, though she would later express some regret at the decision in Garmadon’s darkest moments, Misako did choose him over Wu.

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LEGO Reports That Ninjago is One of Best Selling Themes in 2018

LEGO has released an earnings report for first half of 2018, revealing the fact that Ninjago is one of it’s 4 top selling themes. It stands shoulder to shoulder with Technic, Classic and Creator. You can find more details in the infographic below:

LEGO 2018 H1 Results Infographics

I hope that this shuts down the rampart rumors of Ninjago’s demise due to lackluster sales. I also hope this means another Ninjago modular! Who’s with me?

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