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IDEAS – Temple of Hermit

This is a first. Usually, I stay away from IDEAS (and similar platforms) because my “likes” are far from the mainstream – at least the amongst AFOL community. Case in point: Ninjago. It’d much rather have Warcraft, Zelda (or gaming in general) and/or Anime themed sets than those that ended up being chosen so far. Not to mention that historically these themes have gotten very little support.

Having said that, last week I saw a build, on Instagram, that sparked my interest. I looked it up and it turned out to be made for IDEAS. After a bit more analysis I ended supporting it – my first supported project in months – Temple of Hermit by Lafornia. It’s, naturally, related to Ninjago (and it’s not even a stretch). It’s a beautifully designed pagoda.

Temple of Hermit by Lafornia

The build itself has many things going for it – an amazing color combination, interesting techniques and great visuals. It’s two main parts are the pagoda itself, and a small(ish) living quarters. The interior of the pagoda, unlike its exterior, has five floors – matching actual Japanese pagodas. The lower roofs use simple, yet effective techniques with hinges and clips. They should be stable but I worry about the ease of building those with actual bricks. The upper roof, however, seems to lay of bars that go through headlight bricks alone and I can’t imagine it being that stable. I’m sure the author will address these issues/concerns in the future.

If you like this build I urge you to convince at least two friends to support it. Also convince them to convince two of their friends to support it. And so on. With quadratic progression this project will reach the goal of 10000 supporters in no time.

What is your opinion? Should we write about Ninjago/Asian themed LEGO IDEAS projects from time to time?

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We’ll Build Our Own Pagoda

I might’ve mentioned once or twice (or quite a few more times) that my favorite Ninjago set is 70620 – Ninjago City. And why wouldn’t it be? It has stunning visuals, and was built wit expandability in mind. Heck, even LEGO released an expansion for it 70657 – Ninjago City Docks. It’s only natural, then, that builders, like Galaktek, would also imagine, and build, their own expansions for it. Quite stunning ones at that.

Ninjago City: Pagoda Park

What a great bundle of ideas! Every time I look at it I find something new. It’s packed with details. I love the pagoda that either has a secret exit or a cleverly designed sewage. The technique used to build the lanterns of the pagoda is just superb. My favorite part of the build is the partially submerged submarine – it’s genius. A close second is the eel stand, the sign is so cute. And, for the life of me, I cannot figure out what’s going on with ‘Jade’.

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BrickSamurai at ‘Invasion of Giants’ Exhibition

Weekend before last, I went to a wedding in Zagreb, Croatia. I was in luck because, in addition to having good fun and great food, at the same time Europe’s “largest traveling LEGO exhibition” was held there. Whether it truly is – I cannot say, it’s the first “traveling” LEGO exhibition I’ve ever been to, but it certainly was big. Not the largest one I’ve been to though. It had many unique displays, including life-sized statues of famous people. Naturally, whole sections(ish) were dedicated to Ninjago.

Ninjago Display @ 'Invasion of Giants' Exhibition Continue reading →

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Ninjago: Hunted, episode 94 – semi-review

As they say “better late than never”, here comes the last review for Ninjago’s Hunted season. This review, as the title suggests, focuses on episode 94, ‘Green Destiny’, whose title seems to be a reference to the sequel of ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon‘. In any case, it’s the finale of season and it wraps up several plot lines quite nicely, while opening new ones for the season(s) to come. Spoilers start now, so stop reading if you dislike those.

Still from Ninjago Hunted Episode 94

The episode starts of exactly where the last one stopped – with Lloyd, Nya and Dareth being surrounded by Sons of Garmadon, but the dragon riding vikings, I mean ninja, come to their rescue. It’s a heartfelt reunion of dragons breathing their elemental powers at the enemies. I have to admit the scene looked quite cool. However I disliked how docile the dragons seemed once Sons of Garmadon ran off. Wu has a silly moment where he equates himself to power and seems to think himself as being almighty.

The ninja take on Garmadon’s colossus with their dragons, while Lloyd and Wu go face Garmadon. In the meanwhile Dareth impresses Gayle Gossip. Elemental masters, spurred by the return of the ninja, break out of Kryptarium prison. Seems all they lacked was motivation. When Lloyd and Wu reach Garmadon, he attacks and overpowers them, despite the fact that the Firstbourne is on their side. Lloyd, however, manages to gain an edge thanks to the fact that the dragonbone sword can absorb powers, his silver tongue and the fact that Garmadon gets weaker if you choose not to fight back. You read that right. Also, repeating “I cannot fight you, but I can resist you” seems to help a lot as well. Not only with defeating Garmadon but also with letting Lloyd regain his power.

Meanwhile, the ninja are having a hard time with the colossus. Mostly because it’s too big and they didn’t bring enough chains to subdue it. Kai heroically jumps on it, trying to fuse all the chains with his power. It works, for a while, but in the end the colossus breaks free. As it does, Wu comes riding in and saves the day. As the colossus falls to the ground, it loses it’s power due to the fact that Garmadon is defeated at the same time.

As Garmadon kneels defeated he gives a somber warning – there is a great evil that threatens Ninjago, and only his power can keep it at bay. He’s unwilling to say who or what this great evil is exactly (I, like Lloyd, suspect the Onii). Not to worry though, I’m sure Lloyd can “resist” them as well. Skylor’s curse is also lifted. In the aftermath of Garmadon’s defeat, Sons of Garmadon are arrested and the ninja help rebuild Ninjago. While they’re cleaning up the Royal Palace, now old, Wu tells them there’s trouble outside. All is well however, because it’s all a ruse and the inhabitants of Ninjago throw them a party to show how grateful they are.

The episode ends with all the Dragons returning to the First Realm, but Wu hints they’ll return when they are needed.

I mostly liked the episode. But, the final showdown of the Garmadon family had some truly lazy writing in it. It should’ve been handled much, much better. What are your thoughts?

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First Look at Ninjago 2019 Sets

For several months now, there have been rumors that LEGO will re-release some of the older Ninjago sets in 2019. I never gave them too much credit, but it seems there might be some merit to them after all. With the latest update of Ride Ninja has added a few vehicles, which seem to be modified versions of Zane’s Snowmobile from 9445 – Fangpyre Truck Ambush and the motorcycle from 9441 – Kai’s Blade Cycle. These two vehicles strongly hint that these two sets will be remade in one way or another.

New version of Zane's Snowmobile

New version of Kai's Blade Cycle

Zane’s Snowmobile definitely looked cooler (easy pun) with the transparent rock parts, but the inclusion of dragon sword handles almost makes up for it. As for Kai’s Blade Cycle, I prefer the new version to the old one. It looks much leaner and more streamlined.

What do you think of the fact that LEGO is re-releasing older sets in 2019? I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more new versions of older sets and whether they tie to the show somehow.

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