30531 – Sons of Garmadon polybag – official images

First images of Ninjago 2018 polybags are beginning to pop up, this time of 30531 – Sons of Garmadon. The polybag contains an unknown* Son of Garmadon and his motorcycle. The scene reminds me a lot of Akira (go watch it if you haven’t!), which makes sense, since we know that it was one of the inspirations for the 8th season. In my opinion, the polybag looks great for its size, and even comes with two red katanas! The best part? It’s already available for purchase!

30531 – Sons of Garmadon

30531 - Sons of Garmadon

30531 - Sons of Garmadon

30531 - Sons of Garmadon

This is only the latest Ninjago 2018, Sons of Garmadon, set revealed, you can find the rest here.

* if someone has info regarding this minifig, please share!


Of the Sons of Garmadon featured in the other sets, he seems to most closely resemble Skip Vicious, though the box art pics we have are admittedly a bit small to make out clearly.

You could be right, maybe just a different expression printed?

Well, Brickset has some clearer minfig pictures, and the image they have of Skip Vicious for Sons of Garmadon headquarters is identical to the one they have for Luke Cunningham in the Katana VII set…I’m confused.

It is strange, now that you point it out! Perhaps they’re twins?

Possibly-the fact that Nails and Maroon Chopper so closely resemble each other is similarly puzzling.

I agree, although it could be just because of the face paint. We’ll have to wait until somebody reveals the backprint of the head to know whether Nails grew taller 😀

Indeed…I want season eight so badly right now.

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