30532 – Turbo polybag (Sons of Garmadon) revealed

Another Sons of Garmadon polybag has been revealed, thanks to BrickSet. The polybag itself comes with a go-kart styled vehicle and Lloyd in his (black) Wu Cru uniform. The vehicle is a tad bigger than Mighty Micros, but is definitely done in a similar style. No words yet on when or how this polybag will be obtainable.

30532 – Turbo

30532 - Turbo polybag

If you’re interested in seeing how this set is build – the instructions are already available. This is only the second polybag officially revealed, the first being 30531 – Sons of Garmadon, so they’re sure to be more.


So…are all the ninja going to get white AND black Wu-Cru uniforms? Or is this just another case of Lloyd favoritism?

Well, we already know that Jay and Cole are getting this uniform in their respective pods. It’ll be interesting to see whether Zane will get one this time! 😀

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