30547 – Dragon Hunter Polybag – review

A few weeks ago we wrote about a brand new Ninjago polybag. I quickly called it my new favorite polybag, so you can imagine how ecstatic I was when I found it (or actually my girlfriend did – not really sure how I missed it) at a kiosk! It was my first time seeing a LEGO polybag bundled with a regular newspaper. Apparently, in Romania, it’s quite common since I saw several different polybags included with different issues of newspapers. In any case, I still find it quite strange, but I’ll have to be on the lookout for these bundles in the future. Just for reference, here’s how it looked like:

30547 - Dragon Hunter - bundle

The packaging

The packaging is quite standard – nothing stands out. The front shows a dragon being attacked by a dragon hunter. The scene itself looks quite nice and well put together. The position of the dragon hides its, in my opinion, flaw quite well. The back shows all the legal stuff LEGO is obliged to put there.

30547 - Dragon Hunter - packaging

The parts

Considering this is a polybag, the selection of parts is quite nice. It comes with two 1×2 rounded plates, which are a new part, three nexo swords in two different colors, quit a few ballpoints and, my personal favorite, the white boomerang piece. Naturally, there are many more pieces included, but these are my favorites.

30547 - Dragon Hunter - parts

The build

Ah, yes, the build. It’s everything I imagined it would be! The dragon itself is done very organically and fluidly and it can very easily represent a living creature in a bigger build. Shape of the front legs is done via 2×2 corner plates. While they do look nice, it’s a shame they’re not more articulated. Hind legs use 1×1 round hollow plates, 1×2 rounded plates and 1L bars with clip in order to make them more bulky and natural looking. It’s a technique I’m sure I’ll use. The head is also done marvelously, although not quite up to LEGO “standards” since the slopes on the sites are only attached to the 1×1 round tiles and then slanted. I’ve also mentioned one flaw – it’s the body’s bulkiness. To me, it doesn’t go well with the rest of the build. However, I’m quite certain LEGO won’t be making 1×2 plates with 2 ball joins for quite a while, so it can’t be really helped.

30547 - Dragon Hunter - build

The minifigure

I’m not really impressed with the minifigure. It’s quite plain. I don’t have any of the other dragon hunter minifigures so I can’t really compare them, but I assume they all use the same colors and motifs. The minifigure’s printing somewhat reminds me of Barnyard Commandos, one of my favorite cartoons growing up, so it’s a nice nostalgia trip if nothing else.

30547 - Dragon Hunter - minifigure


Overall, I’m quite satisfied with this polybag. The build itself it very nice and also comes with a villain minifigure. It’s both my first Ninjago: Hunted set and an additional dragon in my dragon collection so I’m quite fond of it.

What are your thoughts?


Yeah, nothing too exciting; the minifigure is essentially Muzzle or Skullbreaker with Jungle Garmadon’s hat and no shoulder armor. The dragon’s about what you’d expect for a polybag, but it is nice. It’ll be interesting to see whether a Ninja or ally polybag will be forthcoming.

Indeed – minifigure is, like usual, a revamp of others. I’m hopeful that we will get more dragon polybags!

Any news on this being available in the UK?

Sadly, no news at the moment. Ebay/Bricklink seems to be the best way to get it right now.

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