70620 – Ninjago City Designer Video

Ninjago City, the very first Ninjago modular, was revealed almost two months ago and it was high time LEGO published a designer video for this masterpiece:

The set itself is quite stunning and packed with details! I just love how almost every room is whole by itself (and detachable) and how they turned the whole presentation into a small story. I, for one, was quite pleased to finally find out what was the purpose of the hat and mustache in that outdoor toilet.

I’ve had the pleasure of personally meeting some of the designers of Ninjago City, some of whom are actually doing the presentation – all incredible guys. I’ve even had the pleasure of meeting Nemanja:

70620 - Ninjago City Designer Video - Nemanja

(sign on the shirt states “Nemanja” – when translated from ‘Ninjagonese’)

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