70656 – Garmadon, Garmadon, GARMADON! – Official Images

Apparently, Japan is getting the second wave of Ninjago Movie sets earlier than the rest of the world. While your initial emotion might be hellish fury, this time it simple means we get official images before, well, LEGO official releases them.

70656 – Garmadon, Garmadon, GARMADON! – €79.99

This set was actually revealed at San Diego Comic Con, way back in July, but these are the first official images. It features Garmadon’s Shark Mech, as well as a hotdog stand. The set has 6 minifigures, Lloyd, Garmadon, two Fish Army villains as well as two civilians, which are a nice addition. One of the civilians is wearing a Hot Dog suit, an old fan favorite, and the other is a girl wearing braces, which I believe is the first for LEGO.

70656 - Garmadon, Garmadon, GARMADON! - box art

70656 - Garmadon, Garmadon, GARMADON!

In Europe, this set will be available starting from December 1st. It is, however, expected to be a Toys’R’Us exclusive, so do not expect to see it in the 2018 catalog. If you wish to see other Ninjago sets coming out at the same time you can do so here.

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