70657 – Ninjago City Docks – Official Images

The day has finally arrived – we have official images of Ninjago City’s 2018* expansion – 70657 – Ninjago City Docks set. More than that, the set is already available for purchase in Billund’s LEGOLAND, so we also have high quality pictures of the back of the box, as well as of the minifigure lineup.

*yes, I’m hoping for more

70657 – Ninjago City Docks

70657 - Ninjago City Docks - box

70657 - Ninjago City Docks - back

Image taken from zusammengebaut.com

70657 - Ninjago City Docks - minifigures

Image taken from zusammengebaut.com

I’ll be honest, it’s not everything I wished for – but they can always fix the omissions in the next expansion! I mean, they really didn’t do the fan-service minifigures properly. Mystake looks nothing like Mistaké from the TV show, Dareth and Lil’ Nelson are wearing reused Wu Cru uniforms – that’s just lazy. And not Narwhal fish-villain! A wasted opportunity. Cole’s new clothes look nice though. The rest of the minifigures are just filler, but it’s always nice getting non-screaming Ninjago Movie civilians. (hopefully those that do have screaming faces have normal alternatives)

I’m not thrilled about the look of the set either, but at least it looks like it will connect to Ninjago City quite nicely. Front of the building looks quite plain – compared to Ninjago City. It does look, however, that it has some interesting roof and window building techniques so I’m quite looking forward to those. I’ll just have to wait and see this set in person to give my final judgement.

70657 – Ninjago City Docks is set to be widely available this June and will cost €229.99.


Still hoping for Ninjago High, I’m guessing? There are certainly quite a few minifigures yet to come out-the Narwhal Soldier, the rest of Garmadon’s IT nerds, the Fuschia Ninja…

Yeah, the way they’ve handled minifigures for the Lego Ninjago Movie sets has been rather odd; I don’t get the mixture between random filler/minor movie characters and TV series characters of varying accuracy. The Wu-Cru reuse is a bit disappointing, though if I remember rightly Misako’s torso from Ninjago City has been in like ten different sets from various lines, including the random minifigure Claire from the Temple of Airjitzu. Dareth almost looks like a legitimate marshal artist, Lil Nelson’s outfit is all wrong (he’s the PURPLE ninja for crying out loud), and Mystake indeed doesn’t look quite right. Hopefully if they do another expansion they can fix that or give us some better figs.

Ninjago High would be awesome! (if it included the bus) I’m not hopeful though. I agree, we’re still missing quite a few minifigures – the ones you mentioned are “top” priority. But I’d also like to see Garma Mecha Man and Green Ninja Mech Dragon from the videogame.

Yep, and it’s not like it’s a cheap set either… Nelson and Dareth are fixable – we’ve already had them as minifigures, but I don’t think Mistaké’s head piece can be replaced with some other that more like her in the TV show.

By the by, can you read the name of the minifigure on the far left? Using flickr and zooming in I can make out everybody’s name but that one; I think it starts with an R but beyond that it’s pretty blurred together.

It’s Runje I believe. Maybe Runje, Runde and Runme are somehow related?

Lego video games are both amazing and cruel; oftentimes they feature a number of well-designed minifigs that never end up getting produced physically. Honestly, the fact that Mystake is getting A minifigure is nice; a tad unfortunate that they decided to depart from her animated series incarnation so much.

Yes 😀 And the game made me so hopeful that we will be getting another wave of Ninjago Movie CMFs – there were many models in there that would’ve been perfect as collectibles.

Yeah, the CMF series seem to be kind of hit and miss; people either love them or hate them. I think another Ninjago Movie series isn’t out of the question, depending on how popular the first one was; personally I think the main Ninjago line could use a couple, as I believe you’ve expressed interest in before. Sadly, I think in many cases a lot of nonphysical minifigures are doomed to remain as such, whether because their themes don’t last long enough for them all to be produced or because other characters take priority/are easier to produce. This set’s lineup seems like a clear case in point: we got another Puffer soldier from the Shark Army, which meant no new pieces had to be made so far as I know, as opposed to the all-new headpiece required for the Narwal soldier.

Looking at Bricklink data, Ninjago Movie CMF seems to be doing alright, a bit better than Batman Movie CMFs (first wave) in fact. So, as you say, there might still be hope!

Yeah, I do understand that LEGO is in fact a company and it does need to make money – all I’m saying that I would’ve been fine with paying a bit more just to get that guy!

I’m sure you would have been, but I’m guessing-at least at this point-that Lego doesn’t think it’s worth the effort, particularly if we’re not going to see too many more Ninjago Movie sets/figures coming out.

Yeah, it seems like the docks are the last set for Ninjago Movie. Which is a shame – most, if not all, well except Vulcano lair, were quite exceptional.

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