A Healthy Ghost in a Healthy Shell

Any fans of Ghost in the Shell out there? No, I’m not talking about the movie. I was introduced to this fantastic franchise due to my love of Studio Ghibli and my wish to see all movies made by them (they actually co-produced GitS: Innocence). Anyway – back to the topic. Every March, Think Tanks, a Flickr group that focuses on GitS tanks/walkers/rollers, hosts a month-long building challenge called Marchikoma. This year Anthony Wilson decided to enter the challenge with a Ninjago inspired walker, and we’re eternally grateful!


What a beauty! It’s immediately obvious that this MOC is very poseable, just like all LEGO walkers should be. The legs are done especially well, looking so random yet thought out, mostly due to their complexity, with feet? wheels? done by using SNOT techniques for a striking effect. The same techniques were used to build the head, with the central, gray part actually being offset by about half a stud, starting a kind of a flow and giving shape to it, which is nicely continued into the LBG part of the head. Colors were clearly inspired by Tournament of Elements/Possession Samurai X (and perhaps Ronin R.E.X). A very adequate inspiration – the author clearly knew what he was doing.

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