AFOL 2018 exhibition of RLUG “Skockani”

If you recall, last year, I wrote about my RLUG’s first international exhibition – more specifically about my contributions there. It’s hard to believe that almost a year has passed since then. This year’s exhibition was even larger and better than the last one – mostly owning to us learning from our mistakes. I’m certain that next year will be even better. Just like last year, my contributions had a lot of Ninjago references in them but, sadly, no Ninjago diorama this year.

Skockani AFOL exhibition - logo

Logo of Skockani AFOL exhibition

Setup began on Friday, which gave us plenty of time to do it properly. Of course, we stayed until early in the morning to make sure everything was ready for the opening. The exhibition itself started pretty low key – from 10am to 6pm the exhibition was closed for visitors and only AFOLs were allowed in. This is something I strongly suggest other exhibition organizers incorporate as well. It truly gives a wholly different experience to the exhibitor, making it a lot more relaxed.

Winter Village @ Skockani AFOL exhibition

Winter Village – one of the displays at Skockani AFOL exhibition

During Saturday many different events, competitions and presentations were held. Yours truly even managed to win one of the competitions (speed building). This was the first for me so I felt quite proud. The venue was open to the public at 6pm and after weathering the rush of visitors we had a well deserved break in the form of a AFOL dinner. During dinner we were given small gifts, which included the obligatory 1×8 white event brick with the first image of this post printed on it. I like getting these and I’m quite happy that we decided to have them this year.

The last official AFOL day was Sunday. We had a really nice tour organized around the town – we learn a lot about the history of the town where the exhibition was held – Sremska Mitrovica. We even visited the well-preserved ruins of Sirmium (ancient Roman city). The rest of the day was quite relaxed so we had a lot of time to talk, mostly about the various displays since most of them were build for this exhibition specifically. In the evening our guests picked up their displays and we brought in replacements.

Micro Temple of Airjitzu @ Skockani AFOL exhibition

Micro Temple of Airjitzu – part of Silly Town (Micropolis) – built by yours truly

The exhibition itself lasted for another week, but there weren’t any AFOL events, but rather playrooms, competitions and other events for the visitors. Like last year, I had a really nice time participating in the exhibition. Hopefully, we will organize it every year and, maybe, some of our readers will join us as well.

Lastly, I’d also like to brag a little bit about one of my builds, I’m immensely proud that I was able to pull it off, but I am certain that you will enjoy it as well:

Moving micro train

Moving micro train – part of Silly Town

It’s a moving micro train! Any ideas how to make it more “Ninjago”?

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