AFOL exhibition of RLUG “Skockani”

In June, my RLUG had its first international LEGO exhibition. Coincidentally, it was also one of our biggest exhibitions ever. Another first for me was the fact that I had four tables just for a Ninjago display. Rather than exhibiting just my sets, like I usually do when I’m exhibiting my LEGO Ninjago sets, I’ve decided to create a terrain for them, as well as a little story that goes along with it.

RLUG "Skockani" exhibition - Ninjago diorama

For this particular display I’ve decided to go with the “Possession” theme and the display includes all sets that were released in it (with some extras). The idea is that Morro is trying to take over the Temple of Airjitzu and he has brought his entire army to help him. The ninja are giving them a run for their money though and nothing has been decided yet! Master Wu’s on his dragon circling the pagoda and trying to stove off Morro until the ninjas arrive.

RLUG "Skockani" exhibition - Ninjago diorama

What I’m particularly proud of in this display is how it feels “alive” and how (in my opinion) the scene properly culminates in the Temple of Airjitzu, which was always my intent. Other than that, I’m glad I was able to present all the ninjas in some kind of action. Kai’s airjitzu-ing off the Destiny’s bounty. Lloyds trying to push back wraiths of the board. Zane’s going neck to neck with the corrupted Samurai X Mech. Jay’s intercepting the Chain Cycle with his lightning cannon. Cole’s jumping of his Rock Roader in his RX form. Nya’s watching the scene from the Samurai X Cave, giving commands, unaware that the cave has been compromised. All in all an action packed display!

RLUG "Skockani" exhibition - Ninjago diorama

Other than the Possession themed sets the display includes a (motorized!) Samurai Cave X, Rock Roader, as well as the Light House Siege sets. I’ve mostly added these because they’re a few of my favorite Ninjago sets, but also because they went incredibly well with the rest of the sets and the display. I’ll have to try and include Ninjago City next time as well!

If you’re interested in seeing the rest of the displays head on over to the RLUG Skockani’s official Flickr gallery.

What are your thoughts on the display? Would’ve you done anything differently?


AWESOME. put it on lego ideas

Thank you! I’m afraid it would never pass the review!

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