An Expansion Worthy of Our Awe

Ninjago City is definitely my favorite set that I own. In fact, I consider it to be the best LEGO set ever released. I cannot wait for the Ninjago Docks expansion to be released. Apparently, neither can Keith Fisher. Unable to control his urges, he made an expansion of his own. One that adds 3 more baseplates!

Ninjago City harbour

What a hodgepodge of different styles and ideas! I love it! From the amusement park-like store on the top to the small shops at the bottom. Lots and lots of original part usage and ideas are incorporated from top to bottom. The clown’s hair is made from two bushes and the eyebrows are two bamboo sprouts! Ingenious! The author has made me aware that this part actually comes from a set. I don’t follow other themes that much so I wasn’t aware. Sorry about that! The burger joint and the laundromat really add additional flare to the whole MOC with all the details that have been put into them. Another big, big plus for me is the fact that the builder incorporated other Ninjago Movie sets really well (try to find them all!), but also minifigures from the TV show. I think that this expansion really captures the “feel” of the original set. The best part is that, according to the author, it was built with Ninjago Docks in mind. Massive kudos to the author – can’t wait for the pictures with the “official” docks.


Well, I can see Lady Iron Dragon, TV series Misako, Ultra Violet from SoG, Dareth, and a few other Minifigures from other sets floating around.

I’m, actually, most impressed by the addition of Asia-styled CMFs! (as I actually collected them) If you squint your eyes just right (or go to the author’s album to see more pictures) you’ll “notice” that Ninjago City Chase is also there, for example.

Having looked at the album, I think my favorite addition has to be Volcano Garmadon with the Flashback Garmadon hairpiece.

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