Another Sons of Garmadon thug revealed

LEGO Ninjago Magazine no 35 has revealed another Sons of Garmadon member. His name is Scooter and [joke] is definitely based on Lily’s ex-boyfriend [/joke]. He gets to where he needs to be with his red skates, so it seems that you don’t actually have to have a motorcycle to be in the Sons of Garmadon after all! The minifigure will come with the next installment of Ninjago Magazine.

LEGO Ninjago Magazine 35 - Scooter teaser

Credit for the picture goes to TopTradingCards.

This is the second Sons of Garmadon that is exclusive to the Ninjago Magazine. Although, this one seems a bit less exclusive than Sawyer. The minifigure seems to be identical to the one coming in the 30531 polybag. The only differences are the roller-skates and the holder for katanas.


Scooter…so why doesn’t he come with a scooter? Anyway, I’m going to guess that he and the Sons of Garmadon polybag figure are the same person…unless we’ve got another Luke Cunningham/Skip Vicious or Chopper Maroon/Nails situation going on. Are the Sons of Garmadon specifically trying to recruit (near) identical twins?

Maybe the scooter will come as an exclusive in the next foil pack? 😀 I think they’re trying to recruit whoever has the most parts available in LEGO’s storage…

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