Best Things Come in Small Packages

There something amazing in seeing one of your favorite sets get minified (microfied?), especially if it’s done well. Such is definetly the case with brickwebster‘s rendition of the Movie’s version of Destiny’s Bounty. Most of the detail is preserved, making it an excellent built as well as a faithful one.

Destiny's Bounty - Microscale

I’m thoroughly amazed how well the minification was done on this set. All of the details are there like the dragon heads, the bumpers, the rudder and so on – but the plants. And I’m not sure how those could be added effectively. Maybe just represented with plates? In any case, this MOC is definitely something I’d like to have in my collection. Once I obtain LEGO Ideas 21313 – Ship in a Bottle set I’ll have to replace the ship inside with something similar.


That truly is impressive-definitely recognizable despite the change in scale.

It definitely is!

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