Bus Fit for a Serpentine King

As you, I’m certain, all recall one of the main powers of the antagonists of the first season of Ninjago is the ability to animate all kinds of vehicles. It was even one of the main “gimmicks” of the theme’s second wave. In the wave we got a lot of serpentine-ified vehicles, like a car, a motorcycle, a walker, a helicopter and even a crane with a wrecking ball! There was even a prototype of a train at some point. Of course, the TV show had one more vehicle, so if you wanted to complete the collection, you’d have to make it yourself. That’s exactly what JCNM did.

Lego Ninjago Serpentine Snake Bus MOC

The source of inspiration is quite obvious – it’s the serpentine bus that Lloyd snuck onto. It’s not a perfect likeness, but an artist is always allowed a little bit of leeway. It, however, is a pretty good representation and even, in some ways, better than the original. The scales (horns?) on top of the build are excellent and much more interesting than in the cartoon. What I miss is the serpent eyes. If you wish, you can visit JCNM’s album dedicated to this MOC in order to see progress pictures.


Oh, the bus; can’t believe I forgot about the bus. Of course, there’s a number of vehicles from the show that have never been made into sets. There’s the train you mentioned (although in the show it was more of a really long bus), a few Stone Army vehicles, Garmadon’s four-armed mech, the paddle boats, the Mr. Chen’s Noodle Trucks. I’m probably forgetting a few too.

Yeah, there are a lot of them that never were made into sets. The only one I truly regret not being made into a set is Chen’s Steamboat.

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