Ninjago creations from builders from all around the world.

Home is Where the Bowl Is

On my private Flickr account I try to follow as many builders that use original and interesting techniques as possible. You could say they’re people I look up to (and am most definitely not low-key stalking them). In any case, it brings me great joy when I see any of them adding a Ninjago-themed build to their gallery. So, when I saw Jme Wheeler, some time ago, adding a few of such builds, I jumped at the opportunity of sharing one with you guys. Back then I really struggled deciding which vignette to cover first. In the end I decided to go with the one that had the most pizzazz (which is not a made up word!). Now is the time I share do one I consider to have the best techniques.


First and foremost, let me get something out of my chest – I love how this build oozes the style of a traditional Asian house. It really takes me back to the time I visited Japan (and can’t wait to visit again!). How is this achieved then? Three parts – the decoration, the floor and the windows. The lanterns are done especially well, but the technique is not immediately obvious. Luckily for us – the author has taken the time to explain it: they’re made with two “flower pot” pieces, two 2×2 dishes and one 4L bar running through them. While the technique behind the windows is much more obvious, it is no less impressive! It uses tap parts to evoke the look and feel of a window screen. Simply marvelous.

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An Expansion Worthy of Our Awe

Ninjago City is definitely my favorite set that I own. In fact, I consider it to be the best LEGO set ever released. I cannot wait for the Ninjago Docks expansion to be released. Apparently, neither can Keith Fisher. Unable to control his urges, he made an expansion of his own. One that adds 3 more baseplates!

Ninjago City harbour

What a hodgepodge of different styles and ideas! I love it! From the amusement park-like store on the top to the small shops at the bottom. Lots and lots of original part usage and ideas are incorporated from top to bottom. The clown’s hair is made from two bushes and the eyebrows are two bamboo sprouts! Ingenious! The author has made me aware that this part actually comes from a set. I don’t follow other themes that much so I wasn’t aware. Sorry about that! The burger joint and the laundromat really add additional flare to the whole MOC with all the details that have been put into them. Another big, big plus for me is the fact that the builder incorporated other Ninjago Movie sets really well (try to find them all!), but also minifigures from the TV show. I think that this expansion really captures the “feel” of the original set. The best part is that, according to the author, it was built with Ninjago Docks in mind. Massive kudos to the author – can’t wait for the pictures with the “official” docks.

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This Nightcrawler Was Actually a Caterpillar

If you’ve been following BrickSamurai, you know by now that I’m a sucker for alt builds! And why wouldn’t I be? That’s exactly (more or less) what LEGO is all about. Letting you imagination go wild. Milan, a veteran alt model builder from Czechia, must have the same opinion as he is never satisfied with building a set just once. Or following instructions. Let’s see how he reimagined 70641 – Ninja Nightcrawler.

Geckopter & X-Trike LEGO Ninjago 70641 Alternate MOC

This alt model was so well done that I didn’t notice it that it was in fact an alt at first glance. It wasn’t until I saw the dragon stickers that I started adding two and two together. The model is incredibly well build and very sleek. It reminds me of 9443 – Rattlecopter, which is why, for me at least, this was a blast from the past – it was one of my first Ninjago sets in general. Just like an actual LEGO model, this alt comes with many play features. The cockpit’s windshield is mobile, so minifigures can be added or removed easily. The Ninja can stash their weapons in the rear section of the fuselage. Both rotors move when you turn the gear on the side. And that’s not all! There’s actually an instruction video, should you choose to build it by yourself. Brilliant, just brilliant.

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Even Villains Fall for Puppy Eyes

Ever since I saw this MOC I’ve been itching to share it with you guys. It’s so damn cute. Also, quite different than usual Ninjago mechs. Actually, quite different that most mechs I’ve seen. In any case, this wonderful MOC was built by the very talented aido k, a builder from Australia.

Fire Mech (70615) Alternate Build

What an amazing idea! Taking a badass mech like 70615 – Fire Mech and turning it into an adorable (but deadly) puppy. I bet it takes incredible skill imagining something and then building it with limited tools and medium. And yet, this creation looks perfect. And the legs bend in the knee! Huge improvement over the original. For those interested, instructions are available on Brixtar, a social network for LEGO fans.

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Tiny Temple for Tiny Worshipers

Our favorite brick turns 60 this year. To honor this momentous occasion BrickSet is holding a competition in which the goal is to make a micro version of your favorite set. Naturally, all of the sets are Ninjago related – they all represent something that Ninjago’s owning company has made. Genecyst, a talented builder from Japan, went even a step further and made a micro version of an actual Ninjago set!

70505 Ninjago Temple of Light

I have to say that the set this build is based on is instantly recognizable – it’s 70505 – Temple of Light. All the important parts of the build are there and some clever tricks were used by the builder in order to save space. The central column is of the same thickens as the other ones, yet in center thanks to smart offsetting via a jumper plate. Window frames were used to represent columns to a wonderful effect. The only gripe I have with this build is that the roof pillars are black instead of dark red. But that’s just me being picky. In any case, this build is magnificent and I can honestly recommend that you check out rest of genecyst’s LEGO creations – if for nothing else then just to see One Piece themed ones!

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Sometimes, a Ninja Needs to Get There Yesterday

Speeders – one of the most elegant building genres that LEGO has to offer. One of the first builds I did, when I got out of the dark ages, was in fact a speeder! I also love checking out speeder-themed challenges and competitions, of which there is plenty about. And that’s actually how I noticed this great build by Marcin Grabowski. Although, in the picture that was submitted for the contest it can be clearly seen that Emmet has stolen the sweet sweet ride.

LSB 2018 - Motorway Maintenance

This speeder does indeed look very sweet. I love how irregular and bulky it looks like. So many parts at so many angles, I love it! The builder obviously intended this to be a utility speeder, but I cannot help but imagine it as a jungle explorer – it reminds me of 70755 – Jungle Raider, one of my favorite Ninjago vehicles. It’s obviously based on Lloyd’s glider from Misfortune’s Keep however – which is not a bad thing to be based of.

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Best Things Come in Small Packages

There something amazing in seeing one of your favorite sets get minified (microfied?), especially if it’s done well. Such is definetly the case with brickwebster‘s rendition of the Movie’s version of Destiny’s Bounty. Most of the detail is preserved, making it an excellent built as well as a faithful one.

Destiny's Bounty - Microscale

I’m thoroughly amazed how well the minification was done on this set. All of the details are there like the dragon heads, the bumpers, the rudder and so on – but the plants. And I’m not sure how those could be added effectively. Maybe just represented with plates? In any case, this MOC is definitely something I’d like to have in my collection. Once I obtain LEGO Ideas 21313 – Ship in a Bottle set I’ll have to replace the ship inside with something similar.

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Massive Star Destroyer

This is a guest post done by Ninja Brick. This is our first guest post so all comments and suggestions are more than welcome.

MOCs are quite awesome in and of themselves. They show how much creativity and care a LEGO enthusiast can have. We’ve seen massive Endor forests, realistic representations of real-world monuments and buildings, and much more.

Today, we at Ninja Brick will be talking about this unique ISD Tyrant MOC.

This Massive Star Destroyer LEGO MOC Has 3 Levels

LEGO is something that encourages creativity and imagination by default. Star Wars is also a franchise that invites a lot of creative works, due to its popularity and imaginative settings. It’s no wonder that LEGO has several different sets in the Star Wars theme, from ships such as the Millennium Falcon, settings and minifigures, and even Advent Calendars.

But some people see in it an inspiration to take matters to the next level. This is the case of user Doomhandle (also known online as Raskolnikov), who built this massive version of the ISD Tyrant. It’s big enough it can hold ships and has three levels, different environments and a lot of detail.

This MOC took over 20,000 pieces to build, and the whole thing is amazing to look at. You can see the care taken to produce this piece, which has a detailed exterior, back and underside. The whole ensemble is 1.40 m and weighs 32kg. Most of the pieces came from UCS Star Destroyer sets (LEGO 75055).

You can check the full thing in this video:

Exterior appearance

The ISD Tyrant is an Imperial II-class Star DestroyerThe Tyrant herself was part of Darth Vader’s Death Squadron and appeared in the Empire Strikes Back film.

This MOC is a lot larger than the official LEGO UCS version of the same ship. It’s also entirely LEGO, no third-party or other pieces used except for LED lights and some strings. The whole thing took a year to build, and no actual LEGO sets worked as a reference for the appearance or design. Which is interesting, considering how realistic (and alike the LEGO version) it looks. Here’s a size comparison between LEGO’s 2014 UCS Star Destroyer set and Doomhandle’s MOC.

My LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer: the ISD Tyrant

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Student Should Always Surpass the Master

There’s something about discovering young and upcoming builders. And that’s precisely what I believe I did with Matt Hew. He might not have a lot of creations in his portfolio, but each one is a superb.

Student V.S. Master

Truly, an example that creative builders don’t need a lot of bricks to dazzle. The build is nicely layered, with each layer neatly representing different terrain and foliage. The arena itself is build using one of the more interesting way of building detailed floors. The action scene itself is build with much care – I can’t figure out how Cole is floating!

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Ramen is More Than a Cheap Cup of Noodles

Not a MOC presentation, strictly speaking, but a beautiful piece of art nonetheless! I was awestruck when I saw it, and knew you would be too – so I decided to share it. The creator is legomeee, a true LEGO photography wizard.


The colors and lighting in this piece are just perfect. Not to mention the overall scene. Everything ties so well together. The street, the little pupper, the bicycles in the back. It really looks like small markets I saw in Asia. Looking at it all, I really don’t believe I’ve ever seen a LEGO scene look so much like real life. Now, excuse me for a moment, I need to find me some ramen.

P.S. Looks like Lloyd has let himself go.

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