Ninjago creations from builders from all around the world.

This Mecha R.E.X. has no Bones to Pick

It’s time for another trip down the memory lane. This time, however, only to about a year ago. It’s a piece by a brilliant mech-builder chubbybots, whose work we already wrote about. It’s one of hist first Ninjago MOCs and yet it looks amazing – making me think that he was born with bricks in his hands. Judging but the builder’s enthusiasm for the brick, we won’t stop writing about him anytime soon.

Ronin mecha rex01

Just like any other chubbybots’ mecha build, this one is built with great care and attention to details. It’s immediately noticeable that this mech has great techniques hidden in almost every part. The head especially so. It has parts going in every direction and angle. I haven’t got the slightest clue how the upper jaw was attached to the rest of the head. The legs and, feet in particular, look great – flexible and sturdy. Base of the cannons is also intriguing – they’re standing still but also have arms coming out of them at angles. One cannot help but to wonder how!? Not surprisingly, in addition to all these great techniques and details, the color scheme matches Ronin perfectly.

Like always, chubbybots has made a video with instructions available at his channel.

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Out with the new, in with the old

Our last featured MOC really reminded me of an old MOC I saw years ago. They’re both very peaceful and are both focused on Wu. Thankfully, I was able to dig it up and present it here for you to enjoy:

The World Has Changed, Sensei 03

It’s a bit unexpected, isn’t it? Has a quite different flavor than “usual” Ninjago creations. It was created more than five years ago, by Aliencat!, a true master builder, who you probably know. The build has a great, almost prophetic (considering how Wu is now displaced in time), duality to it, that only a few builders manage to create. More a piece of art than a toy, it employs complex techniques to a wonderful effect in order to display the decadence of current times. For some reason it reminds me of the samurai and the Satsuma Rebellion.

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Out for a stroll with a dragon

As you all know by now – I’m quite the sucker for scenes packed with details. It’s understandable then why I’m so stricken by tankm‘s creation –
Master Wu Dragon Park:

Master Wu Dragon Park

I just love how normal this scene looks like. Everybody’s enjoying themselves unaware, or perhaps, unconcerned that a dragon is right in front of them. The build’s main feature is, of course, the dragon – perking his head out of his cave, but it sports many other fine details as well. The gazebo’s colors blend quite well, making it pleasant to the eyes. Beside these, immediately noticeable, parts of the build is completed by a brilliantly built sakura tree (notice how not all grass pieces are actually connected to the tree) and a masterfully crafted lamppost – obviously inspired by Ninjago.

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To be Young Wu and in Love

All of us, Ninjago fans, love seeing flashbacks of Master Wu’s youth. We’d also love to get young Wu in minifigure form. The same is true for Vincent, who just couldn’t wait for LEGO to release one, so he made his own:

Once Upon A Time.. (15)

Wow, what a beast of a build! Clearly more inspired by historical themes and Asian aesthetics than Ninjago ones, this build shows that Ninjago mixes well with anything. In addition to its significant size, it has some amazing techniques and clever use of parts. It uses 1×1 round tiles for a great effect on the roof, as well as the new Ninjago fence parts for the doors and windows. All in all a great build, that tells a great story, which is something you don’t often see in MOCs.

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Walk Softly and Carry a Bunch of Bricks

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. It’s so rare seeing large Ninjago builds that I always get exited when I see one. Sometimes, it’s just a bunch of sets brought together (guilty as charged) and sometimes it is a magnificent build with a lot of creativity, details, action and Easter eggs. The later is definitely the case with this work of Anton, an Indonesia-based builder:

NINJAGO United Tower

I take my hat off to Anton, he gas truly done something wonderful here. This moc is a great combination of Asian and Gothic aesthetics, which you don’t often see together. It is packed with very nice techniques for asia-styled roofs and windows, as well as an amazing choice of colors. It even has lightning installed, is there anything that the builder didn’t think of? While the building and it’s base are definitely the main features of this MOC, it also has two excellent mechs, not displayed in this shot. The build has a lot of details so I urge you to take a look at the closeup shots available in Anton’s gallery.

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Samurai X – The Dragon Slayer

I’ve always admired builders who use Bionicle and/or Technic parts in their build. I myself don’t own that many of these, so, naturally, I don’t use them. That, and, oh, because I suck at using them! It’s clear that it’s a mixture of awe and envy for me. The same is true for D.Niel‘s dragon slaying Nya, the Samurai Girl, made out of a combination of Bionicle, Technic and even System parts.

NYA the Samurai Girl

When I first saw the build I was taken aback by how fluid and feminine it looked like. It was a sharp contrast to the scene that was unfolding – a samurai slaying a Dragon. The build makes me feel like the future Samurai X Mech should also be more feminine (and also include a dragon!). The part usage is beyond me in this one, so I feel that shouldn’t comment too much. However, do take a good look at the calves (and the tire use), the thighs and haidate (thigh guards).

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To Ambush is to Ninja

Some builds look good when seen from a certain angle. Some look good from almost any side, but one. Then, there are builds, like this one, that look truly wonderful, no matter which angle you look at them.


I love this build! It’s zen, yet intense, mysterious yet revealing. A true ode to ninja and Japan. It features five different ‘parts’ and each tells a different story. Wu is meditating, Lloyd is inspecting his mech dragon, Kai and Nya are traning, (a clone of) Lloyd is getting ready to fight Garmadon, Cole is getting ready to fight (mega) Garmadon and the front is … well, you just have to see! This build truly cannot be represented with only one picture so I suggest you go and look at the whole album.

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I guess Garmadon really needed a Boost

LEGO Boost Garmadon

I’ve recently acquired a LEGO Boost set. It’s loads of fun! I admit, I’ve yet to complete all the different builds – I’ve made only two. I do, however, have ideas on how to use the ‘move hub’ in magical ways! I guess other people do too:

I love how silly this build is! I mean, just look at Garmadon’s face! Ok, I admit, the build is kinda wobbly and not at all functional, but it’s loads of fun. And that’s what LEGO’s all about – fun. I’m sure in the future people at BrickVault will improve this build and then it will be ready to conquer Ninjago City!

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Where Master Wu goes to drink Serenitea

I bet you wondered where Wu goes whenever he “dies” in the Movie. To his secret hideout of course, which¬†Lysander Chau has faithfully reproduced in glorious brick form.

The Ninjago Movie - Master Wu's secret hideout

To me this build looks like an old, mountain, temple was transported and put on a high tech, futuristic (or even magical) oil rig. In essence, a dualism presented as a beautiful blend of old and new. And the dragon is just a cherry on top.

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Do Ninja Dream of Mech Dragons?

You might’ve noticed that the set version of Lloyd’s Mech Dragon looks a bit different than the Movie version. It most likely does not bother you, since the set is awesome anyway. Well, not Jared! He set out to make the most Movie-accurate version possible with the parts LEGO has actually produced.

LEGO Ninjago Movie Green Mech Dragon

Wow. I’m lost for words. It’s so hard to pick a single point to start with. Let’s start with the color then. Where did he get that many sand green parts!? Must’ve cost a small fortune. Great parts usage all around, many different angles for elements, antistuds next to studs, it makes you wonder just how the frame looks like. I especially love all the spikes, since they make me reminiscence about the Ultra Dragon. Hopefully we also get instructions for the Movie version, but until then we have this amazing MOC to gawk at.

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