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After you get struck by lighting, there’s Thunder!

Did anybody get reference? Anyway… VIC-Thunder, build by the incredibly talented Chokolat Shadow, while technically not a Ninjago MOC, is an amazing mecha, worthy of all our awe, due to it’s share awesomeness. So, why is it featured on BrickSamurai then? Well, by author’s own admission, it’s based on Jay’s Lightning Jet (the best Ninjago vehicle set, in my opinion), which he just had to turn into a mech.


This build is so sleek – and as you know by now, I love sleek builds. It’s bird-like features fit the theme so perfectly. The colors really blend well in this MOC. I don’t know whether it was intentional or not, but the added color palette matches Nya’s old colors. Judging by the number of visible balljoints and pins I’d say the mech is very poseable. And just when you thought that this build has nothing more to it, you find out it can transform into a (lightning) jet.

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Sanctum of Inner Piece

That’s right, there’s a pun in the title! *puts his bad joke hat down* Ninjago, in my opinion, does not get enough buildings as official sets. Luckily for us, there are people like Rollon Smith, who help ease the pain. This particular creation of his even includes a detailed terrain – something you don’t often see in official sets.

Snake Samouraï Temple

This build is just so full of small details! And so many printed/sticker-ified pieces and, interestingly enough, some parts you don’t come across that often anymore. Like the pieces used to build the windows of the temple. The surrounding walls have a really nice motifs, made out of old snake parts. But beyond all that, the main reason I like this build so much is that it tells a story. The characters look alive and are included superbly. I especially like the guy harvesting rice? cutting reeds? I guess it’s up to the viewer’s interpretation. Like all art should be.

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Seafood Always Tastes Best When It’s Floating

Who says people of Ninjago near water – they live in the sky too! Ninjago City is, first and foremost, a technological wonder so, naturally, it also has a floating part. And, it seems that de-marco, a skilled builder who prefers minifigure scale, agrees with me. Here’s his vision of a small part of such a floating city.

AirCity - Seafood shop

Man, I love that fish! Easily, my favorite part of the build. It’s build brilliantly and, for the life of me, I cannot figure out how. Naturally, the rest of the build is magnificent as well. As a whole, it’s packed with many details and interesting techniques. They really tie up the whole piece together. The various approaches to the roofs, which I always like to see, give the build’s style a somewhat alien, yet familiar feeling of the lower layers of Ninjago City. If I had to sum it all up in one word – I’d definitely use ‘superb’.

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Thunderbird has Many Storms to Bring

Some time ago we wrote about Milan‘s brilliant work, making an alternative build for 70641 – Ninja Nightcrawler. Now he’s at it again, making an even more impressive (regardless of how impossible it may seem) alternative build for 70652 – Stormbringer. I guess he moonlights as a master alchemist-transmuter.

Jay's Thunderbird - LEGO Ninjago Stormbringer 70652 Alternate MOC

Wow, is it just me or does this setup work much better than the Stormbringer? To me, the head/eyes combination definitely looks more natural this way. The Thunderbird is quite poseable, as evidenced by this video, quite a bit more than what you’d expect in a LEGO set. There is articulation in almost every part and the wings are even retractable! Beyond that, the build looks quite good and there is only one thing I would change: I’d add the lightning pieces – I love those! Daddy No Legs gets his own mech in this alternative build, so he can’t complain.

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You Meet the Sawerman Only Once

I remember seeing this piece a long time ago, on ArtifexCreation’s Youtube channel. They used to commission Ninjago builds and then make review videos of them – naturally I frequented them a lot. I, once more, came across this MOC while I was looking for images of the stone army. It was created by the very talented Jerac, whose builds, I’m sure, you saw before.

Stone Army "Sawerman"

Right of the bat you can tell that this is no mech to mess with. It looks so menacing. The torso and shoulders are built quite interestingly with marts going in many directions. I wouldn’t call the techniques use them quite LEGO approved, but the end effect is quite striking. Their combination looks a lot like a scorpion as well, bringing the whole build to a completely new level. The builder did a wonderful job and deserves our praise. If you’re wondering how this MOC was build, you can find out by watching this video.

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Bus Fit for a Serpentine King

As you, I’m certain, all recall one of the main powers of the antagonists of the first season of Ninjago is the ability to animate all kinds of vehicles. It was even one of the main “gimmicks” of the theme’s second wave. In the wave we got a lot of serpentine-ified vehicles, like a car, a motorcycle, a walker, a helicopter and even a crane with a wrecking ball! There was even a prototype of a train at some point. Of course, the TV show had one more vehicle, so if you wanted to complete the collection, you’d have to make it yourself. That’s exactly what JCNM did.

Lego Ninjago Serpentine Snake Bus MOC

The source of inspiration is quite obvious – it’s the serpentine bus that Lloyd snuck onto. It’s not a perfect likeness, but an artist is always allowed a little bit of leeway. It, however, is a pretty good representation and even, in some ways, better than the original. The scales (horns?) on top of the build are excellent and much more interesting than in the cartoon. What I miss is the serpent eyes. If you wish, you can visit JCNM’s album dedicated to this MOC in order to see progress pictures.

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It’s Ramen Time All the Time

I’m very grateful for Ninjago City and its Docks expansion. As I’ve said on many occasions, they great sets. But not only that, they’ve inspired so many builders. Perhaps more than any other Ninjago sets before. One such inspiration led to this wonderful piece by the talented SpaceBrick, an upcoming, in my opinion, LEGO MOC-ing star.

Ramen&Sushi Bar

This build, just like its inspiration is full of interesting techniques and uses of bricks. The use of the ladders in the bar is phenomenal and I will most certainly use it. Although, to me, it looks like it needs to be half a stud smaller. The use of different types of modified plates with holes for pins in the roof gives it a nice and unique look and feel. And I feel like I have to mention that leaving the studs in the windows visible really adds texture to them. All in all it’s a great build that seems to fit perfectly into that Ninjago City collaboration we wrote about a few weeks ago.

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Bailong the Heavenly Snake

Some builders make their builds so well, so organic that you cannot help but imagine them being alive, moving. Yet, no matter how vividly we see them moving in our mind they never will. Unless they’re made by J Bonn. Then it’s definitely not only in your mind.

old ninjago -26

I know what you must be thinking: Sure, it’s an awesome build – but it’s not moving. Guess again. This modern wonder not only moves, but it perfectly emulates a (low) flying dragon! I’m in love. It’s even built so well that it’s hard to tell it’s actually a train. In my opinion, only the tracks give it away. The dragon itself is a part of a larger Ninjago-themed display so make sure you give it a look.

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A Blast from the Past

Today I have a special treat for everybody: one the very first Ninjago MOCs posted online. Probably the oldest one that is still available (if you can, do prove me wrong!). It was created by Cade Roster even before the pilot episodes aired in the US. It imagines an action packed skeleton-ninja-bike chase.


The scene, understandably, does not look much like modern Ninjago. The figs, the colors and the shapes are all “wrong”. Nonetheless, it’s instantly recognizable. And, perhaps more importantly, it screams anime! (there are literally some screaming anime faces in the scene). I’m not going to lie, it’s totally tubular! Yep, it’s that old.

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What if Yang Discovered a Shrinking Ray

I’m currently researching different micro builds for a display that I am making with a colleague from my RLUG and that’s why I turned to minimalbrick whose minification work I’ve known beforehand. I knew that his usual scale was a bit bigger than I’m currently working with, but I was sure I could find some interesting techniques in his gallery. I’m glad I did, because I was able to see this beauty:

mini Temple of Airjitzu

This is one of the best, if not the best, minification of Temple of Airjitzu I’ve ever seen and one of the better minifications in general, especially in microfig scale. It preserves the look, and the spirit of the original beautifully. I especially like how the stairs are handled, it’s not easy curving parts in such limited space. Huge kudos to the author. My favorite detail of the build is definitely the fishing rods, they’re so cute! The only thing missing is the red arches from the bridge, but otherwise this build is perfect. The author actually added these in his brickbuilt model!

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