Ninjago creations from builders from all around the world.

It sure is lively in Ninjago City

I’ve always loved seeing people use CMFs in their builds. Whether it’s just one or a bunch of them it’s nice seeing them in a set-like environment. It reinforces the feeling that they’re just like any other LEGO minifigures and not just for collecting. Rollon Smith did just that with his small, but great, Ninjago Movie minifigures display.

Ninjago City SuburbThe builder managed to squeeze in almost half of the initial Ninjago Movie CMF line, yet the build does not feel crowded. The colors, and feel, matches perfectly with the rest of the sets. I can easily see myself using something like this to display my minifigures. It looks a little tall for the official display case, but some adjustments can always be made.

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Zane’s homecoming

I have to admit, I have a special place in my heart for all MOC with snowy landscapes. I don’t build them often myself, but I do feel like they’re more mysterious than those without it. The moment I saw Kai NRG/Geneva‘s MOC I was so lost in the landscape that I just barely realized it was a Ninjago based MOC! It’s based on the scene where Zane fights the robot that’s protecting his father’s hideout. Do you remember that one?

Tree Basement

Snow on top of the rocks is done excellently and with some great part usage the snow really seems like it will overtake all any moment. On top of that (some pun intended) the birch trees are executed elegantly using black pins and white hoses, a part which I’ve never actually held in my hand. Pins I’ve got. In addition to great techniques the build offers a surprise. Just like in the show, there is a hidden room beneath the snow – the room where Zane was created.

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The LEGO Ninjago Movie vignette – Shark Army Angler

It’s always fun to see what talented builders can make when they limit themselves to certain dimensions. This is also the case with the beautiful the LEGO Ninjago Movie vignettes Jme Wheeler created. The builder focused on creating interesting environments for some of the minifigures available in the LEGO Ninjago Movie Collectable Minifigures series. The vignettes themselves look incredible, however, the one pictured here really stands out:

Shark Army Angler

It’s amazing how the builder made the Shark Army thug look powerful by simply adding bricks (albeit thoughtfully placed) to the background. The angler fish itself is masterfully built, especially the lower jaw, which uses a flexible hose part for the curved effect. If you wish to see more of the vignettes you can check them out Jme Wheeler’s dedicated album on Flickr.

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Ninjago Temple, a room in The Silly House

As I already wrote my RLUG hosted an exhibition this June. In addition to all the other exhibits we’ve also build our first club collaborative build – the silly house. The idea was that anybody can contribute to the build by making one or more rooms. Almost all the club members participated and it was one of the visitor’s favorites.

As you’ve probably guessed my contribution ended up being a Ninjago themed room. On the good side it features all the original ninja in their gis, Sensei Wu and young Lloyd. The villains this time are the skeleton army.

Silly House - Ninjago Room

It’s built up out of two sections, temple’s yard and the temple itself. The temple’s yard is where the action is concentrated. The ninja are fighting the skeleton army using the golden weapons. Kai’s toasting Frakjaw with the Sword of Fire. Jay’s using spinjitzu to fight off Chopov and Krazi at the same time! Zane’s taking care of Nuckal with his Shuriken of Ice. Finally, Cole’s kicking out Samukai out of the temple by using his Scythe of Quakes as a stand.

Silly House - Ninjago Room, temple entrance

Inside of the temple paints a completely different picture. Sensei Wu is sipping his tea peacefully, while Lloyd is training. They know that the ninja will easily handle the invaders and have decided just to ignore them. The walls are decorated with painted glass pieces, which, I feel, really add depth to the piece.

Silly House - Ninjago Room, temple interior

If you liked the MOC, you can find more pictures in my personal Flickr gallery.

In the future I plan on expanding these rooms with an entrance to the temple’s yard. It will contain a classical Asian busy street, thankfully the Ninjago Movie sets have plenty of Asian themed minifigs. The temple itself will also be expanded, most likely with another room with a statue of the First Spinjitzu Master and a basement that will double as the hideout of Samurai X/Nya. Is there anything that you would like to see included?

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Ninja training at the shrine

Ever since I’ve been to Japan I’ve been in love with Japanese/Asian architecture. The trip even made me like Ninjago even more. Knowing this makes it obvious why seeing this creation made me so happy. It’s rare to see Ninjago MOCs that skip the fantastical and just keep to the classical, and this one does it beautifully.

Pagoda Full Scene

The MOC itself was built (and won first place!) for a Ninjago competition hosted by Cactus Brick LUG. It takes cues from Shinto shrines and delivers a stunning scene featuring the ninja. The main piece, of course, is the Pagoda itself. It’s surrounded by the training grounds and a park, complete with a lake, bridge, shrine gate (torii) and even a cherry tree.

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Garmadon’s Restaurant Ambush

It seems that Garmadon has abandoned his evil ways and decided to open a restaurant! The ninja, of course, are not buying it and they’ve come to check out the situation personally. The henchmen are having their meals, unaware of the danger that is slowly approaching.

Garmadon's Restaurant Ambush

It’s always nice seeing a new spin(jitzu) on something you like. Somehow the author managed to make this Ninjago MOC feel like it popped out of Naruto, a show I grew up with. It brought back some happy memories. Other than the Naruto vibe, I love it how all the ninja are incorporated, some in gis, some in training outfits, some in casual clothes. The lights are used to a beautiful effect – making this MOC really come to life. Is it just me or would this be a perfect addition to Ninjago City?

The scene was made by Henry Gouw, an Indonesian builder. If you want to see more pictures of this creation you can do so here.

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Lloyd’s Shinryu Dragon Mech

When chubbybots saw the LEGO Ninjago Movie 70612 Mech Dragon set he didn’t just see the Dragon being built step by step. He imagined all the possibilities and, like a true master builder, turned one model into something entirely different. Based on Shinryu, a mech that appears in the popular Evangelion franchise, it is an excellent alternative built, worthy of our admiration:

Lloyd’s Shinryu Dragon Mech

Parts are used incredibly well, with some great techniques used, especially in the head. I just love how the lower chin is used as a tail and the upper part as the base of Lloyd’s seat! It really creates a good flow. Golden bananas are used as shoulder guards, which was a great idea because you just can’t pass up a chance to use golden bananas in a build!

Overall, the MOC is quite well built, pleasant to the eye and highly posable – which all mechs should be. I recommend you check out the rest of the images as well. If you want to know how the MOC was build you can check out the build video on the author’s YouTube channel.

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It doesn’t pay to be in the Sky Pirates

I have to admit – ever since I saw this MOC on brothers-brick I’ve been in love with it. It would seem it’s already too late for the Sky Pirates since Wu’s Dragon has already torn off one of their engines and Lloyd is preparing to board. Do note the (I assume) frantic Monkey Wrench trying to stove off the dragon from the crow’s nest.

White Dragon attack Sky Pirate

The colors used in this build are exquisite and well in line with official Ninjago sets and the thunder clouds are a magnificent addition.

After some digging around I’ve found out that this MOC was actually built for a contest over at pockyland (? If some reader has more info on this website do let me know – they seem very interesting). There are many more great Ninjago themed MOCs in this competition so head on over and check them out.

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