Continue the Chase – Rebrick Contest Winners

In March, LEGO hosted ‘Continue the Chase’ contest on its Rebrick platform. I tried to enter the contest, with my stellar, first ever, stop motion video, but I was disqualified, because the entry wasn’t long enough – which it was (the minimum was 15 seconds). However, I didn’t stand a chance anyway so no harm done. In any case, the contest has ended, and the winners have been announced!

Continue the Chase – Rebrick Contest Winners

There were many brilliant entries, but there are only so many spots at the top! I have to admit, most of these were my favorite ones, so the judges did a great job – or at least they have a similar taste in esthetics as I do. All joking aside, these truly are a league above most other entries so these are well deserved. Congratulations to all the winners! I hope that you will share pictures with us of those sweet sweet prizes!

Best Brickfilm Winner

Best Stunt Winner

Viewer’s Choice Winner

Funniest Moment Winner

Best Fight Scene Winner

Which one was your favorite?


Best stunt was pretty awesome; that Mr. E beast MOC was impressive, as was Zane’s bike transforming into the Titanium Ninja Tumbler. So did the contest specify using the Street Race of Snake Jaguar set, or did all the winners just gravitate to that one?

Yes they were, I was quite surprised when I first saw it! Did not expect a video of that quality in the contest. My favorite, however, is ‘Jay wins A Mr.E Prize’ – the story is kind of lacking but the stop-motion part of it was executed extremely well.

I think most people used that set because it was in the last scene of the brickfilm whose’s continuation was the goal of this contest. Not to mention it is on the cheap side.

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