Day of the Departed

Day of the Departed - Lanterns

As most of you know Day of the Departed is a holiday celebrated by the people of Ninjago every October 29th. On this day they light lanterns to commemorate those who are no longer with them, but also make certain that they spend time with the people they cherish, like friends and family. Also, on this day, once every 3721 years the rare and mysterious Yin-Yang Eclipse occurs. During the eclipse the reality-warping Yin Blade can be used to open the Rift of Return. Subsequently, this rift can be used by the denizens of the Departed Realm to once more join the world of the living.

The Departed Realm, one of the sixteen realms (now fourteen), is where most of the souls of the people who have died go. Until recently, cursed souls would go to the Cursed Realm, however that all changed when Nya destroyed the Preeminent, the embodiment of the Cursed Realm. When the realm was destroyed all its denizens were transported to the Departed Realm, and, henceforth, all cursed souls go to it. Also, since all realms have a sister realm that shares the same destiny, the destruction of the Cursed Realm also meant the destruction of Djinjago, the realm of the Djinn.

The Rift of Return is not the only method of returning to Ninjago from the Departed Realm. There are many others, like Resurrectea, Magic, a Djinn’s Wish and so on. Strangely enough the First Spinjitzu Master was never able to connect the Realm Crystal to the Departed Realm, so it cannot be used to go there, or from there. However, unlike the Rift of Return, these methods would not revive a person, but rather let them roam Ninjago as ghosts or skeletons. The only known ghost to have ever returned, via the rift, to the land of the living is, of course, Cole.

Of course, the Ninja also celebrate the Day of the Departed, which is evident in the special episode with the same title. They visit they family, reminiscence about the people they’ve lost (or think that they have) and strengthen the bonds between themselves. Day of the Departed takes inspiration from many actual holidays, like Halloween, All Saints’ Day, All Souls’ Day, Dia de los Muertos, Lantern Festivals, Memorial Day and others. Truly, it is a holiday for all Ninjago fans, regardless of nation or faith, to come together.

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