It doesn’t pay to be in the Sky Pirates

I have to admit – ever since I saw this MOC on brothers-brick I’ve been in love with it. It would seem it’s already too late for the Sky Pirates since Wu’s Dragon has already torn off one of their engines and Lloyd is preparing to board. Do note the (I assume) frantic Monkey Wrench trying to stove off the dragon from the crow’s nest.

White Dragon attack Sky Pirate

The colors used in this build are exquisite and well in line with official Ninjago sets and the thunder clouds are a magnificent addition.

After some digging around I’ve found out that this MOC was actually built for a contest over at pockyland (? If some reader has more info on this website do let me know – they seem very interesting). There are many more great Ninjago themed MOCs in this competition so head on over and check them out.


Ah Pockyland is actually a Taiwan based Lego Group…not too sure if they are a lug. Currently they are having a Ninjago Mech competition ^^

They seem to have a lot of members then. I’m amazed!

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