Dressed up like a Shogun

There are many, many mech in Ninjago sets. In fact, they’re one of the defining elements of Ninjago. Most of these are, just like all vehicles in Ninjago, oversized when compared to minifigs. There are, of course, some exceptions but they almost always come as a afterthought in sets that focus on something else entirely. That’s why it’s nice to see there are Ninjago fans out there who keep the size of their mech humble, but do not skip on details.

Fire Emperor Samukai

Built by Exetrius, a builder who does wonders with minifigs and minifig scale, this mech proves that in fact you do not need to go big to do great. Dubbed ‘Fire Emperor Samukai’, it uses fire and (mostly) red pieces to produce a regal feel. The best part? It made a skeleton look like an shogun ready for an epic showdown. Not everybody can do that.

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