Exclusive Ninjago Minifigures at Toys’R’Us

I’m currently on a road trip in Europe, which means I get to visit all kinds of different toy stores. Especially aisles with LEGO! Today I was lucky enough to go to a Toys’R’Us in Austria and saw this beauty:

Exclusive Ninjago minifigures at Toys'R'Us

It looks like that from 25.09. to 01.10. exclusive Ninjago minifigs will be for sale for 14.99. You can also get them for free if you buy any LEGO for more than 40. The box of minifigs includes:

1. White Nindroid! Buy enough of these and you’ll be able to create your own White Nindroid Force.
2. Neuro. The Elemental Master of Mind. I love it that we’re getting another elemental master, hopefully we’ll get all of them eventually. Also, LEGO, give us Gravis already!
3. Krux. Is it just me or does this one look like a simple rehash of existing minifigures?
4. The Golden Ninja. To me it looks like a completely new gi. Maybe this means the Golden Ninja will return next season? Several people on Twitter and Eurobricks mentioned that this is the digiverse version of the Golden Ninja (Golden Techno Kai) and I agree.

To be honest, when I heard that we’ll be getting exclusive Ninjago minifigures at Toys’R’Us I thought that they will be for the movie. However, I was wrong and this is a great surprise! I love these and hope we get more in the future! No Comic-Con exclusives please!

What are your thoughts on these exclusives? If you want to see how the other exclusive minifigures will look like you can do so here.


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Hey, so I must have missed it, but you mentioned Lego already gave us Gravis? What theme/set was that with?

I meant it as they should give us Gravis somewhere already. Unfortunately, Gravis is not available in any set that I know of :/

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Will this be in stores

It will be available in Toys’R’Us stores, starting from the 25th, in Europe. US will, most likely, get these in the last week of October.

I have a dude.
This promotion is for all world or only to Austria?

It’s for Europe. The US will have this promotion in October.

I actually got this from toysrus. In Australia you get if you spend over $75 this ninjago one was available from September 28 to October 3rd then it changes to city etc.

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