The Fold’s Complete Ninjago Discography

As most of you know, The Fold is the band responsible for Ninjago’s iconic intro song – ‘The Weekend Whip’, as well as most other theme songs in the show. The band has already released many of their songs as part of Ninjago soundtrack albums, but ‘The Fold’s Complete Ninjago Discography’ is the first full-length album.

The Fold's Complete Ninjago Discography

The album will come with a CD containing all The Fold songs from Season 1 to Season 7, a special bonus CD as well as a lyric book. The album can already be ordered, from Amazon – if you live in the US, and from The Fold’s Big Cartel store, if you live anywhere else. The album retails for $13.99 for the regular copy and $16.99 for the signed copy, which is quite reasonable.

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