Garmadon’s Restaurant Ambush

It seems that Garmadon has abandoned his evil ways and decided to open a restaurant! The ninja, of course, are not buying it and they’ve come to check out the situation personally. The henchmen are having their meals, unaware of the danger that is slowly approaching.

Garmadon's Restaurant Ambush

It’s always nice seeing a new spin(jitzu) on something you like. Somehow the author managed to make this Ninjago MOC feel like it popped out of Naruto, a show I grew up with. It brought back some happy memories. Other than the Naruto vibe, I love it how all the ninja are incorporated, some in gis, some in training outfits, some in casual clothes. The lights are used to a beautiful effect – making this MOC really come to life. Is it just me or would this be a perfect addition to Ninjago City?

The scene was made by Henry Gouw, an Indonesian builder. If you want to see more pictures of this creation you can do so here.

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