A great diorama is worth more than a thousand episodes

Made as a collaboration between brothers Kai NRG/Geneva and Robert4168/Garmadon this diorama has something for every Ninjago fan. Monastery of Spinjitzu? Check. Mountain of Impossible Heights? Just a few studs shorter than the actual one. Temple of Airjitzu, Ed & Edna’s scrapyard. You name it. Almost all seasons and main characters are represented.

LEGO Ninjago Diorama

I really love seeing complex LEGO dioramas. It goes double if it’s executed nicely, like this one. It goes triple if it is Ninjago themed. The different building, structures and even terrains are joined in such a way that the scene does not feel cluttered at all. Sure, the locations are not that close to each other in the show, but who cares! It’s wonderful seeing these made out of real bricks, since LEGO, most likely, won’t be making them anytime soon.

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