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This is a first. Usually, I stay away from IDEAS (and similar platforms) because my “likes” are far from the mainstream – at least the amongst AFOL community. Case in point: Ninjago. It’d much rather have Warcraft, Zelda (or gaming in general) and/or Anime themed sets than those that ended up being chosen so far. Not to mention that historically these themes have gotten very little support.

Having said that, last week I saw a build, on Instagram, that sparked my interest. I looked it up and it turned out to be made for IDEAS. After a bit more analysis I ended supporting it – my first supported project in months – Temple of Hermit by Lafornia. It’s, naturally, related to Ninjago (and it’s not even a stretch). It’s a beautifully designed pagoda.

Temple of Hermit by Lafornia

The build itself has many things going for it – an amazing color combination, interesting techniques and great visuals. It’s two main parts are the pagoda itself, and a small(ish) living quarters. The interior of the pagoda, unlike its exterior, has five floors – matching actual Japanese pagodas. The lower roofs use simple, yet effective techniques with hinges and clips. They should be stable but I worry about the ease of building those with actual bricks. The upper roof, however, seems to lay of bars that go through headlight bricks alone and I can’t imagine it being that stable. I’m sure the author will address these issues/concerns in the future.

If you like this build I urge you to convince at least two friends to support it. Also convince them to convince two of their friends to support it. And so on. With quadratic progression this project will reach the goal of 10000 supporters in no time.

What is your opinion? Should we write about Ninjago/Asian themed LEGO IDEAS projects from time to time?

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Been awful quiet around here lately…anyone seen the news about the new sets?

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