It’s Ramen Time All the Time

I’m very grateful for Ninjago City and its Docks expansion. As I’ve said on many occasions, they great sets. But not only that, they’ve inspired so many builders. Perhaps more than any other Ninjago sets before. One such inspiration led to this wonderful piece by the talented SpaceBrick, an upcoming, in my opinion, LEGO MOC-ing star.

Ramen&Sushi Bar

This build, just like its inspiration is full of interesting techniques and uses of bricks. The use of the ladders in the bar is phenomenal and I will most certainly use it. Although, to me, it looks like it needs to be half a stud smaller. The use of different types of modified plates with holes for pins in the roof gives it a nice and unique look and feel. And I feel like I have to mention that leaving the studs in the windows visible really adds texture to them. All in all it’s a great build that seems to fit perfectly into that Ninjago City collaboration we wrote about a few weeks ago.

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