Latest Blocks Magazine is full of Ninjago Surprises

The latest Blocks Magazine, featuring an ode to the LEGO Ninjago Movie, released a few days ago. Blocks Magazine is a LEGO magazine that focuses on AFOLs and I, for one, am glad that LEGO decided to use it for promotional purposes. In my eyes this means that LEGO does recognize that there are AFOLs who enjoy the Ninjago theme and that they’re a part of the theme’s success.

Blocks Magazine issue 36

The first thing that gives away the fact that this issue of Blocks Magazine focuses on the Ninjago Movie is the cover. It features a beautiful picture of Lloyd’s Mech Dragon, high above Ninjago City. Most of the content in the issue also revolves around the Ninjago Movie. The main content is:

  • Ninjago Movie crew interview – Dave Franco and Charlie Bean explain how the TV show was adapted to being a full feature film. The pages of the interview are filled with exclusive concept art.
  • Interview with set designers – key designers detail how it was like to work with the movie crew while designing the sets. Ninjago City designers go more in depth explaining the conception and execution of set 70620 – Ninjago City.
  • Reviews of Ninjago Movie sets – since the issue does focus on the Ninjago Movie, it also includes reviews of a good chunk of the main sets. It gives an easy reference when considering buying these. (Hint: you should buy all of them)
  • Ninjago City diorama – the issue also features a build by the very talented Daniel Konstanski. Inspired by the concept art for the movie he created a massive diorama representing Ninjago City. The creation is breathtaking and this alone makes this issue of Blocks Magazine a worthwhile purchase.

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