LEGO Announces Discontinuation of the Ninjago Theme

I’m lost for words… It came so suddenly and without warning. I mean the Movie did not do really well in the box office, but come on! Didn’t the sets do really well? I guess now we know why there was almost no mention of Ninjago in LEGO Group’s annual revenue report. Apparently the mixed up the numbers for Ninjago and Nexo Knights and mistakenly discontinued Nexo Knights. Once they realized their mistake they decided to discontinue Ninjago instead.

Ninjago is being discontinued

I guess this is indeed an end of an era. I could’ve understood if they announced the ending of the TV Show, or the Magazine or some other media format, but the entire theme? That’s just silly. It feels like a joke. You can read the entirety of LEGO Group’s announcement here. But I warn you – tears (and/or heads) may fall.


You know, the fact that Easter fell on April 1st this year is really throwing me off the groove.

Heh, sorry about that!

To be honest, this year I completely forgot about April’s Fool so I had to put together something hastily. I’ll do better next year, I promise! I’ve already started in fact.

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