LEGO Ninjago 2018 Pods – Official Images

It seems that LEGO is will continue tradition of having pods for the Ninjago line. It started with the Ninjago Movie, with Kai’s pod, and will continue with at least two new pods for the 2018 season – ‘Sons of Garmadon’. The first ones to get the pod treatment will be Jay and Cole. They’re both wearing the black variant of the ‘Wu Cru’ training outfit that was available for the Ninjago Movie line. Each will also come with a Kendo helmet that, like Kai’s, is circled with the color that corresponds to its wearer. Again, like Kai’s the pod itself features a lenticular image – alternating between the ninja’s element and his face.

853758 – Jay’s Dojo Pod

853758- Jay's Dojo Pod

853758- Jay's Dojo Pod

853759 – Cole’s Dojo Pod

853759 - Cole's Dojo Pod

853759 - Cole's Dojo Pod

Apparently, these are already available in LEGOLAND California. They retail for $8.99. I expect the price to bit a bit lower, but similar, when these appear on shop@home.


The Lego shop site now has listings and descriptions for most of the Sons of Garmadon sets.

Thanks for the heads up! I’ll try and make a section for the sets this weekend.

No problem. These pods have me wondering if Zane will get a black Wu-Cru outfit, since we’ve already seen Lloyd, Kai, and Nya in white.

Well, he did end up getting the short end of the stick with the white one… All the other ninja had them (Cole and Jay via the magazine). Hopefully Zane will get the black one!

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