LEGO Ninjago 2018 rumored sets

The next Ninjago TV show season for 2018 hasn’t been even properly announced yet but rumors of upcoming sets are already popping up! Many users over at Eurobricks report seeing leaked images of the upcoming 2018 catalog on various social networks so these rumors are most likely true. But, like any other rumor, it should be taken with a grain of salt. The rumored sets are, of course, based off of ‘Sons of Garmadon’ storyline and give off hints of the plot.

LEGO Ninjago 2018 rumored sets

Apparently, this wave will contain six new sets, as well as new spinners. The rumored sets are:

70638 – Katana V11. Apparently it includes Kai, who’s using a boat to fight of one of Sons of Garmadon. It includes at least 2 minifigs.

70639 – Street Race of Snake Jaguar. It should include two motorcycles, Zane, Son of Garmadon, and a bigfig-like brick-built fig.

70640 – S.O.G. Headquarters. A dojo-like building that includes several Sons of Garmadon and Lloyd in a spinner.

70641 – Ninja Nightcrawler. This one looks like to be the same vehicle Lloyd was using in the sneak-peak of Sons of Garmadon. It includes Lloyd, Nya and a Son of Garmadon.

70642 – Clow vs. Samurai X. The set is rumored to include Samurai X riding a mech and a bigfig (most likely Clow), riding a giant motorcycle.

70643 – Temple of Resurrection. It’s rumored to be a temple above a mountain cave, includes at least 7 minifigs (one of which is a baby minifig – presumably Garmadon).

No skipped codes this time, meaning that we will most likely get another wave of Ninjago Movie sets in April 2018.

What are your thoughts on these? I personally hope we get another bigfig in Ninjago – Dogshank is not enough. No matter how the sets end up looking – I will most certainly get them all and try to include them into my Ninjago diorama! Just like any other fan would.

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