LEGO Ninjago 2018 – Sons of Garmadon – Official Box Art

Just last week we had a look at the official images for most of the sets in the first wave of 2018, but we already have more images to gawk at. Not only that, but also our first official look at 70643 – Temple of Resurrection. And, guess what, the baby is indeed still in the set, among other minifigures. Here is the official box art, so do check them out:

70638 – Katana VII

70638 - Katana VII - box art

70639 – Street Race of Snake Jaguar

70639 - Street Race of Snake Jaguar - box art

70640 – Sons of Garmadon Underground

70640 - Sons of Garmadon Underground - box art

70641 – Ninja Nightcrawler

70641 - Ninja Nightcrawler - box art

70642 – Klow vs. Samurai X

70642 - Klow vs. Samurai X - box art

70643 – Temple of Resurrection

70643 - Temple of Resurrection - box art

These look awesome, and I cannot wait for January 2018, when these will be released!


Don’t suppose you’re able to read those names on the boxes? I can only make out one new character name: Luke Cunningham on the Katana VII.

I’m not actually able to disconcert the names on the pictures, however villain names are known:

70638 – Katana VII – Luke Cunningham
70639 – Street Race of Snake Jaguar – Mr. E
70640 – Sons of Garmadon Underground – Ultra Violet, Skip Vicious, Nails (short guy with mohawk), Snake Jaguar (Zane’s undercover name)
70641 – Ninja Nightcrawler – Ultra Violet
70642 – Klow/Killow vs. Samurai X – well, Klow/Killow 😀
70643 – Temple of Resurrection – Mr. E, Chopper Maroon (has mohawk)

Also, two new good guys:

70643 – Temple of Resurrection – Hutchins, Harumi

Thank you kindly Robert!

You’re welcome : )

Flaming bricks

Hi Robert I heard there is places you can buy these sets. Do you know what part of the world these are available at?

Hi! I can’t be too certain about these, but there are rumors on eurobricks that they’re already available in US Toys’R’Us. On the other hand, I saw a couple of people from Malaysia posting pictures of the sets on Twitter and Instagram. Hope that helps you : )

Flaming bricks

Thanks Robert

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