The LEGO Ninjago Movie 2nd wave sets – official images

The LEGO Ninjago Movie is finally hitting the cinemas this week, and LEGO is giving it a promotional boost by releasing images for the second wave of sets. This release includes only fours sets, but we do know more are coming. These will become available this December, and will be included in the 2018 winter catalogue.

70628 – Spinjitzu Masters Lloyd – €9.99

The set looks like a mix of spinners and flyers. It will be interesting to see how LEGO intended us to use these. Of course, other ninja will get their spinners as well. These will, most likely, be revealed closer to December. I like the fact that they’re bringing back the spinners, but dislike the fact that they’re not using exclusive figures in these.
70628 - Spinjitzu Masters Lloyd - box
70628 - Spinjitzu Masters Lloyd

70629 – Piranha Attack – €19.99

70629 - Piranha Attack - box
70629 - Piranha Attack
In this set Kai and Iron Dragon Lady (Misako/Koko) are defending an innocent rickshaw driver from a fish army thug. This is one of two sets to get the Iron Dragon Lady variant of Misako and will, most likely be the cheapest way to get her. I like this set, especially the Piranha mech. However I feel like the rickshaw is to big and could’ve been made smaller.

70631 – Garmadon’s Volcano – €49.99

The set looks nice – I love the fact that we’re getting a villain lair. Ninjago hasn’t had a proper villain lair ever since Garmadon’s Dark Fortress was released. One of the action features will be the ability to catapult minifigs from the volcano. I do feel like the set could’ve been bigger, it is a volcano after all, but beggars can’t be choosers.
70631 - Garmadon’s Volcano - box
70631 - Garmadon’s Volcano

70632 – Quake Mech – €79.99

The set we’ve all been waiting for – Quake Mech! The set is quite impressive, and gives a nice conclusion to the ninja’s mechs. Although great looking, the set, in my opinion, is quite pricey but I will get it nonetheless. It also includes Lady Iron Dragon variant of Misako for some reason (I’ve yet to see the Movie, so they might be truly related in a meaningful way).
70632 - Quake Mech - box
70632 - Quake Mech

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