LEGO Ninjago Movie BrickHeadz

It would seem that we’re able to get a little sneak peak of upcoming LEGO Ninjago Movie BrickHeadz – courtesy of BrickSet. It seems that in the first wave we’ll be getting Master Wu and Lloyd.

41488-1: Master Wu

Ninjago Movie BrickHeadz - 41488-1 - Sensei Wu

41487-1: Lloyd

Ninjago Movie BrickHeadz - 41487-1 - Lloyd

I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of BrickHeadz. I do not own a single one, but I will have to get these! If they’re going to continue making these I hope we get at least one of Garmadon (four arms!), if not the rest of the Ninja. Maybe they’ll even break the mold and make some for the mechs?

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