The LEGO Ninjago Movie McDonald’s toys

As reported by Fast Food Toys the LEGO Ninjago Movie will be coming to McDonald’s in the form of Happy Meal toys. There will be six toys in total and each Happy Meal with one, as usual. As with most other Happy Meal toys these will most likely be sold separately as well, so you don’t have to actually buy the meals to collect these.

The LEGO Ninjago Movie McDonald's Happy Meal toys

The six reported toys are:

Dragon Periscope – A standard periscope shaped like the Mech Dragon
Master Wu Secret Message Kit – a scroll holder that holds several red-white noise papers that hides messages/games written in blue. The messages become visible once looked at through a red glass.
Ninjago Movie Camera Viewer – A camera that allows you to see different Ninjago Movie pictures in a cycle.
Ninjago Movie Selfie Phone – I guess it’s Jay’s phone since it has his selfie on it. The screen’s print is actually lenticular and contains two images. Additionally it contains some stickers in a hidden compartment.
Ninjago Movie Journal – More or less looks like a regular journal, with Ninjago Movie pictures used for the cover. It comes with a pencil.
Ninjago Movie Cup – Like the selfie phone the cup also has lenticular printing and shows the ninja in both casual and battle outfits.

All the toys come with tokens that are used for unlocking games in the McPlay Happy Studio App.

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