LEGO Ninjago movie rumored 2nd wave sets

Just a few days ago we had rumors of upcoming LEGO Ninjago sets for 2018 and now we already have rumors for the next wave of LEGO Ninjago Movie sets. Rumors come from pictures of LEGO Ninjago Movie ‘The Making of the Movie’ book, taken by icefoxstopmotion.

Ninjago Movie 2nd wave sets rumors

The pictures include:

The Volcano Lair – a black-gray-yellow building embedded into a volcano, with lava flowing on one side. It includes two fish villains, one lab tech, Garmadon and Zane. Also includes a freestanding shark.

Ceremonial jade teapot – a cool looking teapot with some symbols on the side. The symbols appear to say ‘TE’ but they’re highly stylized.

Misako (Koko?) in her Lady Iron Dragon outfit – a great looking armor that I hope makes the final cut.

Cole’s Quake Mech – Great looking mech that leaves me wondering how it stands on one wheel. Next to the mech we see a smaller version of it. It’s quite different looking than the one available as a polybag.

Garmadon’s shark-mech – This one looks more or less the same as the one displayed at various fairs.

Miniature mechs – The pictures include Nya’s Waterstrider, Kai’s Fire Mech, Cole’s Quake Mech, and Jay’s Lighting Jet.

Miniature villain vehicles – To me these are the coolest of the bunch. These mostly look like piranhas and weaponized clams.

To be honest, these look quite interesting. Especially the mini builds of the mechs. I am glad that we’re getting one for each. I’m curious to see what those chibi fish villain vehicles will turn out to be, I hope they won’t be simple polybags. The only set out of these I wish was different is the Volcano lair. I’d hoped it would be bigger and with more villains. What are your thoughts on these?

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