LEGO Ninjago Movie Third Wave Rumors

As you’ve probably heard by now, social media and forums are full of rumors about the third wave of sets for the LEGO Ninjago Movie. The fact that we’ll have another wave does not come as a surprise, since we also had three waves of sets for the LEGO Batman Movie. And, honestly, the previous two waves seem to be selling well. What does come as a surprise is that, apparently, the third wave will only consist of one set.

Ninjago City - Docks

Strangely enough, the set will be an expansions for the Ninjago City set! If these rumors are to be believed, the expansion will be Ninjago Docks, priced at $299.99! That’s amazing. Hopefully, we get the only villain we’re missing with this set. The possibility of getting an expansion for, in my opinion, the best LEGO set ever released, has me completely stoked!

Will we get the warehouse were the mechs are stored? Will we get a scaled down version of the Destiny’s Bounty? Will we get this set at all? What are your thoughts?


Well, from what I know of the movie-haven’t seen it and not all that interested-this or a brick-built Meowthra are pretty much all that’s left. All the other big vehicles, mechs, and locations seem to have been hit, unless you want to do something like “Ninjago High School.”

Honestly, I was expecting to see the bus at least… I also expected to see more sets that represent parts of the Uncrossable Jungle. In any case, I’m quite glad that we’re getting an expansion for Ninjago City, but would’ve liked to see more sets.

Yeah, it’s too bad-especially since I’m aware of a number of minifigures/variants from the movie that have yet to be released in physical form.

That as well! Hopefully we do get another CMF wave – like Batman Movie.

Would be nice-would be even nicer if we could get Masters of Spinjitzu CMFs. The rest of the Serpentine War Elemental Masters, Khanjikan, Captain Soto in his pirate threads, Zugu’rai, bathrobe Garmadon…SELIEL.

You had me at bathrobe Garmadon 😀 Let’s just hope the rumors are true and that we will get them in 2018!

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