The LEGO Ninjago Movie vignette – Shark Army Angler

It’s always fun to see what talented builders can make when they limit themselves to certain dimensions. This is also the case with the beautiful the LEGO Ninjago Movie vignettes Jme Wheeler created. The builder focused on creating interesting environments for some of the minifigures available in the LEGO Ninjago Movie Collectable Minifigures series. The vignettes themselves look incredible, however, the one pictured here really stands out:

Shark Army Angler

It’s amazing how the builder made the Shark Army thug look powerful by simply adding bricks (albeit thoughtfully placed) to the background. The angler fish itself is masterfully built, especially the lower jaw, which uses a flexible hose part for the curved effect. If you wish to see more of the vignettes you can check them out Jme Wheeler’s dedicated album on Flickr.

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