LEGO Ninjago Ride Ninja Game

LEGO has released a brand new Ninjago game, called Ride Ninja, and just like the name suggests it plays like an endless runner. The game recreates the events of episode 78, but is more or less spoiler free, mostly due to the fact that the game has no story. In it, you play Zane, trying to escape Sons of Garmadon, while navigating through the busy streets of Ninjago City. In the game you can ride several different bikes, but most of them are hidden behind a paywall. When you level up you get a card that improves Zanes stats and/or powers.

LEGO Ninjago Ride Ninja Game

I’m not a huge fan of endless runners, and this game is no exception. It’s almost exactly the same as all the rest. Admittedly, I’ve not played the game too much – I’m level 12, my max distance is around 16000m, but I do believe that it is lacking in content. There is only one location and there are no boss fights. You can encounter Ultra Violet and Mr. E, but they play like the rest of the thugs.

The game is available for both Android and iOS.


Jared Boyd

Seems pretty disappointing.

So something that struck me about the summer set revelations-I thought the comments for the page were getting a little long-is how our previous fears about Lloyd and Nya were unjustified. Oni Titan ensures that all of the main six Ninja appear in at least two sets in the wave, not counting the Dragon Masters. Speaking of, does it strike you as odd that we’ve gotten no images of the supposed Nya Dragon Master set? I wonder if they had planned on one but cancelled it for some bizarre reason.

It is 😀 I’ve played it for one day only and got bored. I’m not the target demographic though so that’s more or less expected.

I agree – it’s good none of them dies! As for why Nya’s flier was “announced” and then pulled, I have two theories:

1. They realized they made a mistake and cancelled the set for lore reasons – or perhaps the story changed a bit and in the first version Nya was also supposed to visit the first realm.
2. They didn’t actually cancel the set but rather made it retailer exclusive or it was moved to a 2019 release in order not to spoil the story.

Reason no. 1 seems more likely to me.

Jared Boyd

The first theory does seem a bit more likely; it also fits with the fact that the “Spinjitzu Masters” launchers set only have five characters as well, though they had done one for Lloyd with the movie and also gave him one in the Sons of Garmadon wave. I suppose there’s still time for a reveal, but maybe it’ll end up just being an orphaned set number or something.

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