LEGO Ninjago Sons of Garmadon – official trailer

As hinted by Tommy Andreasen, the co-creator of Ninjago, LEGO has revealed the trailer for Ninjago season 8 – Sons of Garmadon. And boy, was it worth the wait! The animation is excellent, we get to see lots of new characters, a joke from Jay, what’s not to love?

The trailer strongly suggest that we’ll be getting Wu back – but it’s something we’ve all known would happen. No other huge reveals – the trailer seems to focus more on action rather than on the story. What we do see is that Harumi’s (the fan favorite princess of Ninjago) parents are still alive and play some role in the show.

What are your thoughts on the trailer?


And the nonphysical Ninjago minifigures just keep racking up…

I am curious to see how the Royal Family works; you’d think if Ninjago had a royal family it would be the descendants of the First Spinjitzu Master. Of course, when I first saw Temple of Resurrection Harumi’s hair had me thinking she was older; for a while I even wondered if she and Hutchins might be Lloyd’s grandparents on his mom’s side or something crazy like that.

Seriously though, awesome trailer-now if only it told us WHEN to expect new episodes!

I’d be really surprised if they decided to add more descendants of the First Spinjitzu Master at this point. I mean, why wouldn’t Wu mention them up to this point… Ninjago, however, isn’t really shy of retcons.

As for the when – it seems that they will air in Australia as soon as 20th January! So – only two more weeks : )

Also, if that is Wu in the present day, makes you wonder how they’re going to address the Hands of Time, Iron Doom, and all the Vermillion snakes.

Simple – time travel 😀

I’m really just curious as to why Harumi’s family is the royal family instead of Lloyd’s-I don’t really think they’re related. I just figure that since the First Spinjitzu Master shaped Ninjago, you’d think his family would be the rulers…at least, that’s what I’d assume. And I think we both know that NOTHING is simple about time travel, especially where Ninjago is concerned. There’s enough villainous loose ends running around Ninjago as it is:

*Pythor is still at large following Day of the Departed.
*Clouse is in the Underworld, potentially giving the Skulkin the leadership they need to become a somewhat credible threat again.
*Nadakhan is trapped in the Teapot of Tyrahn, just waiting for someone to come along and let him out.
*The Sky Pirates are back in Ninjago, presumably in Kryptarium.

Yeah, it is a little bit strange – but the First Spinjitzu Master (and his family), in my mind at least, is a more down-to-earth and self reflecting character. I presume he/they wouldn’t really be interested in “ruling” Ninjago. Maybe Harumi’s family are kind of “stewards” appointed by First Spinjitzu Master?

As for the villains… There are a lot of unanswered questions indeed, I’d add:

* What happened to Chen’s Island
* What happened to Dark Island
* What happened to Overlord (where there’s light there must be shadow)
* What happened to the Time Twins/Vermillion

An interesting thought; of course it’s hard to know anything for certain since we know so little about the First Spinjitzu Master himself. Did he come from another realm, or was he always native to Ninjago and was it only called Ninjago after he shaped it with his powers and the Golden Weapons? So far as your questions:

*Chen’s Island I would assume is abandoned-the Anacondrai Cult is no more, and unless some other villainous faction takes up residence I don’t see much happening with it.
*The Dark Island, according to the Dark Island Trilogy, is still there, but the presence of Dark Matter makes it rather inhospitable for residents of Ninjago Island so it’s virtually uninhabited.
*I would say that the Overlord is presumably in the Departed Realm along with other fallen villains. The balance seems to be accounting for his demise by continuously bringing in new (or old, in some cases) threats to Ninjago. It recalls Jackie Chan Adventures-which, as it happens, also had a season where the plot revolved around collecting Oni Masks.
*The Time Twins and Vermillion is definitely a pressing question, especially since Wu was stuck on the Iron Doom with them when he disappeared. That one we’ll have to wait on until Wu actually returns/is found.

A good question – I’ve always just assumed that he was from Ninjago and that something did, in fact, exist before he created it. (maybe another continent) I mean, where did the people come from? He didn’t create them, did he?

* Wasn’t Chen’s island shown as being active in some episode?
* Wasn’t the Dark Matter there only because of Overlord and his influence?
* That actually makes a lot of sense! I definitely hope that they give a similar explanation for why there are so many villains.
* I do have a feeling that they won’t be mentioned or will be retconned 😀

That’s the thing-we don’t know. Sadly the First Spinjitzu Master has been fairly neglected-he’s essentially a convenient plot element to explain where various things came from. I figure that Ninjago existed previously, and that his “creation” was really shaping it, not bringing it into existence from nothing. Based on that assumption, there probably were people there, or else they-and the Master himself-may have come into Ninjago from one of the other Realms.

I don’t recall seeing Chen’s island in seasons 5-7 or Day of the Departed; I could be wrong, I suppose, but I don’t remember it. According to The Dark Island Trilogy of graphic novels-which are apparently considered canon, whereas the other graphic novels are only dubiously so-the dark matter remains present and active on the Dark Island, and was in fact used in a scheme by Clouse after the events of Skybound were undone. Well, going by the Jackie Chan formula, the destruction of one evil leaves a void for a new (potentially stronger) evil to fill. I doubt they’ll just retcon them out, though I could see them leaving them stuck in the time tunnel.

Yeah, that’s my theory as well – either he shaped (a part of) Ninjago or he created the realm from another realm. Hopefully, this and the next season will shead some additional light on him.

Is that so? I wasn’t aware that any of the books/comics were canon. I’ll definetly have to pick up Dark Island then!

If I’m understanding the new trailers correctly, it seems that your theory was correct – the First Spinjitzu Master is indeed from another realm!

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