LEGO Ninjago Sons of Garmadon product animations

We’ve known for some time now that Sons of Garmadon sets would not get the usual CGI treatment for their product animations. Instead, they’re made using stop motion techniques! Not only that, they tell a larger story:

In the short the Ninja have obtained the Mask of Vengeance and the Sons of Garmadon are trying to get it back. They chase the Ninja all across Ninjago (City?) using various vehicles available in the sets.

The individual product animations are also available. However, be aware that, unlike the above ‘The Chase’ video – these do contain story spoilers:

These are really cool, small featurettes and a refreshing change from the usual pace. If you do not mind the spoilers be sure to give them a look! If you’re interested in how these were made, there is also a behind the scenes video. Beyond that, there is also a video showing different trick shots with the new spinners.


Nothing really seems all that spoilery, though honestly the Temple of Resurrection video has me confused: I thought Harumi and Hutchins were good guys?

That’s the spoiler-y part I was referring to 😀 It came like a real surprise to me!

Fair enough-I wonder if it reflects what’s actually going to happen or if they just did that to show off the play feature and to keep kids in suspense. I know when I first saw the box art I assumed the two of them were bad guys.

Heh, I myself thought they were the good guys! I still hope they are 😀

Well, the way they seemed to be guarding the assembled masks made it look like they were trying to help bring back Lord Garmadon-a plot point that’s going to be interesting to explore given his redemption. However, the top of the box does seem to indicate that they are aligned with the good guys-though I could see either them or the Ninja being tricked by the Sons of Garmadon.

Yes – hence my confusion. Who knows, maybe they want to resurrect the redeemed Garmadon?

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